The Real Secrets Of Remote Viewing

– This information originates from, and was experienced at, very deep levels of our common self.
  – To our knowledge, no such material has ever appeared
anywhere before.
  – Make good use of it.

  – This material is to be read
  – In order to become a
consistently effective Remote Viewer, one needs to understand, integrate, and (hopefully) experience the following body of knowledge. Otherwise, one is only dabbling in these matters.

 “If thou would’st hear the Nameless, and wilt dive
   Into the Temple-cave of thine own self,
   There, brooding by the central altar, thou
   May’st haply learn the Nameless hath a voice,
   By which thou wilt abide, if thou be wise.”

   Tennyson (1809-1892)


   Mr. O’Donnell is the founder of the Academy of Remote Viewing. He was a remote viewing instructor for the remote viewing (mental espionage) branch of a Western intelligence organization. Mr. O’Donnell would like to make the following information available:

   In order to successfully remote view, an individual must operate at a level of mind where he/she will show electrical brain wave traces where Theta waves oscillating between 4 to 5 cycles per second will predominate.  Psychophysiologists call this
the deep Theta level of the mind.

   The deep Theta zone is precisely at the interface with the Delta level of mind (deep sleep), where the human brain waves oscillate between 1 to 4 cycles per second.

The Delta level of mind (deep sleep: no dreaming present), has remained up to now one of the most mysterious and unsolved puzzles of modern science. Man has, and is exploring further and further frontiers of the natural world and of space, but has yet to gain any understanding of a state in which he spends close to a third of his lifetime. There is a good reason for this: Since consciousness is lost at the Delta  level, the scientific mainstream has concluded that most thought processes disappear when sleeping (except for the relatively short dream periods, which have drawn the biggest research efforts). Since no one has ever recalled any experiences while in  the Delta state, it was inferred that there was really nothing to be recalled. Remote viewing operations in Europe have shown otherwise.

  When someone is awake and totally active, his/her brain waves operate at a level called Beta where they mainly oscillate between 14 to 30 cycles per second. As one’s mind relaxes and disconnects somehow from the external material world – as when daydreaming, for instance, or when meditating, or watching a movie – one enters a more focused, expanded state of awareness where brain wave patterns are mainly composed of Alpha waves oscillating at between 8 and 13 cycles per second. When relaxing even further, the mind enters a region that correlates with a large relative quantity of brain wave patterns of 4 to 7 cycles per second. This is the
Theta zone of the mind.

  The Beta level corresponds to a focus of concentration by the mind upon the outside or perceptually separated world, and the Alpha and Theta levels correspond to a more internally focused, self-reflective state.

  Each human being experiences the Theta level for a fleeting moment every night before the mind dips down from the Beta level of awareness (awake state), to the Delta state (brain waves of less than 4 cycles per second: deep sleep), and passes rapidly through the Alpha and Theta states to enter the profound sleep level, where consciousness of self is totally lost, and where even dreams do not occur. (When dreaming, a sense of self is necessary and the mind has to go back up to the Theta or Alpha state.)
Delta is the level of the mysterious universal mind. It is the level at which the differentiated self (ego) expands to become undifferentiated and operates outside of the confines of linear time/space. This is the level of One.

  Time and space exist only  within the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind is not separated from us, and we are not separated from It. Since everything interconnects through thought, thought is the only reality that can bridge space and time.

  The universal mind creates us constantly. We are but  epiphenomenona of It.

  The ego (sense of separated self) opposes such notions and fears the notion of the “One.” It reveres and finds security in the notion of the “many.” That is why it fears death and wants to prolong life as a perception of individual separateness for as long as possible, and even projects this fear into its understanding of the so-called afterlife.
The stronger the ego, the bigger the need to differentiate from one another, and remain differentiated.

  Everybody wants to remember having been somebody, nobody seems to want to remember having been Everybody.

  When operating at the level of Delta ( sleep, surgical unconsciousness, and certain pathological conditions such as epileptic petit mal), the mind changes awareness and from being perceptually differentiated and having a sense of self, of I (ego),
which it then forgets, and expands to become interconnected to everywhen and everything. At that point the prior conscious awareness is lost (unconsciousness), and is only regained when the mind once again experiences the previous levels at which separateness is possible: Theta, Alpha and Beta.

