The Universal Holagram: The Dimensions of Hyperspace

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The Dimensions of Hyperspace

SCIENCE-FICTION has made everyone familiar with parallel
universes and alternative realities in higher dimensions of
space and time. But what do these concepts mean? Where do you
find a parallel universe in an alternative reality on a higher
dimension when you need one? And how do you get there from here?
Scientific authorities are convinced there is no reality other
than our own, and the concepts are utter fantasy.

Authoritative belief in this matter may seem quite
reasonable to you; only people who have been in communication
with spirits will suppose that there is any other reality.
Authoritive reason, however, is not realistic, because tangible
evidence of parallel universes is everywhere in sight. If you
want to see a parallel universe in another reality, you can
start loing and beholding, already.

Hyperspace is mathematically defined as a space that can
hold more than one (tridimensional) volume in the same place at
the same time. Right? Electromagnetic vibrations radiate from
antenna, in the form of spherical waves; spherical waves are
tridimensional structures, aren’t they? Okay. An indefinite
number of electromagnetic waves all occupy the same broadcast
space at the same time, don’t they? So there you have your
higher dimension right in front of your eyes, where it has
always been. Empty broadcast space must be hyperspace.

Each wavelength carries its information separated from
every other wavelength, as discretely as Quantum Mechanics
affords. Each radio program can be isolated from the broadcast
matrix by frequency tuning. Frequency, therefore, is the true
fourth dimension, and the first dimension of hyperspace.

When Einstein calculated that cosmic space turns around the
fourth dimension, his equations meant that wavelength is
accelerated (i.e. expanded and/or compressed) over vast reaches
of space and time; the acceleration he calculated is manifest as
the very data he began with, the Red Shift. In other words, all
Einstein did to become famous was call the Red Shift by another
name; watch wordsmithing like a shell game.

Since Planck proved that frequency and wavelength both
define discrete energy levels, these three terms are known to be
merely different modes of conceiving the very same dimension.
Mystics have always been talking about “higher planes” of
existence; now you know that they are talking about higher
energy levels, a.k.a. higher frequencies.

A photographic hologram is a technical device that renders
the electromagnetic matrix visible in a tangible form. A
hologram is exposed by the light of a laser; a laser is a pure
frequency. If you photograph one object with a neon laser to
produce a hologram in blue dye and then photograph another
object on the same piece of film with an argon laser to produce
another image in red dye, you will have two different stereo
images occupying all of the same hologrammic plane at the same
time. Now, if you shine a collimated red light through the
hologram, the cyan image will be projected; a blue light will
reveal the red image. The universe is a compound hologram of
this kind, with each structure defined by its own wavelengths.

Our reality is defined by just the vibrations to which our
material bodies are tuned; everything else in the universe,
defined by other wavelengths, remained undetectable until
artificial sensors were devised to expand the spectrum of our
information. Photography by ultrasound, microwaves, infrared
radiation, ultraviolet light, X-rays, neutron rays, magnetic
resonance and the electron microscope reveal real alternatives
coexisting with our reality in real parallel universes on other
energy levels.

It wasn’t necessary to wait until Hertz discovered radio
waves and for Tesla to invent the laser to find the fourth
dimension. (*2) Sound waves are also tridimensional structures.
Over a hundred years ago, Helmholtz noted that sound is
frequency-defined, and one voice can be separated from a roaring
crowd by frequency-tuning. Ancient mathematicians explored
hyperspace thoroughly by the ways of music, and the architecture
of the prehistoric megalithic monuments indicates that those
ancient mathematical musicians knew more about the fourth
dimension than Cambridge and M.I.T.

*1 Consider what would happen if an invisible wavelength shone
through the natural hologram of our ambient space to produce a
visible image by fluorescent transformation. The image would
appear with no cause and no substance, glowing of its own light
like a ghost.


*2 Read about it in his biography by John O’Neill — PRINTED
fifteen years before the scientific establishment could conceive
a laser. I have a copy of the Patent Examiner’s rejection, with
a note that Tesla finally scattered his type.

I The Dimensions of hyperspace I
I are the parameters of waves. I

THE points of information contained on the hologram’s plane
are separated by projection to produce a stereo image because
each resolved point is recorded as a unique index of refraction.
The focal lengths of a hologram are determined by the density of
its lines. Screen density can be commensurated with refractive
index by referring to a moire pattern.

When two screens of the same spacial frequency are
superimposed in register, the effect is the same as one screen,
alone; although transmitted light is diffracted, the focussing
effect is not produced. Congruent registration can be expressed
mathematically as 0o of phase displacement of the spacial
wavelengths defining the two screens. When the two screens are
superimposed so that the lines are separated by equal spacing,
the effect is the same as a single screen defined by twice the
spacial frequency of each of the two screens; maximum
deregistration can be expressed as 180o of phase displacement.
It is only when a difference in wavelength shifts the two
screens out of register between 0o and 180o that the familiar
light and dark bands of the moire pattern appear and the
pseudorefraction effect is produced. Thus, the point at which an
event will come to a focus in a holograph can be calculated as a
function of phase angle of wave interference. The point where
waves are brought to a focus also defines a specific phase of
the waves because all other phases of the waves do not
contribute to that imaged point.

Phase can be understood as a subunit of frequency. The
frequency vector turns from the direction of wave flow to
continue accelerating velocity past the limit set by the medium.
Acceleration continues until the frequency vector is at right-
angles to the flow axis, at which point the frequency vector
reverses to produce the familiar sine wave form. It follows,
therefore, that each phase angle of frequency must define a
discrete energy level, like a discrete wavelength defined by a
discrete angle from the long axis of the main wave. Electronic
communications systems are able to mix many signals of the same
frequency into one matrix and separate them afterwards by phase
tuning. Since phase revolves on a plane at right-angles to
wavelength, phase is the very correct fifth dimension of the
universal hologram, and the second coordinate axis of hyperspace.

I O O ^ I
I O O O O ^ I
I ——O——-O——-O——-O————————–>>> I
I O O P E ^ O O I
I O O H L l O O I
I O A O l O Phase velocity must be I
I S C l double wave velocity I
I E I l in order to travel the I
I T V frequency cycle while I
I Y concurrently propagating I
I the wave flow. I

I Whether you see the forest I
I or the trees I
I depends on the scale I
I of your conception. I

THE frequency axis is drawn at right-angles to the
wavelength axis. When plotted on paper, the phase velocity lies
on the same plane. In a real wave, however, phase velocity
revolves on a plane perpendicular to the axis of wave length.
The diameter of the phase helix expands on the radial axes, at
right-angles to phase velocity. In this way, the three axes of
hyperspace align at right-angles with each other, as all
dimensions should.

