The Mysterious Zone of Silence

The stories and claims surrounding the mysterious Zone of Silence make it even more incredible than the Bermuda Triangle, yet it is nowhere near as well known or as popular for UFOlogists, partially due to the incredible danger involved.  Everywhere you go in the world you’re surrounded by radio waves, cell phone traffic, television signals, and various other forms of radiation.  In the Zone of Silence, no radio signal gets in or out.

Located four hundred miles south of the Mexican border in the Vertice de Trino, where Coahuila, Chihuahua, and Durango intersect, the zone of silence is an infamous place where most fear to go.  If something goes wrong here, there’s no way to call for help.  And things have a tendency to go wrong.  Among the mysterious rock formations, bizarre often mutated wildlife, and mysterious vegetation, occasionally a paranormal researcher can be seen listening to an AM/FM radio noting the lack of any definable radio signal, yet still writing down strange whispers coming through their radio in the cold desert night.

But the Zone of Silence isn’t merely a place where ghosts find a way to speak to the living.  The same electromagnetic tornado that has been silently and imperceptibly spinning about the area for thousands of years also generates a great deal of magnetic energy drawing an unusually high amount of material from space.  Meteors shower down on the area with far higher than average regularity than the surrounding areas.  And it’s perhaps no coincidence that the amount of UFO related activity spotted in the area is profoundly prolific despite the fact that there are fewer witnesses than most places.

One story tells of a couple who visited the area off-road only to find that a sudden storm suddenly had overtaken them.  As they began to leave in an attempt to get back to the road they realized they were stuck.  Just as the couple was beginning to lose hope, two incredibly tall men wearing yellow clothing came up to them and pushed them out of the mud.  As the couple got out of the vehicle to thank the mysterious saviors, they realized the men had vanished without a trace.  Upon inspecting the muddy area around the vehicle they saw no footprints and were left at a sense of wonder how the men had been able to travel without leaving any evidence behind.

The Zone of Silence is similar, some say in its spiritual properties to the United States’ Sedona, which was considered a sacred place where the world of the living and the dead meet according to some native traditions.  Many who have passed through the area have reported seeing apparitions that are human in shape, but transparent or foggy.  Others have seen the infamous “shadow people” and any number of other paranormal entities.  And between the ghosts, the greys, and the military interest in the location, it’s certainly considered a potential future place of interest.  And though it has been scientifically documented, geologists and experts alike consider the place largely unexplainable.