The Summoning of October 10th

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One theory of the paranormal is that the influence of psychic energy can
actually influence the paranormal in various ways.  With the focus of
several people in a group it’s suggested that rituals can actually
manifest several different effects in the paranormal field.  And with
that in mind, Robert Goerman has proposed a date to focus worldwide
attention toward a manifestation of the paranormal.  October 10, 2010 is
to be designated “OtherWorld Contact Day.”

The day is said to be significant as one of the last few “same number
days” with te final happening on December 12, 2012 until January 1st
2111.  But what will happen on OtherWorld Contact Day if enough people
are brought together with their minds set on opening a gateway to
another dimension or allowing paranormal manifestations to take place? 
We will certainly all be watching with open eyes for encounters people
will have with paranormal entities.

Goerman said in an interview with Flashnews that he wasn’t sure if they
would be getting an answer, or if even the creatures they attempt to
contact will be able to speak English.  He furthermore suggests that the
experiment is expected to have a high level of success as he is certain
that creatures such as Bigfoot and Fairies are actually
extradimensional beings that only visit our realm of existence rarely. 
He says this is likely the reason that Bigfoot and Fairies are not seen
post mortem as they are reclaimed after death to their own realm of
existence.  Such a theory is not new or even novel considering the
theory first originated with the mesmerists of the 1890s and has only
gained credence as an understanding of parallel realities and alternate
dimensions has entered the realm of quantum physics.

So what will happen if on October 10th of this year a manifestation
occurs with Fairies and Bigfoot coming out of the woodwork.  And such a
manifestation, if caught on film, could go a long way toward proving the
theories of explorers such as Goerman and suggest that life in other
worlds exists or even that the power of conscious thought is so powerful
that it will no doubt have an effect for many years to come.

But there are several prerequisites that seem to lend to a proper and
positive experimental outcome.  One factor would be the sufficient
generation of mental energy in a localized or worldwide area.  If
evidence can be gathered in this period, it would no doubt go viral and
soon we would find this contact to be fairly commonplace.  But is it
possible this sort of contact would have already happened by accident if
it was possible?  There have been incidents where awareness of a
supernatural entity has been significantly increased.  During the war of
the worlds broadcast, for instance, awareness of extraterrestrials was
at an all time high.  Of course during this time there were also several
sightings and alleged sightings which suggests there may be more to
this than we may have thought previously.