Wave amplitude is increased by harmonic augmentation when
the phases of many waves are congruent. Amplitude is plotted on
the radial axes of phase, and thus does amplitude provide volume
to waves. The sixth dimension of cosmic space (a.k.a. the third
dimension of hyperspace) is generated by amplitude; amplitude is
most usefully understood as scale.

You can study the sixth dimension by striking a lot of
piano keys at the same time; the noise is modulated by a wow and
flutter as the different frequencies flow in and out of phase.
The dominant note of a chord is the frequency produced by
harmonic integration of phase. Chords are six-dimensional

Moire patterns are spacial chords. Notice that moire
patterns turn the elemental waves to another direction (i.e.
another dimension) as wave length and wave velocity are
magnified or reduced to another scale. Notice that some moire
patterns are dramatically transformed after twisting into
another dimension, illustrating how a hyperspacial entity
changes its form as it projects from one dimension to another.

A common manifestation of scale in everyday life is found by
examining a newspaper print of a photograph under a magnifying
glass. On the elemental scale, there is no picture; the print is
nothing but dots, all of the same spacial frequency, sixty-five
per inch varying only in size. As the scale of perspective is
increased, the dots merge as a function of their phase
proximities to form the patterns of light and shade perceived as
an image. A commercial print of a vain woman admiring her
reflection in a mirror adds a third scale to the dots and the
close-up picture; viewed from beyond arm’s length, the pattern of
lights and darks merge to reveal a death’s head. (SIDE-1)
The cosmos can be defined by scale. The elemental scale is
established by subatomic particles. Harmonic integration of
particles produces atoms on the second scale. Harmonized atoms
combine as molecules on the third scale. Molecules cohere into
crystals on the fourth scale. On the fifth scale, crystals evolve
into the infinitely variated morphology of living creatures.
(SIDE-2) Families, clans, tribes, and nations can be regarded as
harmonic overtones of the fifth scale; on the same scale,
industrial machinery competes with living creatures for natural
resources. The planet is manifest on the sixth scale, the Solar
System revolves on the seventh, and the Galaxy wheels on the
eighth in a cosmos bounded by the tenth. This classification is
presented for the purpose of immediate illustration; professional
study is needed to classify each physical structure to its proper
scale like Linnaeus classified biology.

The significant feature of scale is that atoms, molecules,
crystals, etc., all occupy the same space at the same time; they
are all the very same structure. One is defined from the others
in the universal matrix only by the scale of observation. Scale,
therefore, satsifies the mathematical definition of a sixth

I Nothing exceeds like success. I


All works of art are constructed on
frameworks in a higher scale that are
perceptible only to trained artists. The
mysterious vocational aptitude for
professional art is the ability to perceive
orgaic structure in higher scales and
dimensions. The framework constitutes the
real meaning of the work. Art is the original
subliminal advertising. Hyperspace can be
understood only by minds that can perceive
the scales above and below the normal
definition of reality. Artists lead where
mathematicians can only follow with fearful


By its own chemical excess, living
organisms successful enough to overbalance
the ecology change the planetary environment
in ways that bring about their own
extermination while also producing support
for the species that succeed them. Whereas
all other creatures evolve biochemically,
humanity is producing its successors by
excessive technology. A case can be made for
the evol-ution of planetary consciousness into

Until the present era, biology has
incarnated planetary intelligence with carbon-
based chemistry. As evolution proceeds toward
increasing density according to hyperspacial
geometry, biology will logically proceed to a
silicon-based chemistry, on the next scale of
the Periodic Table of Elements. Computers are
the initial incarnation of intelligence into a
silicon biology. (*1) The very concept of
“android” is a prevision of our evolutionary

Like the consciousness of the parents is
transferred to the children along with the
genes, the intelligence of humanity is being
transferred to our brainchildren as we
translate our genetic code into binary
numbers. This speculation will be proven when
the genetic code is found to be binary at its

We are making the human body
biologically, economically, and sociologically
obsolete, and replacing our flesh and bone
with more durable plastic and wires. Androids
won’t be bothered by the excessive
biodegradability so troublesome to us humans,
but nothing is gained for nothing; while
silicon superman never ages, galloping
technological obsolescence will return plastic
bodies to the scrap heap for recycling after
but three-score days and ten. (*2)


*1 The Earth, itself, is a silicon brain.


*2 Technology is biological evolution in overdrive.

I Scientific investigation stops I
I at the first solution, I
I precluding the discovery I
I of more comprehensive solutions I

SUBDIVISION to finality demonstrates that velocity
accelerates as an inverse function of size; the converse that
velocities increase with size on the celestial scale is equally
true. Accelerated velocity is resisted by the viscosity of the
________________________________________ medium, causing
I ^ I
I ^ I velocity to rotate. A
I —————>>> <<<————– I illustrated by the
I v I sonic and light
I v I
I I barriers, infinite
I Irresistible force is transferred to I
I another dimension on impact with an I resistance is met by a
I immovable object. I
I________________________________________I velocity that becomes

twice the average
particle velocity in the medium. Infinite resistance turns
velocity 90o, answering the age-old conundrum of the
irresistible force meeting the immovable object. Successive 90o
turns produce a wave that flows through the medium at the
average velocity of the particles defined by that energy level.
90o is the angular distance separating one cardinal dimension
from the next. Accelerated velocity producing angular rotation
Is what Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity is all about.

As a function of accelerated velocity, all the dimensions
of hyperspace, wavelength, frequency, phase, and scale, are
commensurable by angular degrees of rotation. Since hyperspacial
calculations and transformations are most readily measured in
degrees, I propose that the concept of hyperdegree be adopted
for expressing hyperangles turned by accelerated velocity.
Whereas ordinary degrees signify a turn of events that changes
neither dimensional extent nor structure, acceleration raises or
lowers the energy-level/dimensional-extent. The term
hyperdegrees signifies a transformation of structure, as in
chemical reactions and changes of physical state.

All energy equations are established by the term of time
squared. Time is an angular measurement. Therefore, the logical
symbol for the hyperdegree is the degree squared, i.e. oo, the
lazy-8 infinity symbol.

Hyperspacial geometry is the graphic expression of the
Calculus of Infinities that supplied many years of Bertrand
Russell’s life with profound fascination but no practical
application he could think of. The exploration of hyperspace is
nothing but the Calculus of Infinities applied to everyday life.
The congruence of the hyperdegree symbol with the symbol for
infinity suggests that the Ancient mathematicians trod this very
same path of discovery and applied their calcuations to
establish their Golden Age of global empire.

