The Next Montauk Monster?

Not a month seems to pass lately where a strange creature doesn’t seem to wash up on shore and perplex witnesses.  Such was the case with a mysterious animal that washed up on shores in New York that eventually came to be known as the Montauk Monster.  And more recently another creature has now washed ashore in the town of Kitchenuhmaykoosib, Ontario in Canada.

The mysterious monster was first spotted by hikers as they passed through the woods with their dog.  The creature at first looked simply like another opossum, but as they looked closer in an attempt to identify it, they found they could not figure out what the origin of the strange creature was.  And rather than pick up the mysterious creature they snapped photographs of it to show experts back home.  Of course the mystery only deepened when they would return later and discover it missing.

The creature was approximately one foot long and was described as having a strange pig-like nose and rat tail.  Sam the dog, apparently a local celebrity in the town avoided the creature and acted strangely around it.  Though the witnesses are perplexed by its strange facial features and apparent rebellion at classification, others have weighed in and opinions are flying about this strange creature.  Some have suggested it was originally a beaver, but after acquiring a mean case of mange could have changed its appearance to look like any number of things.  The local Ojb-Cree have several legends of strange creatures that have been spotted over the generations dating back to when storytelling began, but nothing definitive has been identified completely.  Some say that a local beaver could have developed a case of mange, resulting in its fur being stripped around the face and giving it a sickly monstrous look.  Others are saying it looks almost like a mole rat.  Mole rats are best known as hairless subterranean creatures with a naturally monstrous look to them.  The creature was, however, far too large to be a traditional mole rat.  And the shape of its tail described by the witnesses suggest it was likely not a beaver either.  There is no definitive explanation for what the creature was, but the people of Kitchenuhmaykoosib are finding it hard to dismiss this as just another creature, but rather are investigating the possibility of their own Montauk Monster.  And it looks like Sam the dog is gaining even more fame in the city.

But what are the rest of us to make of this creature?  And why does it seem to bear such a striking resemblance to others like it that have appeared and subsequently disappeared in recent years?  Is this a new type of cryptid phenomena?  It’s strange that these creatures always seem to have a general similar appearance and then disappear just as strangely as they appear to begin with.  Of course the disappearance itself is not as unexplainable as the visage of the creature.  In the wild dead animals are often swept away by currents, or devoured by carrion eaters within days or even hours depending on the region.  Until these creatures are either sighted and documented more thoroughly or captured either alive or brought in for identification, this case and others like it will remain unexplainable.