  When recorded on an electrocardiogram, the human heart shows electrical vibration patterns that, like the brain’s Delta waves, range between 1 and 4 cycles per second. When either the brain or the heart stop vibrating electrically, death ensues.

Dreaming while asleep is associated with rapid eye movement (REM). Dreaming usually occurs at the Alpha  and Theta levels, when the mind of a sleeping person regains a sense of self and being, influenced both by the information coming from the level outside the realm of linear time/space (Delta: universal mind), and the memories attached to the adjacent Beta level of awareness (level of being awake: conscious), which create associational imagery.

  In reality, the AlphaT levels of sleep is but a mirror image of the Alpha T levels of wakefulness. Both are interconnected and express themselves through similar brain waves.
Deep Theta is the only level that interacts with the level of Delta. It is the interface point.

  Alpha, Theta and Delta (sleep) are defined as “altered states of consciousness,” as opposed to Beta, which is considered to be a fully conscious state. They are so called because it is necessary to alter one’s state of consciousness from the fully awake state (Beta), to either Alpha, Theta or Delta (sleep), which are all progressive states of expanded awareness and thus are subject to less vibratory interference from the biological brain.
    Beta is the so-called conscious level of mind. Alpha and Theta form the subconscious regions of the mind’s operation, and Delta is the unconscious region of thought activity.
These states form the spectrum of mind operation.

  Small children function mainly at the Theta, Alpha and Delta states of mind, as do animals. Human adults operate mostly at Beta.

  While the ego (awareness of self) is present and one is in the Beta, Alpha, or Theta state, all levels of the mind operate at once. One only concentrates more on one level than on another, showing therefore more brain wave patterns pertaining to the one band of operation the mind concentrates upon. Nevertheless all patterns are always present, defining life. It is only at death that this spectrum disappears.

  In a nutshell: As the mind focuses upon the external (perceptually separated and material) world, it is at the Beta level. When the mind focuses and increasingly concentrates self-reflectively upon itself and its inner processes, it climbs in awareness from Alpha to Theta, and finally to Delta.

  One cannot make a cognitive bypass from the Beta level of mind to the Delta level (universal mind) without first receiving the sensory thought-data through the interface of the Alpha and Theta levels. Even though one might not be aware of it because of his/her increased concentrated awareness at the level of Beta (full awareness), thought flows as it expands down or restricts itself up and correlates in opposite directions with the brain waves’ rhythms.

  The frequency of the real vibratory levels of the mind are inversely correlated with the electrical vibrations at the level of the biological brain. The higher vibration levels of the mind are synonymous with higher levels of awareness, i.e. interconnectedness. These vibrations can only be perceived at the exact interface with the Delta level. Nevertheless, they are always extant.

  The recorded electrical activity of human brain waves of the highest voltage and lowest frequency appear in the Delta rhythm (50 to 350 microvolts, 1 to 4 Hz), which occurs mainly during sleep and unconscious states. Delta waves only pierce the outer layer of the brain in great quantity and frequency during periods of cortical rest such as deep sleep. Their focal and very frequent presence at any other moment indicate a pathological process due mainly to brain injury (lack of filtering).
The biological origin of Delta waves is totally unknown, short of the fact that they seem to emanate from the deepest layers of the brain.
    Theta waves are of a lower voltage and higher frequency (4 to 8 Hz) and show up throughout all the regions of the outer shell of the human brain called the cerebral cortex in an disorganized and spurtive manner. Theta waves originate probably in a very deep inner seated area of he brain called the hippocampus. Animals excluding primates show very large and constantly organized production of Theta waves that are easily recorded at the level of their cerebral outer cortex.
    Beta waves are of an even lower voltage and faster vibratory rate (10 to 20 microvolts and 14 to 30 Hz).

  The vibratory scheme of the brain seems to imply, therefore, by virtue of the mathematical construct of periodic waves (Fourier transform), that the higher amperage and slower waves of Theta are a prelude to the production of smaller and faster vibrations. Or, in layman terms: Delta probably originates Theta that originates Alpha that originates Beta

  Electric encephalographic tracing of the brain, or any other recording of its biological activity (neurotransmitters, PET scanning), are correlated with expressions of thought processes or levels of the mind. These electrical phenomena are neither the source of mind, nor even part of its real mechanisms. Other, up-to-now unrecognized,  fields of light/thought fiber/optic-like strands operating within the bio-computer of the brain are involved in encoding and processing information. These fields are totally unknown to and undetected by modern science, and are paramount  in the data processing of thoughts received from Source Itself.