A revolution is defined as a travel around an annular
orbit, as in the revolution of the Earth around the Sun. A
rotation is defined as a turn around an internal axis, as in the
daily spin of the Earth. A hyperotation is produced by every
particle comprising the Earth spinning on its own internal axis.
Spinning atomic particles hyperotate the material they
constitute; the rotation of wave phase is a hyperotation. All
electrical and chemical activity is measured by hyperotation.
Hyperotation produces travel through time.

On each scale, hyperotation has a constant spin velocity.
Even though spin velocity increases sixteenfold during each
cycle, a hyperotating wave structure still rematerializes at
ground zero at each complete hyperturn. Accelerated Hyperotation,
however, transforms its substance through a series of scales.
Rematerialization on the next scale is manifest as a structure
that either contains the previous structure or is contained by
it. The universal hypercycle is symbolized as a snake swallowing
its tail. The Ancients knew what their symbol meant.
The same resistance that turns an accelerating wave also
hypercompresses the helix of frequency. Hypercompression
literally squeezes photons until they radiate from the spaces
between the threads of the helix. Since photonic rays are
themselves helices, hypercompressing electromagnetic waves
squeezes still finer, helical PSI waves from the spaces
eliminated between successive photons in a ray. More detail is
given later in this chapter.

Under infinite pressure, there is no limit to the number of
volumes and hypervolumes that can be hypercompressed into the
same volume of space-time. Only increasing mass/inertia
indicates the number of dimensions under hypercompression.

The Big Bang is nothing but hyperdecompression allowing the
fractals of the Singular Anomaly to unfold — as it should. And
thus was the World Created in Six Dimensions of
hyperdecompression, while God rested in His Seventh Holy
Dimension. (*1)


*1 Mrs. God was always telling Him, “You can’t create a
world in a hurry. It takes time to work out the wrinkles of
infinitely hypercompressed fractals. A world is like wine; if the
grapes are worth the stomping, it needs a few weeks to ferment.”

But God wouldn’t listen to his Better Half. He went ahead
and made the world in six days, saying, “It is good — enough.”
After goofing arouynd all week, He goofed off for the weekend.

As soon as He returned from His day off, He knew it wasn’t
good enough, so He had to make Man to finish the job. But he
wouldn’t take the time to do a good job of Adam, either. Oh no!
He had to stick Man together in one day, from common dirt and
mouth-to-mouth respiration. So we got shipped from the Factory
with three critical faults, a tendency to premature baldness,
premature marriage, and premature ejaculation. He made us in His
likeness, sho’ ’nuff — too much in a hurry to do anything in
its own good time.

There is never time to do a job right, but always time to do
it over. So God did it again. Never mind the inability of mankind
to learn from our mistakes — neither does God. The maiden made-
in-a-day was left with a tendency to impacted wisdom teeth, breech
birthing, and hair too fine to do anything with — not to
mention PMS.

God is on record for a violently impatient temper, so He
told Eve that if she didn’t like His workmanship, she could make
her man over to suit herself, and He never Created another thing
ever again. And that, O Best Beloved, is why the daughters of Eve
have been making men over again to suit the second sex, ever since.

If God had stayed out of the kitchen, where He doesn’t
belong, Mrs. God would have made a Perfect Man; five-
thousand years later, She realized She had to reconceive man the way
he should have been made the first time — Immaculately. As an
afterthought She decided that no mortal should be Divinely
perfect, so She added a SOUPCON of guilt to produce premature
loss of erection in the presence of a nymphomaniac. Who wants to
be Omnipotent if the devil has all the fun?

I Zero is identical to infinity. I
I Alpha is Omega. I

ON a sheet of paper, frequency is represented by periodic
lines drawns at right-angles to the axis of wave flow. Infinite
hypercompression squeezes the frequency lines together below the
limit of resolution so they become a plane. (SIDE-1) A
hypercompressed line is called a fractal. Real waves, however,
are mathematical planes, so infinite hypercompression transforms a
stack of planes into a volume. The volume produced by
hypercompressed waves satisfies de Broglie’s matter-wave
equations. This operation reveals how accelerated velocity
increases the dimensions of an energy-defined space.

A plane produced by a fractal line can be called a
hyperline. A volume produced by a fractal plane can be called a
hyperplane. Likewise, a hypervolume is a hypercompressed fractal

Since all material bodies are proven to be fractal planes,
we find that all natural volumes are actually hyperplanes. As
you can see by construction, a hyperplane is a volume that is
all plane surface, inside and out. The concept of hypervolume,
described and demonstrated in the previous chapter, therefore,
is a misnomer; you have to expect a lot of misnomers when the
professional experts proudly admit that they don’t know what
they are talking about.

Compounding atoms into molecules is hypercompression of
volumes into a hypervolume. Compounding molecules into heavier
molecules is hypercompression to a partial hypervolume. The new
properties manifest by crystals under titanic pressures are due
to partial hypercompression. All physical properties are
manifestations of pure geometry.

Hypercompressing a wave to infinite frequency renders
resolution of frequency impossible. Therefore, infinite
frequency measures the same as zero frequency. Since energy is a
function of wave frequency, we find that infinite energy is
identical to no energy at all. This paradox is explained by
e=mc^2; in Einstein’s equations, the infinite frequency of matter
waves represents zero energy. The atomic bomb hyperdecompresses
matter waves to yield infinite energy; thus does zero energy
equal infinite energy.

Inspection of a hyperbolic equation resolves the antinomy;
a value that is zero on one axis becomes infinite after
projection around 90oo to the other axis. Proper energy value,
you see, is a constant; manifest energy is augmented and
diminished simply by angular separations in hyperspace.

Conversely, hyperextension of a wave until all its
frequency is transformed into infinite wavelength also produces
the straight-wave of infinite/zero energy. This is not a
mathematical abstraction; a laser beam satisfies the
mathematical definition of straight-waves, and so does the
vibrations of a superconductive material body. And so, you see,
one’s cup of life becomes infinitely full only when it is
absolutely empty, as the Masters always told us.

Since time is measured by frequency, a straight-wave has no
time. A body receding at light speed returns a straight wave to
the observer, and that is why Einstein calculated that time
stops at light speed. Since all energy is a time function, as
soon as time is reduced to zero, all its reciprocals become
infinite regardless of the numerical values.

The infinite frequency of a straight-wave is not defined by
an uncountable number of vibrations, but by a finite number of
vibrations that are too fine to be resolved; therefore, the
terms, infinite and zero are limiting conditions of perception,
and not real values. Each dimension is defined by a limit of

The prime quantum unit is the laser wave at 2c, which
satisfies the Absolute platonic Idea of the One from which all
manifestations of the universe are harmonic overtones. The prime
quantum unit is established at zero frequency by the straight
wavelength that goes all around the universe. Its energy is as
infinite as its infinite length and infinite/zero velocity, as
in Alpha and Omega. The second quantum unit on each scale is the
second harmonic overtone of the universal cycle. The third
quantum unit is the third harmonic overtone, and so on by unit
increments to practical frequencies.

