The Tarot

The Tarot is a game and a divination system at the same time. Some say that the western tarot comes from the Egyptian one through the European gypsies. It has a 78 cards desk which contains cards from the classical set of cards plus 21 cards known as “trumps” plus the “fool”. Future readers use Tarot to guess the personality and the future of the persons. It is often seen as bad job profiting of the naiveness of people. In the same time, some use the Tarot for their life and are happy with the results. If we believe them, we need to look at how can it be achieved? how the Tarot works?

Usually, people who use it as a mean to know themselves and sometimes to know their future, go to see a future reader who know how to interpret the Tarot desk. The desk of cards is shuffled by the person who want to know his own future. He then pick cards from it and set them in a predefined layout. The most used layout is known as the “Celtic cross” which consists in 10 cards set in a long cross fashion. The person then listens the future reader interpretation. In this description, we see that the picked up cards are defined only by the movement of the picker. Does the subconscious of the picker can follow the change in he order of the cards?

In hypnosis, the person takes knowledge of its whole memory even the part that his consciousness forgot. Can Tarot follow the same process? Can the person subconsciously memorizes exactly the way he shuffled the card and subconsciously takes the cards that represents himself as it is done in psychotherapy (but consciously in this latter case). Then the reader just interprets the picked up cards following their universal symbolic meanings. By being a subconscious process, Tarot is more accurate that the psychotherapy as it isn’t influenced by our conscious desire. Often people feel good after have seen a fortune teller. It is similar to what you expect after seen a psychotherapist.

How can our subconscious know everything about us, how can he store the information? It is a much more complicated issue. Quantum physics and morphogenetic field can show us a part of the explication. After shuffling, the state becomes consciously unknown and unpredictable. In quantum physics, states are first unknown, then when we measured it (conscious knowledge) we can’t know what it was before we measure it. It is said that the observer influence what he observed. In Tarot, we can see the cards as particle we don’t know their state (i mean consciously) but our subconscious know them and can choose them.