In mammals and many other species, the brain is the major processing interface between the reality of thought and the sensory perception of matter.

  The brain is the seat of sensory input/output defining and framing our perception of space/time reality. Visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile etc. sensory perceptions originate from it.

  Sensory experiences are coherent and subjective. Life, as a perception of linear space/time causal realities, is but a grand illusion
created by our senses.

Reality, which is our perception of space/time, is perceived through our senses, and each individual’s sensory perception is unique. Our senses condition us and define our needs. Thus, we cannot avoid catering to them.

all senses are gone, life ends. The space/time dimension of reality is then over, because it can no longer be perceived.

  All individuations of thought operating within the space/time continuum are different in order to keep the challenge great and life interesting.

  The challenge is in these realizations and in the ensuing behavior modifications they will hopefully bring about.

 It is only the sensory (material phenomenal) world that binds thought to the external realities of space/time.
Thought, in itself, is not bound by either.

  It has been recently estimated by neurophysiologists that if mankind were to use all of its recent knowledge and resources to build a utopian computer that would try to somehow replicate the feats of the human mind, that computer would need to be at the very least the size of our planet, and – even then – nobody would know how to program it.

  Mankind seems to have taken to the misconceived but currently accepted scientific notion that thought is present only as an epiphenomenon of the computer-like biochemical brain, with an almost unquestioned pseudo-religious fervor. At the same time, mankind does not find incongruous the almost instinctive belief that each human entity will survive the threshold of “death” – defined as the moment when the brain dies – as a miraculously converted intelligent “spiritual entity” bestowed with thought processed, or that a general intelligence or “Creator” exists ”“ one who is also “permitted to think” ”“ without benefit of a biologically material “brain.” This paradox does even seem to invite any questioning, or provoke pondering!

 In a now classical study, British Neurologist John Lorber  found that many individuals who had suffered of a condition called hydrocephalus during childhood, where the brain becomes filled with cerebrospinal fluid that destroy many if not most of their brain structures, operated with totally normal cognitive and intellectual capacities.  In one celebrated case, Lorber found at Sheffield University, UK, an young student who exhibited larger than normal cranial size. Upon subjecting the student to  C.A.T. (Computerized Axial Tomography) study, it was found that this individual (without that man’s prior knowledge of his condition) had virtually no brain: that his cranial spaces were filled with cerebrospinal fluid and that only a very thin membrane of neurons, approximately 1 mm thick was lining the surface of his cranium, and nothing else!   Nevertheless, this student exhibited an IQ of 126 and had graduated with a honor degree in Mathematics!  He also exhibited totally normal cognitive, functional  and sensory behavior!  Why the Brain/Mind association myth is so ingrained in scientific circles, in spite of many proofs to the contrary, is akin to the myth of an electron being a material body, even though no one had really ever directly seen one!

  In the classical “rational” scientific view, the “brilliant” assumption is that the entire universe suddenly spewed out of absolute nothingness, and that many billions of years later, intelligence oddly appeared, as rocks turned into meat and started “thinking.” The wonders of RNA/DNA encoding and replication do not even invite the notion of Creational intent! It implies that the Universe only awaits the wonders of our insatiable curious inquiry, as we play clumsily in the playpen of an “unaware” natural world. 

  On the other hand, the old ” irrational ” spirito-metaphysical view holds that the Universe was intentionally Created by a Thinking Being of Infinite Intelligence, and Tremendous Wisdom, that we do not quite fathom yet, nor really understand, who IS connected to all of us. This view is encountering problems in becoming “progressive” to most, seemingly “old-fashioned”, and often manipulated by many.

  Mind does not need the brain at all in order to operate. The Brain is only a restricting data processing mechanism framing and filtering ,alike a colander, thoughts originating from the Quantum source of ALL THOUGHT POSSIBILITIES. 


The main reason human beings perceive thoughts to originate from and be located in the head area is because all sensory apparatus (visual, olfactory, auditory, etc.), is located there. 

  It is only when all biological sensory data is totally gone that the mind expands automatically everywhere, i.e. “death.” 

The fact that the brain shows signs of activity when one is engaged in the process of thinking does not mean that thought originates in this physical organ. Nevertheless, it processes it. In the same way as laughter and smiling are but the outer expression of an inner emotion, they are not the cause of it. To solely concentrate on the smile and methodically try to understand it would make no sense. And the fact that forcing a smile sometimes evokes a slight emotion of happiness does not prove that smiling is the origin of happiness.