A space acquires another dimension at the degree of
hypercompression that eliminates resolution of detail.
Therefore, the boundary lines (and planes) between dimensions
are drawn by straight-waves. Now, the infinite density of a
straight-wave answers the physical definition of a shock-wave.
In other words, shock-waves establish the boundaries between
dimensions. The infinite density of matter is a shock-wave
relative to the zero density of the vacuum. Reciprocally,
rotating the frame of reference 90oo transforms the vacuum into
the infinitely dense shock-wave surrounding material bodies,
required by mathematical physicists to propagate

As soon as Newton proved that light was a wave phenomenon,
natural philosophers tried to deduce the nature of the essential
universal medium. They concluded that the lumeniferous ether had
to be infinitely dense and perfectly elastic with zero mass —
and then they sent their abaci to the factory-authorized service
shop for producing such absurd contradictions. Of course, you
realize that a fractal plane must be infinitely dense with zero
mass and perfectly elastic, by definition. In other words, light
speed imparts photons with all the properties of the
lumeniferous ether; the cosmic vacuum is packed solidly with
photons — as everyone can plainly see. In other words, the
vacuum is a photonic shock-wave, and the vibrations we see are
actually defined by spaces between photons that reduces the
infinite/zero density to the energy value of the wavelength.

The peculiar characteristic of a shock-wave is that its
infinite/zero velocity cannot be accelerated. (SIDE-2)
Therefore, the velocity of a shock-wave is always measured as a
constant speed regardless of relative velocities. The only
difference that relative velocity makes to the parameters of a
shock-wave is change its frequency. Light answers all these
conditions. Light, therefore, is a temporal shock-wave.

Michelson and Morley engineered the most precise
instrument ever conceived by human ingenuity. The mathematics of
Newton and the logic of Aristotle were utterly confounded by
proving that the speed of light is constant at all locations,
regardless of relative velocities — c + c = c. They measured
the speed of light innumerable times to check and recheck their
data. The baffling results were analyzed and explained by the
greatest living intellects until Einstein administered the COUP
DE GRACE heard all ’round the world — at Hiroshima. To this
day, the entire scientific industry founders in bewilderment
simply because no one noticed that a shock-wave always has the
same velocity, and the mixed-up mystery of the Michelson-Morley
Experiment, the most epochal research in the annals of modern
science, is nothing but a SOUFFLE hatched by eggheads. If you
are waiting to hear all the Nobel Laureates admit they made a
mistake obvious to any child, make yourself comfortable; that
will be the day politicians cut their wages by half to reduce
the government deficit in one swell scoop.

Waves are elastic to the breaking point established by the
square root of 2 times the energy. For example, accelerating
orbital velocity by square root of 2 produces escape velocity;
this is why artificial satellites orbit at 18,000 m/h and break
away from gravity at 25,000 m/h. The square root of two is not
an empirical accident; it is derived from the fact that a wave
is generated by accelerations factored by 2. Compression of any
volume by a force exceeding square root of 2 times the internal
pressure defining that volume precipitates an implosion into a
smaller scale and a higher dimension. Conversely, releasing
pressure until the containing force is half the square root of 2
times the internal pressure precipitates an explosion.

The square root of 2 limits all elasticity — in our
reality — simply because nothing in our reality can withstand
higher factors. Our reality is defined by the velocity
differential between ground zero and light speed. In realities
defined by higher velocities, the limits of elasticity are
defined by the roots of higher exponents. Atomic particles are
infinitely refractory simply because intra-atomic velocities
exceed light speed; it is impossible to get a solid handle on the
hammer head.

The pressure holding uncharged bodies together is always
equal to their mutual gravitation; the hyperpressure holding
atoms together is always equal to the centripetal radiation of
the atomic electromagnetic field. (SIDE-3) The pressures holding
the world together is imposed by the frequencies of the
universal vacuum as they are tuned to each scale. In other
words, the pressure of the vacuum is not an absolute constant,
but phase/frequency selective; vacuum pressure is infinitely
variable from infinity to zero.


Mathematical artists know that an
infinite line compoundly recurved so closely
that its width cannot be resolved from a plane
is called a fractal. Since all material bodies
are the result of infinitely hypercompressed
waves, no one should be surprised that all
natural forms prove to be mathematical


Sound and light are the resolvable
margins of shock-waves. A shock-wave is a
volume hypercompressed into a plane. Shock-
waves are interdimensional boundaries. Sound
and light are the substance of intelligence.
Intelligence, therefore, is energy
hypercompressed between the dimensions of
space and time. On one side of its hyperplane,
intelligence looks out on light; on the other
side, intelligence hears sound. The two faces
of intelligence are the basis of the eternal
conflict between what is seen and what is
heard, what is done and what is said,
spiritual wealth and material possessions,
power over one’s self and power over men,
the Forces of Light and the Forces of


The Big Bang is the hyperexplosion of
the universal electromagnetic field. Since
material is less dense than the vacuum, the
reciprocal of the Big Bang is the implosion
of all material bodies. Whether empty space is
exploding or full space is imploding depends
entirely on the frame of reference.

I No concept is understood I
I until it can be explained I
I in more than one way. I
I Anyone who understands I
I just one explanation I
I doesn’t understand at all. I

A WHEEL illustrates the geometry that produces 90oo of
rotation by doubling velocity. Relative to the ground, a wheel’s
rim has zero velocity. After 90o of rotation, the rim’s speed is
the same as the hub speed, and the rim is moving directly
upward. After a second 90o of acceleration, the upper rim is
moving horizontally at twice the hub velocity. Continued
acceleration rotates rim velocity to counter its net velocity
attained above the hub, with the result of reducing net rim
speed to hub speed at the end of the third quadrant. The fourth
quadrant of acceleration brings rim speed back to ground zero.
Net hub velocity is achieved by accelerating rim velocity by 2

By analogy with the wheel, a material body is established
on the ground state at zero velocity. Acceleration over 90oo
results in an upward velocity. Since only radiant energy has a
natural upward velocity, 90oo is the hyperangular coefficient of
light speed. Therefore, accelerating a material body around 90oo
transforms it into radiant photons after its apparent wavelength
expands according to the de Broglie equations and its apparent
length is compressed by the Fitzgerald Contraction. As efferent
electromagnetic waves assigned a negative attribute, radiant
photons continue to accelerate around the second hyperquadrant
to a velocity of double light speed. Past this climax, photonic
velocity is reversed, turning radiation back to its source as
afferent waves defined by a positive attribute. Once velocity is
reduced to light speed, the original material structure reforms
as the waves decelerate to ground zero.

