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Re: More on Speed of Light

Marinus Berghuis ( [email protected] )
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>>Hi Slavek et al!
>Hi Jerry and all,
>Glad to be back and give my opinion on the wave etc.
>When you slap the water and the wave appears,
>The wavelength does not change,the energy is the same and never diminishes
to zero. all that changes is the amplitude because it is distributed over a
wider area. Every frequency generated is there for ever and the more
sensitive our receiving apparatus becomes,the more we will receive.
>This is the reason why we actually are able to receive signals originating
in the 20’s and 30’s because they are travelling back from echo locations
like electromagnetic blocking fields and or solid bodies able to reflect.
>Our ability to receive signals has been reduced from kilowatts to
milliwatts and when we are able to discriminate signals in the microwatt
area, we will once again be swamped with our own signals.
>It is the same for thought forms. Thought forms are electro magnetic
signals in the nano microwatt area and fortunately or unfortunately some
people have the ability to sift through the maze of signals and pin point
those thought forms of interest to them.
>This results in ghost forms and thought travel in the past or future
because nothing is ever lost and becomes an ever rotating signal
conglomeration called the arkanshic ? record. This also fits in with the
notion of Karma as every being of intelligence is in constant communication
with this record conscious , unconscious or super conscious.
>We are as a civilisation looking for radio signals in the universe as a
sign of other civilisations when in fact the pyramids (those still intact
on this world) have the ability when equipped with the right gear to be
used as signal stations in conjunction with the brainbox of those trained,
to receive instantly signals lightyears away because electro magnetic
radiation outside of the Suns’s magnetic field of influence is an
impression on a life form just as the signal of a plant in pain can be
transmitted instantly across our world.
>Frequency transmission limitation is bound up with rotating electro
magnetism as this field of energy reduces signals from outer space to our
speed of light idea where no such speed exists.
>In outer space even light does not manifest itself unless interrupted by a
spherical field of magnetism like our sun or a medium like air.
>I have always been intrigued by the statement from Ufo pilots that they
are able to travel light years in only periods we describe as hours only.
We talk about wormholes and bending or putting space into a circular orbit
or even flattening space like a page of paper into a u shape so we can
transcend space in no space when in fact all we do is generating a response
in the body of creation which is electro magnetic only.
>All creation is what I call THE WISH TO BE and pure thoughtform which can
be manipulated and or changed by a sympathetic thoughtform able to blend or
oppose the original intention.This is also the reason why Ufo’s are linked
to the extra sensory perception field or half pie clairvoyance ability.
Some people collectively see them and others miss them all together. It
appears that the manifestation wishes to be seen only by those they pick as
suitable contacts where in fact only those with the brainpower to be
receptive are able to see and or communicate with those pure thoughtforms
bent to a mechanical contraption we perceive as a vehicle only when we are
given the receipe to unravel the thoughtform.
>John Worrell Keely discovered this and so did Tesla and hence their non
imitable experiments because you have to have the brain frequency
generation to be able to work them.
>Find a mechanical way of generating frequencies in the nano micro
frequencies and you have the secret not only to life but you will be able
to wish ANYTHING into being.
>The legends about magicians and their abilities are based in fact and we
have to think to do what we want with the proviso that you have to think
clearly without any other disturbance. Focus, Focus, Focus is what it is
all about.
>Happy hunting for the elusive Pimpernel