  In the ever-evolving fields of psychophysiology and neurobiology, the concept of the brain as the seat of thought may eventually be recognized as one of the
major scientific blunders of the twentieth century, if not of all times, and the scientific and cultural snapshot of this century will portray a misuse of human energy of staggering proportions.

  In a modern digital computer, the linear multimedia output of information is performed by the input/output cards (digital/analog conversion) attached to it (graphics, audio etc..). We can connect to them through video screens and speakers. We can then see and hear information presented in a linear palatable fashion to our linear physical senses processed in our brain. Nevertheless, the digital computer uses nonlinear processing methods and stores memory within its memory cells in a random (nonlinear) accessible fashion. One can see electrical activity within these input/output cards when information transits through them, and they also cease to work properly if they are damaged.

    This is exactly what the brain does: it is a transducer and decoder of nonlinear information (digital-like) into linear (analog-like) sensory data. That information is then processed by the individual’s restricted mind. Information only passes through it. As a feedback mechanism, thought (MIND) makes decisions based upon the linear 3D sensory data experienced. And based on these decisions, more sensory information is then projected to each and every thinking individual.

  Even matter – as modern quantum mechanics has experimentally proven – might not be as solid as one perceives it to be.
In fact, it is but a vibratory byproduct of mind.

  As a matter of fact, NOTHING exists outside of oneself. Neither Space nor Time. It is all a grand illusion called life, activated in order to express thought and emotions from which the Universal Mind learns.

  The Ego, or the “I”, is an imaginary being.  It has no real existence. It is only given the illusion of being a real entity. For experimental purposes (Creation). Only the sum of ALL as the Universal Mind has a real and eternal existence. 

  The All-That -Is might decide, for experimental reasons, to experience an entity (memory bank) into another life-time (situation) to get more learning from it. It may also blend different memory banks into a branch of thought connected to  parallel experiments in the Tree of Creation. It is ITS choice to make. 

  Thoughtless-ness cannot exist. Consciousness as thought exists only through its active expressions and manifestations as parts of its Creation.

  The All-that-IS is not static but forever evolving. It is Awareness Itself modulated by creative thought.  It flows in everything and each one of us, and gives life and reality to all.  Therefore there is no consciousness as thought that just IS. Thoughtless Beingness is an oxymoron.

  If an expression of thought does not learn or evolve, it is discarded and stops being thought about by the Collective Mind.
And in the blink of a thought, it therefore ceases to exist.

  This applies to individual expressions of Thought, whole Creations of Thought, and even groupings of parallel Creations. The only goal of the Ultimate Mind is to learn and evolve. 

  There is no such thing as an “ordinary state of consciousness;” neither are there “altered states of consciousness.”  There only are  different focuses of concentration.

“Man is asleep,” said Ouspensky. However, man is not dreaming, since man is the object of the Dream; A facet/character relationship. This Subject/Dreamer is the Eternal Higher Self, and the object of the Dream is the illusory man/woman entity operating within a spatial/temporal illusion for a fleeting moment.

  Often, when the sensory world produces undue stress, fear, grief, and anxiety, human beings try to alter their sensory experience by taking drugs that alter and distort those experiences by poisoning the brain, whose role is to produce the linear sensory temporal/spatial reality.

  The brain is really a colander of thought that only restricts the experience of thoughts within slow, linear sensory processes.  If the brain is damaged or impaired in any way, the filtering processes increase even more, and the individuation of Thought receives a distorted notion of sensory reality. 

  Sadly, it has become an accepted state of affairs in Western societies to “medicate” states of unhappiness and/or fear by ingesting brain altering chemicals. An this occurs to a ridiculous degree. 

  Many “learned” behavioral “scientists,” particularly  in the United States of America,  have even come to the  irresponsible conclusion that naturally inward-focusing (day-dreaming) children that easily get bored with the external reality are at risk of becoming potentially non-productive members of society
, and have therefore recently invented a new psychological syndrome which they coined “Attention-Deficit-Disorder  (ADD /ADHD),”  that they peddle very efficiently to an unaware public.  This newly discovered “disease” has recently been extended by many medical and psychological mental health  “experts” to even apply to some of  the U.S. adult population.  European medical mental health authorities, for the most part, deride this approach, and refuse to recognize ADD as a real mental disorder.  