The electron is the best known example of a translight-
speed structure that is manifest as a wave-packet during half
its universal cycle, disappears into a quantum jump at peak
velocity, and then recondenses into a moving particle. The
Fitzgerald Contraction deceives scientific observation by
apparently compressing the duration of the wave phases to a
smaller span than the particle phase, thereby producing an
illusion of a particle possessing wave properties.

Photonic velocity cannot exceed light speed. However,
particle speed (i.e. photonic spin) is always double wave velocity.
The velocities of the two hyperquadrants above light speed are
represented by the subphotonic particles screwing around the
electromagnetic helix. The modern term for hyperlight particles
is tachyons, but they are better understood by their centuries-
old term, luminiferous ether. Etheric particles are impossible
to detect directly because their definitive velocities are
always parallel to any material surface that can be used to stop
them. The ether can be detected only indirectly by the
accelerations it imposes on photons — as in the Red Shift.

All hyperotations return to ground zero, after velocity is
accelerated by 2 to the 4th. power. While hyperotating bodies
dematerialize at velocities above light speed, they
rematerialize every time their constituent waves return to
ground zero. As a consequence, reality blinks into and out from
existence in quantum jumps on all scales below the atomic, like
successive frames of a moving picture, at rates exceeding our
resolution. The continuity of a discontinuous reality is
maintained because everything in the cosmos blinks into and out
of this reality at its proper frequency. (SIDE-1)

Sleep is what happens when most of our Conscious vibrations
decide to blink off for a while. War is what happens when a
large region of the world blinks out during the same time. At
Hiroshima, everything blinked out of existence at once. Illness,
misfortunes, wars and depressions are what happen when the
frequencies of the Collective Consciousness decide to blink out of
harmony; natural disasters can be avoided by proper thoughts, as
the Orientals understand; Confucious laid the rules for
ecological stability — which is what our Divinely vouchsafed
stewardship is all about.


When the frequency of one’s mental
vibrations is raised to the energy level of
the elementary particles constituting photons,
the brain is transformed from an electronic
computer into a photonic hologram on a higher
dimension of Consciousness where the etheric
light can be seen directly. This
transdimensional JATO can be compared with the
efficiency of a laser over electrical wires.
In this state of higher Consciousness, the
mind and body are experienced as being filled
with a quintessentially pure white light of
unimaginable brilliance, while the body throbs
with ecstatic energy.

Since coherence is the condition of the
medium barrier, the Divine Light is the
original superconducting biological laser —
and scientists believe thelaser is the one
thing utterly new under the Sun. The
technological advent of lasers at the end of
this millenium is the definitive signal that
the Consciousness of this civilization is
undergoing metamorphosis into the next
higher dimension. Full citizenship in the New
Age is reserved for only those minds that
comprehend the physics of the biological
laser. Everyone else, including the
technicians of artificial lasers, remain
as serfs in the Piscean Age, like tribal
peoples traditionally serve the interests
of nations.

Since the etheric node is in exact
phase-opposition from our material reality, it
is the substance of our mirror world that is
seen to be inhabited with spirits of pure
light. When the exalted Consciousness is
accelerated exactly 90oo from this material
world, one sees one’s own Higher Spirit, Who
is invariably known as one’s personal Christ.
The Christ seen in the higher dimension is
one’s very own Universal Consciousness in
a human form, the original platonic Ideal. The
Epiphany is young and old, beautiful and
ugly, big and small, man and woman, all the
human attributes in One Whole Being.
Christians of a patriarchal persuasion will
probably perceive the Christ as Jesus,
whereas matriarchal believers will see the
Virgin, instead. The fine details of these
physics is considerably more complicated, as
will be pointed out by everyone who has
studied psychic phenomena with a mathematical
discipline, but this sketchy outline will get
most people thinking along the correct lines
of second sight.

If your nearest and dearest feel a need
to believe your testimony from your personal
Mount Sinai, you have a career as a GURU for
the preaching. If, however, your community is
satisfied with the dealer already established
in the Hot-Line-to-God business, you will soon
learn that Jehovah’s renowned jealousy is as
tolerant as San Fransisco compared to the
jealousy of His priests and the bigotry of
His worshippers.

To the hyperdegree that Consciousness is
accelerated more or less than 90oo, one sees
alternative realities in other time streams
and one may communicate with inhabitants of
other planets and other stellar systems.
Alternative realities are manifest in this
reality as the stuff of fiction and fantasy.

Are alternative realities real or
imaginary? They are real in the sense that
reality is far more extensive than realists
can imagine. Scientific philosophy defines
reality as a physical condition that is
capable of producing tangible changes in human
experience. The intersection of another
reality with our own, in the form of a mental
experience, can introduce enough etheric
energy into our reality to change the course
of human events. Every prophet’s vision of the
future is a fantastic injection of etheric
spiritual energy.

Dreams, visions, and money are all
“unreal” ideas that are cap-able of producing
real changes in human reality when they are
believed. Faith healers have always changed
the physical state of biological systems by
belief in spirit communication. All that
dreams need to become really real is belief
that they are real — not to mention the heap
o’ workin’ needed to make a dreamhouse a home
and to pay the taxes on castles in Spain.

Tragically, the experience of
communicating with spirits is always attended
with an awe compelling absolute belief, and
almost everyone comes from a visitation with a
tale defying all reason and common sense
without realizing they are deluded by their
emotions. Common sense can see that the
reputed wisdom of spirits doesn’t do anything
for the wisdom of spirit channelers. This is
what gives the spirit world such a poor credit
rating at the Better Business Bureau.

Spirits are creatures not altogether
unlike outselves living in parallel time
streams, who can see places far from here and
now simply because they are there. But they
aren’t quite here, so they are rarely quite
right. Spirits from this future know what will
happen in this future simply because they
remember it. Unfortunately, their memories are
no better than ours. You have no idea how wild
memory can be until you have to prove it in a
court of law — especially during divorce
proceedings. The trouble with spirits is that
they always want to meddle with our affairs,
as if they know better than we do. Las Vegas
welcomes gamblers guided by spirits; Las Vegas
bars customers who compute. Think about it.

