The Power of Intentions

A recent study into the power of influencing the environment through thought was conducted in Tokyo where a group of people focused their intentions on water and got astounding results.  The ultimate goal of the experiment is to develop a sort of psionic healing that is based in hard sciences.  This scientific discovery will finally vindicate what spiritual healers have been practicing for thousands of years.

The study began when a group of 2,000 test subjects were assembled and told to focus their “intentions” on a container of standing water in California to make it more aesthetically pleasing to observers.  In addition to the room with standing water in California, there were other containers of standing water in other rooms that the group and scientists in Tokyo were never told about.  These containers were the control, making this a double blind study.  Then, as the collective intentions of the group somehow manipulated the water, it was frozen and a third party was brought in to compare the frozen “intention” sample and the frozen control samples for aesthetic appeal.  What the scientists found was that the intention sample had a distinct statistical preference when hundreds of witnesses gave their blind opinion, not knowing the nature of the experiment or which (if any) of the three frozen blocks of ice had any difference.

What was the nature of the preference, however?  And by what means was this communication taking place?  There has been documented in the past a distinct collective consciousness of living organisms, particularly within the same species.  Birds are able to fly in massive flocks that appear so cooperative and uniformed that they can be mistaken at a distance for a single ghost-like creature or even a cloud of smoke.  Yet these are creatures that are somehow able to perform complex aerial maneuvers even while completely surrounded on every side by other birds trying to maneuver similarly.  What makes them all cooperate so well?  In addition, studies have documented birds who will suddenly have great insight into how to solve a puzzle as long as another bird has solved it before and within a certain range, even if the two birds are unaware of each others’ existence and never interact with one another.

Of course these intention experiments don’t betray any knowledge that hasn’t already been held by spiritual healers for generations upon generations.  The very act of wishing someone well, without any background in shamanistic intentions has long been thought to be able to contribute to healing.  Support networks are perhaps important even beyond the simple positive feedback they are attributed.

Alternately, negative feedback seems to have an effect as well.  Those who are not properly protected can find themselves “attacked” by mysterious energies that they know little or nothing about, or are even unaware of altogether.  Intention has been credited since mysticism was first acknowledged as being an incredible power both from and for human beings.  And it seems that science is finally catching up and realizing that information is power for more reasons than were previously understood.