  The accepted treatment in the US is to medicate these children, often from an early age, with a powerful stimulant that alters and shifts the brainwave patterns into an accelerated beta-mode. By disturbing neurotransmitter functions, especially the dopamine release cycle, the developing child is forced to focus solely on the external material reality. In the 60’s, this powerful class of stimulant was used for recreational purposes, and coined “speed” within the underground drug culture. Often serious depressive rebound effects were experienced when the drug was interrupted.

  This class of mind-altering drugs distort the proper natural functioning of the sensory perception of reality. 

  This relatively recent chemical behavior modification field and the ADD “scare” has given birth to a gigantic profit-oriented industry of so-called experts and drug producing companies that often “push” such misconceptions with great fervor for their own self-interests and hidden agendas. 

  The irony and great tragedy of the ADD situation is that Western societies which embrace such ridiculous notions  might, by sheer ignorance of the real mechanisms of the Mind, be disturbing  or even permanently harming  the most potentially creative individuals that they harbor.  The ones that can think in a nonlinear fashion. The ones that have a natural tendency to focus within themselves in order to find creative inspiration, and intuition. These future visionaries that were meant to be operative in the next century in order to steer us into more evolved behaviors and creative endeavors, in the arts, fundamental sciences; health, geopolitical, financial, spiritual, and ecological crisis management, may very well have been chemically poisoned and maybe permanently impaired by mankind’s inflated ego, ignorance, and the orgy of greed and egoistic tendencies that we are experiencing.  This might very well cause the permanent decline of these forms of human societies. 

  This is and will continue to impact negatively the evolution of those Western societies that seem to try recently to mentally enslave, uniform and robotize masses for the perceived “greater good” of a mechanized industrialized materialistically obsessed “brave new world.” With unknown and dangerous consequences that are beginning to profile themselves on the horizon timeline.

  And nothing, neither almost anyone, is even questioning the legitimacy of such a profound intrusion upon the individual mind and freedom of thought.  

  Most paradigm-shifting creative geniuses (great scientists, spiritual giants, social and political visionaries, healers, artists, composers, writers, etc . . .) always projected this type of lonely and unruly inward-focused behavior in their childhood years, and were often bothered and easily distracted by the rigid indoctrinations and environments of most Western and Eastern dogmatic educational systems that, for the most, have shunned and stifled questioning minds.

  In the seventies and eighties, millions of people worldwide took mind control classes such as the Silva mind control course where the trainee is taught to operate at Alpha levels of the mind. As anyone having taken the courses can testify, rudimentary remote viewing becomes easily achieved even at the Alpha level as one gets closer to the Delta level of mind (universal mind) and away from the Beta level of consciousness. At the Alpha level of mind concentration, millions of people experienced remote sensing (viewing) as they drew information from the Theta level of mind who in turn collected it from the Delta level operating outside of the realm of time/space.

  The problem with remote viewing while being in an Alpha state of mind ( as measured by an electroencephalographic apparatus) is that there is still a lot of information that originates from the proximate level of Beta (full conscious awareness) as is the case when one dreams and draws data from the Beta level. This can cause quite a lot of undue parasitic signals (mind noise) coming from the Beta level. The real catalysts to the original research on remote viewing came as a result of experimental data showing the very basic remote viewing efficacy of these courses. The methodology employed in the US and most especially in European countries shows a definite operational bias dictated by these early mind control protocols, even though few would admit it.

 The deep Theta level of mind is the closest level to the Delta level of universal consciousness.
It is only while operating at this level of mind that one can truly remote view and draw information from the Delta level of the universal mind operating outside of time and space. No matter what some self-proclaimed “RV experts” might assert, the reality is that if one’s mind is not located at the interface with the life matrix originating from the universal consciousness and is not passively focusing on that delta level, the type of information received becomes subject to mental noise from the Beta level (full conscious awareness) and unreliable.

  The Theta level is called by behavioral scientists the hypnagogic level because it corresponds to the experience, usually immediately before falling asleep, of a stream of nonlinear highly vivid visual imagery projected to one’s self.