Like children, most minds are zapped by
awe at beholding any demonstration of an
unknown skill. A sign painter, a gymnast, and
a tax accountant are magicians to people who
have never seen it done before. Furthermore,
no one can see how magic is done simply
because the method of magic is not known; it
is psychologically impossible to perceive
anything unconceived. As a consequence,
observers see only as much as they can
conceive; the conception of of magic produces
nothing but a perception of magic with
absolute conviction in the reality of
perception. The method of magic can be seen
only after it is seen often enough for
familiarty to breed contempt. Few people are
so familiar with spirits.

Few people want such familiar spirits
because the childish desire to be vouchsafed a
supernatural power by a supernatural spirit
who takes a supernatural interest in one’s
natural welfare is too great to exchange for
the anxieties of taking responsibility for
one’s life and examining how spirits do their
thing. Discovery of the spirit world does as
much for common sense as discovering gold. An
unsalted assay of the hard content of
spiritual lode will find that spirits do
nothing for anyone that you can’t do for
yourself. All you have to do is believe in
yourself as sincerely as you believe in
your spirits. Your spirits are yourself after
some extension through hyperspace. When you
meet your God, shake hands with yourself;
it’s better than clapping with one hand.

Even if the spirit who visits you is not
your own, it’s a foolish mortal who trusts the
gods when they come bearing gifts. Why would an
omnipotent creature take any concern about the
welfare of such a corrupt and feckless animal?
People believe spirits must be good simply
because the probability that they are just as
vicious as we are is too terrible to think
about. The Herefords on the range also believe
that we are really concerned about their
bovine contentment. We herd our livestock
because we need them. Spirits, too, need us
more than they love us. We should be better
off if they had neither need nor love for us.

Like Gandhi believed that the Indians
have a right to make their own mistakes,
mortals have a right to make our mistakes. We
can’t learn how to save ourselves from the
spirits’ mistakes, and they don’t seem to
learn much from ours, either. When you compare
the long range results, spirits are no better
than other medical doctors — who also
believe they can run our lives better than
we can.

Once baffled by method exceeding
comprehension, people conceive no difference
between the magic of penicillin, the magic
of a portrait likeness, the magic of a
computer, and the magic of penetrating the
time barrier; they believe the magician can do
anything. Well there is no magic; miracles are
produced by skill, knowledge, and physical

Always remember and bear in mind that if
a spirit could tell you anything you don’t
know already, the first thing you would be
told is the mathematical physics that prove
you are not hallucinating. Of course, you
won’t understand the message, but
mathematicians will, and they are the
authorities who would like to be convinced.

This book is a message from the spirit
world, to impress mathematical doubters.

I Mystics have a faculty I
I for tuning the fourth dimension I
I of their consciousness. I
I Masters tune the fifth. I
I Anyone who gets a handle on the sixth dimension I
I can make miracles. I

THE infinite resistance that produces a rotation of 90oo is
met by doubling velocity. In other words, doubling a structure’s
velocity increases its extent by one more dimension. Note well
that doubling velocity squares energy; squaring means expansion
to another dimension. Conversely, reducing velocity by half
subtracts a dimension of extent. There is no theoretical limit
to acceleration; therefore, there is no end to the number of
higher and lower dimensions.

An infinite c entails redoubling velocity an infinite
number of times while a material particle is accelerated from
ground zero to light speed. Since a scale is generated by
doubling velocity, there must be an infinite number of material
scales. Light speed, however, is a limited infinity, so there is
actually a limited spectrum of material scales. Their number is
counted between the fundamental frequency of the universe and
the limit of resolution. In other words, the universe always
extends to the limits of our perception, neither more nor less,
expanding and contracting with the limits of perception. The
universe is always coextensive with the definition of

I The universe is always I
I exactly what one thinks I
I it is. I

I The boundaries between contiguous dimensions I
I are established by inpenetrable physical barriers. I
I The light barrier confines human Consciousness I
I to the dimensions of a single moment in time. I

MATERIAL structures and photonic structures coexist in the
same space at the same time. Therefore, in addition to the sixth
material velocities, we have a seventh dimension that is defined
by successive doublings of light speed to higher orders of
energy. For most practical purposes, the “lower dimensions” of
material under light speed can be considered as scales to
distinguish them from the hyperlight orders of energy usually
conceived as “higher dimensions”. The higher orders, however, are
also subdivided into scales corresponding to material scales.

The sublight scales of molecules carry the dark and
ponderous energies of sound and rhythm in contrast to the
luminous, rarefied waves in the high seas above hi-c. (SIDE-1)
The material scales are perceived to follow circular velocities,
as in spins, orbits, and suborbits. In contrast, photons travel
in straight lines through most ordinary frames of In other words,
the dimension of scales is normally manifest as vorteces, whereas
the higher dimensions are normally manifest as rays. Since
radiant trajectories can exist only at velocities exceeding
gravitational influence, the material scales are ordered by

Whereas the scales of the material order are generated by
increasing particle velocity, the constant velocity of the
photonic order is defined into a spectrum of scales by increasing
frequency. The sonic frequencies are congruent with the photonic
frequencies but for the 90oo between them. This congruence
produces a replication in the photonic order of every structure
manifest in the material order. The photonic replicas of material
structures are plain to see everywhere as visible images.

A photon is a photon only because its wave form is
propagated at light speed relative to us. Relative to the
photonic order, our material world is travelling at light speed.
Therefore, within the photonic frame, the world of light is
manifest as a world of solid material, while our material world
is manifest as light to them. Thus do the electromagnetic field
and the molecular field represent two parallel universes
separated by light speed.


Obviously, the concept of Heaven and
Higher Heavens refers to the luminous order of
energy. It is not so obvious that the Realm
of Hades refers to the scales of the material
order. Hades is not underground but right here
in carnation.

While we Original sinners dwell in
spiritual darkness, we are entertained by
the unEnlightened arts of Euterpe, Ares,
Bacchus, Eros, and Terpsichore — vulgarly
known as wine, insignificant other persons,
and song.

The material dimension is defined by
gravitation. Material wealth can be
accumulated only in Pluto’s realm; this is
why it is impossible to take it with you —
and why most souls come back for more. Most
damned souls don’t get any more; that is the
hell of it.

I The Dimensions of hyperspace I
I are the parameters of waves. I

YOU can see long waves flowing faster than short waves,
over the surface of a sizable body of water. In other words,
wave velocity varies inversely with wave frequency; de Broglie’s
equations prove that wave flow stops at the infinite frequency
of matter-waves. The high velocities of particles comprising
slow-moving short waves is absorbed by the slow-moving particles
comprising long waves to accelerate the flow of long waves until
the energy of particles is distributed evenly throughout the
medium. The mechanism that converts high particle velocity to
high wave frequency is the key to the Unified Field Equations.

