The Mysterious Left Hand

Left handedness doesn’t just decide whether or not you smear your ink when you sign your name.  It may decide how good you are at communicating, whether or not you reach the presidency, and even how much you may make over the course of your life.  But why would which hand you use have anything to do with your abilities?  Neuroscientists have tracked the causes to something incredible that happens long before birth.

The cultural identity of the southpaw has been for years a matter of social curiosity.  The Incas believed those who are left hand dominant to hold mystical powers, and were even said to have the ability to cast spells using their dominant hand.  On the other hand, the Scots believed a left handed individual to have a propensity to be clumsy or forgetful.  And yet it may be the actual legends surrounding the birth of left handed people that may prove to be more strange than anything.

It is still believed in some medical circles and in folklore that left handed people are actually twins who absorbed their siblings in-utero.  The resulting rush of testosterone, according to the theory, makes neurological development take place in a very unique way.  And as the twins are raised up, these pathways will emphasize communication and spatial awareness.  And while research on the subject is inconclusive, Chris McManus suggests left handedness is actually increasing in populations worldwide.  One in seven people are left handed.  And of those left handed, they statistically earn 15% more than their right handed counterparts after college.  Five of the seven most recent presidents have been left handed.

Those who find their right hand incapacitated and must use their left hands often become left handed and find it difficult to transition back.  The cause for this is still largely unknown.

Left handed people often experience more paranormal events.  Of those surveyed, lefties were ten percent more likely to experience a paranormal event or to have reported one.  They also showed more of a propensity to exhibit psychic abilities or believe in psychic phenomena.

But is there more to it than simple politics?  Or are lefties noted more because their ‘condition’ is more uncommon than the more common right hand?  Often phrases such as “left handed” or “underhanded” are in reference to the left hand.  As left handed people are more inclined toward communication, they find communication to be a far different process than right handed people do.  As a result, their conversations are driven more by intuition than memorization and protocol.

So is there something to the left hand that makes you different?  Actually, it’s not the hand itself, but rather the wiring of their brains.  The left handed wiring is said to be more artistic and less logical.  Does that mean lefties should abandon logic and seek artistic endeavors exclusively?  Actually the left hand, while having an influence on someone’s life, is not a deciding factor but rather a matter of statistical significance.  And an unexplainable one at that.