  Highly ego-centered individuals often fear operating at deep levels of Theta because the ego (sense of self) is on the frontier of dissolving itself at a slightly deeper level of mind (Delta). They tend to prefer the perceptually most separated level of all: The Beta level of awareness.
    This eventually became a problem within certain military-type of remote viewing organizations because of the highly self-centered type of mind structures it often appeals to that often border on the desire for maximum separateness i.e. paranoia. The mind always influences mind orientations and will ultimately decide at which level it wants to operate from.

  The remote viewing protocols taught by the Academy of Remote Viewing are based on mind sensing training developed by some government agencies.

  Mr. O’Donnell became part of a Western European nation remote viewing program where the emphasis was from the start on trying to research extensively the area of mind situated right at the interface with Delta (deep sleep). It had been experimentally proven that this was the best band of mind operations in order to be able to effectively remote view.

  The initial remote sensing protocols tried to achieve the attainment of such deep levels of mental functioning, and most importantly to sustain it for as long as possible without plunging onto Delta (unconsciousness: deep sleep) or going back onto Alpha or Beta states.

  It was apparent that very specialized protocols would need to be established in order to stabilize the mind at such depths before it gets sucked in into Delta. The mind tends also to operate in a wavelike form going from Alpha to Theta to Delta, back and forth. The goal became to lower the amplitude of such swings in order to remain at will within the deep Theta band (4 to 5 Hz).

  Sophisticated biofeedback testing equipment was used. It consisted mainly of an electroencephalographic apparatus recording brain waves, processing them automatically, and sending an auditory signal when the targeted desirable train of brain waves were elicited within a subject’s brain.

  Many advanced meditators (yogis, shamans, mystics etc.) who had learned to operate from such deep levels of mind were extensively studied.

  Experiments on animals were also conducted in order to try to understand why they operated naturally at the Theta level with full activity retained and their eyes opened. It was perceived that this might shed light as to their naturally occurring remote viewing abilities especially among the predator-prey animal complex and the domestic pet variety. The unexplained migrations and homing behavior of certain species might also be related to such a state of mind.
    The ability of animal to remote view was tested. Domestic animals (especially dogs and cats) were studied under laboratory conditions as to their precognitive and spatially remote sensing mind abilities when they concentrated upon their owners’ location and/or intent.
    Natural predators were wired up and studied when their favorite prey was either about to be introduced or taken in a sensory-wise isolated chamber to a proximate location.
Impressive experimental data was collected that showed that the animal kingdom definitely exhibits a pattern of behavior that seems to strongly suggest very developed natural remote viewing (mental sensing) abilities – when needed – for feeding, survival or protective behavior. Remote viewing activity amongst mammals seemed to strongly correlate with the appearance of very definite brain wave Theta tracing especially in the predator-prey grouping.

  Finally, and most importantly, many protocols were experimentally tried and compared as to their effectiveness at allowing a human subject to rapidly reach levels of deep Theta operations within a narrow band of EEG tracing (4 to 5 cycles per second) for sustained periods of time. Mental sensing (remote viewing) training methods were painstakingly devised and tried out.
    This culminated in the establishment of an effective methodology designed to rapidly shift one’s concentration upon the deepest layers of his/her self-awareness (deep Theta). The goal being thenceforth to operate from that mental level in a passive/active manner by first sending actively out an information request and in turn taking on a passive role when one receives from the Delta level (universal mind), as an answer, a formidable steam of compressed instant (packet) nonlinear sensory and informational
data (
a to
a). This information needs to be reconstructed automatically by the Alpha and Beta level of mind when an individual emerges out of deep Theta.
This is very much alike what occurs within the worldwide web of communications when information sent out by a central server in a compressed packet-like manner is received in a nonlinear broken down format and is then decoded and reconstructed in order to form a linear time/space coherent whole at the level of each personal computer.

  Research projects were undertaken in order to see whether one could remote view from the Beta state (eyes opened and mind focused on external stimuli as opposed to internal one) or the Alpha state (eyes closed, or eyes opened with mind relaxed and/or daydreaming).

  It was found that the
Beta state does not allow for any remote viewing. If an individual perceived that he/she was receiving remote viewing data whilst being fully awake, he had to be at that moment focusing on his thought processes in order to be aware of it and a cursory examination of his/her brain encephalographic tracing would always reveal that the subject had slipped into the Alpha state or very rarely even into Theta. The moment an individual focuses on internal self-reflective thought processes, he/she enters the subconscious (alpha or Theta ) levels of mind operation.