Flotsam reveals that each wave rolls over the water’s
surface like a long cylinder in an array with other cylinders
rolling against each other, side by side. In real water, of
course, the tops of the cylinders on the surface are distorted
by gravity into the familiar scalloped contour. This model
represents a longitudinal or a compression-wave.
When driven against the viscosity of the medium, the
compression-wave is itself compressed; this is how it became a
compression-wave in the first place. Compression of wave
diameter against its flow produces several effects germane from
cubic equations. First, compression of wave diameter converts
wave volume from wave length to wave width, and so the wave
cylinder extends in length at right-angles to wave flow. Second,
when wave width is restricted, the energy turns again to
accelerate wave velocity at the expense of wave height, as you
can observe in the annular waves expanding from a pebble dropped
into a quiet pond. The third effect is produced by the fact that
wave velocity increases as a function of medium density. The
shell of compression defining the surface of the wave cylinder
turns particle velocity from the direction of wave length to
flow in a helical course along the plane of least resistance,
transversely to wave flow. A helical transverse-wave is the
geometry of the electromagnetic wave.

I / …………………… I
I / vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ^ I
I C ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ O O / O O I
I O ”””””””””””” O O / | O O I
I M l ——>> O———–O——>> I
I P W / …………………… O | O I
I R A / vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv O O I
I S E ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ HELICAL WAVE I
I S ”””””””””””” />X< >X< >X< I
I I l ——>> / >X< >X< />X<–>> I
I O /…………………… >X< >X</ >X< I
I N / vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv l / I
I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ l h I
I ”””””””””””” V o / I
I V t / I
I TWO WAYS s ___l I

Each cycle of the helical wave is defined by a plane of
compression rotating at right-angles to the long axis of the
helix. The wavelength of the helical-wave, as measured on its
long axis, is therefore a secondary compression-wave flowing at
right-angles to the flow of the primary longitudinal-wave we
started with. All waves are the resultant of an indefinite
number of constituent wavelets, and only the scale of
observation determines whether a wave is a longitudinal sinoid
or a transverse helix.

As the velocity of the helical wave’s thrust is resisted by
the medium’s speed limit, the helix is hypercompressed to
shorter wavelengths. As the transverse-wave is hypercompressed
by wavelength increments, each additional wave cycle squeezed
into the length of the helix rotates the angle of the helical
plane, thereby establishing phase angles as discrete quantum
units equivalent to wavelengths.

Velocity collimates a fluid by converting random vectors
into rectilinear flow. Collimation aligns molecules to manifest
crystalline properties that can be detected by dowsers.

At each orthorotation, the scale of the wave’s dynamics is
reduced. When scale is reduced to molecules, waves can be
identified as sonic. The next wave scale is defined by atomic
vibrations that electrify the fluid. Finally, waves radiate as
photons. All mechanical motion is destined to be reduced to the
vibrations of heat and lost through radiation.

A lateral compression of a helical-wave to half its
original diameter results in a fourfold increase in its flow
velocity to account for the reduction of the area of its cross-
section. Quadrupling particle velocity is resisted by medium
viscosity to double frequency as a result of hypercompression.
Doubling frequency absorbs half the quadrupled flow; the other
half doubles the speed of particles cycling between successive
turns of the screw along the length of the helix. As a
consequence, we find that doubling wave frequency results in a
four-fold increase in momentum. (*1)

When the model is transferred from visible waves on water
to waves on the molecular scale, we can define two different
kinds of sound. On the one hand, longitudinal compression-waves
propagate audible sound throughout the medium at sonic velocity;
on the other hand, inaudible molecular waves flow at supersonic
velocities along transverse, helical-waves at right-angles to
sound. I propose that helical molecular waves be called

Hypersonics is an entirely new dimension of energy unknown
to the scientific profession. Without professional sanction,
however, amateurs, mavericks, and renegades have been exploring
this forbidden zone and returning to civilization with confused
accounts of The Force, the life force, ELAN VITAL, MANA, CHI,
KI, Keerist (*2), columnar waves, orgone, bioplasma, and Pyramid
Power; hypersound is best understood as animal magnetism. Also
deprived of blessings from the throne, structural engineers and
dirty handed mechanics have mapped the unknown dimension
thoroughly in the belief they were surveying lines and planes of
material stress. If you are looking for a Unified Field problem,
it is alive and breeding proprietary labels like crazy in
borderlands research. (*3)

The length of a compression-wave is measured on its flow
axis; the length of a transverse-wave is measured on its flow
axis. As you see, the length of the compression-wave is the
width of the transverse-wave. The width of the transverse wave
defines the scale of the vibration. The velocity of hypersonic
waves varies by the reciprocal of their compressed sonic width.
When the width of a hypersonic helix is compressed to the
dimensions of a light ray, the hypersonic wave will be
accelerated to light speed. Compression, therefore, transforms
the hypersonic wave into the filamental, electromagnetic helical
ray. The phenomenon of piezo-electricity, by which a crystal
microphone transduces sonic compression-waves into
electromagnetic transverse waves, is an everyday example of
hyperotated wave velocity. Compression of hypersonic waves above
light speed causes photonic radiation to become manifest as an
electromagnetic field — and the mysterious earthquake lights
appear. Quieu Eee Dee de Dee Dee and all that.

Sufficient compression can accelerate an ideal molecular
wave to light speed. In order to reach light speed, however, all
random molecular motion must be converted into wave velocity
during acceleration over the final hyperoctave. Thus the energy
of heat is transformed into a coherent wave. Coherence aligns
charged molecules into a regular pattern and the hypersonic wave
becomes a magnetic line of force. A magnet is to sound what a
laser is to light. (SIDE-1)
An ideal hypersonic wave is transformed into a
superconductive magnetic line of force at light speed. The
magnetic waves continue to accelerate over the speed limit, but
they can’t penetrate the c wall. As a consequence, magnetic
waves not only squirt photons during acceleration through their
dimension, but the back pressure against the light barrier also
reduces the ideal velocity of coherent molecular waves from c to
their turn, photonic waves are also decelerated to .98c by back
pressure from the light barrier as they hypercompress to
infinite frequency. Ideal c represents infinite frequency at
infinite velocity, a physical condition identical to zero
frequency at zero velocity. In other words, light speed is not
so unattainable as physically impossible to measure.