  The other conclusion was that even though one could remote sense (view) from the Alpha state, too much mental noise in the form of preconceived notions (mind-sets) or external interference from the Beta level (outside sensory world) were introduced and made for often inconsistent results.

  It soon became apparent that the only statistically determining factor to remote viewing abilities was not the methodology used but the level of mind achieved through the use of a particular methodology. The training protocols became therefore focused on mind techniques allowing one to rapidly and consistently reach the deep Theta state.

  Mr. O’Donnell does not claim that the methods that he teaches in order to reach a level of deep Theta operation are the only ones available. Since the point when consciousness – as separated thought – has arisen on earth and for eons of time, man has reached and experienced such deep states.
    As a matter of fact, there is a strong perception that ancient man, at the dawn and infancy of civilization, easily attained such deep self-reflective mind levels. This is probably because the external phenomenal world had not yet carried with it the overwhelming burden of myriad of often conflicting signals and stimuli that are now so prevalent especially amongst the very externally beta-oriented cultures that seek self-fulfillment by concentrating highly on outside quests within the material world.
The time/space restrictions imposed by our “advanced” societies upon the ability to self-reflect is causing all the modern stress that the mind is experiencing.

  Within our world, it is particularly so-called modern man that seems to have trouble at reaching such high levels of thought-perceptions. Cultural factors and the tension of modern-living impede such a natural state of mind. There is little incline and time left to self-reflect. Whatever leisure period is available, is usually used for beta-directed type gratification.

Young humans (children of less than 7 years of age and especially those of less than 2 years old) and animals of all ages operate mainly at Alpha, Theta and Delta. For them Beta has not hitherto been imposed and learned. The external phenomenal world has yet to take on such a strong concentrated reality. They are less concerned with external stimuli and self-reflect constantly. They learn and evolve through this mental act.
They all remote view naturally. They need to. Otherwise, they could not possibly learn and survive. The humans will forget this, for most, when they proudly enter the highly ego-centered world of Beta operation and embrace adulthood.

  Many so-called tribal groups or spiritual orientations have inherited traditions that revere and promote self-reflection, often within a highly symbolized metaphorical background.
For them remote viewing is but a natural ability.

  True remote viewing tries to make a child again of adult modern rational man, allowing him/her to experience again this natural state of relearning from the universal pool of knowledge outside of the confines of time/space (knowing).

  Eventually, with specialized training, when the concentration has remained at deep Theta for long enough, one seems to span all the levels of the mind and integrate them in a single cognitive awareness. The remote viewer can then operate from the Theta level in concentration and even open his/her eyes and be aware of both his/her external and internal realities at once.
    With practice, he/she might make a
last perceptual jump and realized that his/her external and internal realities are but mirror expressions of each other.

  Nevertheless, within the mind-matter equation: matter, if concentrated too much upon and given undue importance, tilts the balance and
becomes the ultimate trickster.

  In the same manner as the Theta waves are the only ones that show up non-specifically and equally throughout the human brain cortex,
the deep Theta level is the only state that can unify all perceptual levels of awareness.

  Although all serious remote viewing operations, originating from various countries, became aware that they were collecting information from the mysterious “collective unconscious” of the mind, very
few, if any, realized that this Universal Mind was within an individual and not outside of him/her. Their focus of attention in the search for an explanation targeted henceforth “external” and often creative exotic realms.

 Effective remote viewing techniques should allow one to experience the reality of the Universal Mind, and not only ponder about it. Such an experience might surprise many, and disturb built-in inherited misconceptions. It is only to the daring ones that the world becomes a stepping stone. The others just vegetate.

  If certain remote viewing systems do not reach for such an understanding, they are but crutches and fall short of allowing one to cross the stepping stone of ignorance.

  The aforementioned statements can only be proven by experiencing. Each human being on his/her own. No written theory nor external mechanical laboratory apparatus can ever bring personal proof of such assertions. Hence the ultimate challenge and paradox…

Within the former U.S.S.R. extensive mind research was carried out since the 1930’s and successful remote viewing protocols established. Nevertheless, because of the built-in ideological bias against anything non material (spiritual) existent within the Communist dogma, large-scale Soviet scientific research tried to uncover, under strict laboratory conditions, the “physical energies” (electromagnetic or other) that correlated with such remote sensing states.

  Eventually, as some correlations were shown, the physical correlations themselves were seen as the explanation to this phenomenon.
And a major impasse was reac