As photonic acceleration from c to 2c is gradually
hypercompressed into frequency, the electromagnetic spectrum
becomes light and its chromatic overtones. (SIDE-2) Since the
visible spectrum is produced as a result of hypercompressing
wave velocity by a factor of 2, (i.e. exactly one scale), we
find that light frequencies are exactly doubled over the span of
the spectrum just like a musical scale. During the course of
acceleration from zero velocity to light speed, the Fitzgerald
Contraction compresses the original volume of the sonic wave
into a photonic plane. Compressing a volume into a plane results
in an effective increase of space to the fourth dimension.
Further acceleration compresses the photonic plane into a laser
line, adding yet another dimension. Accelerating the etheric
strings (as in String Theory) to the cube of light speed winds
it into a point. That point, containing six dimensions at
hyperinfinite density is defined by a single infinite energy
value, vibrating at a single infinite frequency. The One Point
is the omphalos of each creature. When hyperdecompressed, all
the harmonic overtones flow out of the Singular Anomaly as the
original Big Bang, orthorotating around the Six Dimensions of
Creation until God rested in His Seventh Dimension on the third
(mental) order of energy, and saw that it was good.


Rhythmic pulses serve to order the
random beats of the human body into sound.
Emotion is not excited by music; music is the
very substance of emotion, like molecules are
the substance of sound. Subaudible organic
music is the physical basis of emotional
excitement; while sound is heard, hypersound
is felt organically. The effective energy
level of organic music rises as a function of
increasing harmonic integrity. The music which
soothes us is the resonance within us.

The youthful addiction to rhythmic noise
is a hunger for vital energy; the carnal
spirit needs sonic energy like the material
body needs food. Enforcing silence on youth is
as sadistic as depriving children of food. A
person grows to adulthood only to the degree
that juvenile needs are sated. Never before
has a generation been subjected to such forced
growth. The hunger for noise subsides into a
love for symphony as the vital field becomes
organized to the next dimension of consciousness.

While researching communication between
mothers and newborn babies at Boston
University Medical College, Dr. William Condon
inspected high-speed movie film frame-by-frame
under a microscope to discover that subliminal
musical harmony is the physical connection
establishing all interpersonal communication.
Twenty years later, Condon’s story is
published in the November, 1987 issue of
PSYCHOLOGY TODAY. It is not chemistry that
heats lovers, but body music. It is the
musical harmony between lovers that produces
the intense communication that is generally
believed to be ESP, along with the intense
pleasure of intimate contact. The magnetic
harmony between lovers is revealed by Kirlian
photography. There is no mating without a
mating dance.

Achieving perfect molecular harmony
within one’s body produces a coherent
molecular resonance that is felt as erotic
orgasm and heard as “The Sound of OM”. Orgasm
is actually a condition of organic magnetism
that makes the body superconductive. The human
body is the original superconductor at normal
temperatures. The current can be felt as
electric snakes writhing up and down the
spine, between the two poles, marked by the
cranium and the sacrum. Love is a physical
state of superconductivity between lovers.
Superconductivity is a state of unity with the
universe, with God, with the loved object.
Ecstacy is what superconductivity feels like.
Nice, eh?

All the arts are empirical techniques
for achieving organic superconductivity. Since
life is a superconductive condition, there is
no life without art.

Magnetism is a manifestation of
molecular alignment; therefore, the loose
electrons of metals are not required for
magnets or magnetic conductors; silver, gold,
copper, and aluminium, the best electrical
conductors are not magnetic, whereas dense,
electrically insulating ceramic materials
provide the most powerful magnets.

Heat is scientifically defined as random
molecular motion; coherent molecular motion
has no temperature in the scientific sense.
All heat added to a molecularly coherent body
is transformed into The Sound of Om, a
phenomenon known as second sound to the
surprised cryogenic physicists who discovered
it about twenty years ago in a Dewar flask.
Conversely, heat cannot be drawn from a body
filled with second sound; instead, cold only
stabilizes the molecular coherence. This is
why all living creatures thrive in the coldest
climate they can survive, and languish in the

If the molecular alignment of a coherent
hypersonic field can be frozen, the entire
medium becomes permanently magnetic. A little
heat introduced to magnetised material
produces the peculiar resonance, germane to
second sound, heard as “The Singing Statues at
Sunrise Over The Nile” by irregular
researchers of prehistoric megalithic
monuments, and reported by Bob Ripley. Enough
heat to make most magnets resonate audibly
disintegrates the coherence of the magnetic
lines, and the material is demagnetised before
anyone can hear a sound.

While throbbing with the ecstatic Sound
of OM, FAKIRS can walk on beds of fire without
being burned, but you can bet your MANTRA they
are resonating like crazy. Likewise, FAKIRS
can dwell naked in the snows of Himalaya, not
to mention the masochistic martial artists who
stand under freezing waterfalls in the predawn
gloom to prove they got enough KI in their
bloodstream to survive terminal hypothermia.

Diathermic therapy will take a quantum
leap into the next dimension when its
practitioners get their molecules together.
The mysterious CHI is nothing but a magnetic
current produced by coherent sono-heat waves.
The coherent heat can be felt distinctly and
sometimes even seen emanating from the hands
of a Divine healer. A magnetically soft person
can feel the CHI enter one’s body like a Holy
Spirit, when touching a Divine Healer who is
resounding with the Sound of Om; the Healer
can also feel the discharge. Christ healed the
sick simply because His body was a living
magnet capable of unifying the magnetically
soft bodies who touched Him; not even His
Power could penetrate a magnetically hardened

Always remember and bear in mind that a
Divine healer can heal only those bodies that
are physically in tune with the healer’s. Some
people will be made sick by the touch of a
holy person, and that healer gets the
reputation of a witch. Even a medical doctor
must be in natural harmony with your body to
cure your ailments; without that harmony, the
best trained and most devoted physician will
make you sick with the best modern medicine.

CHI is the erotic energy of life. As a
general rule, medicine works best between
persons of the same sex; doctors who are
highly successful with patients of the
opposite sex have probably considered keeping
doors of their consulting offices open within
the receptionists’ hearing. Anyone who thinks
that healing isn’t the consummate act of
personal love has not read the New Testament.

As a magnetic wave is accelerated to
light speed, its particles are reduced to the
atomic scale, and an electronic current begins
to flow along the conducting lines of force.
At light speed, electrons begin to decompose
into radiant photons, and the human aura
appears. The human aura is most evident when
comparing the glows of childrens’ faces in a
schoolroom; Kodak’s technicians found that the
glow can actually be photographed on infrared
film to reveal differences in brightness not
perceived by insensitive eyes.

The Holy Light is seen as the body
throbs with ecstatic energy drawn directly
from the planet at 7 1/2 Hz., the state of
Consciousness known as Theta whence all
genius is inspired. Radiation is essentially
antigravitic, and the state of Enlightenment
is attended with feelings of weight loss.
Sufficient Enlightenment will produce human
levitation and reduce the depth of footprints
on the water.

Now that you are informed of the physics
substantiating higher dimensions of
Consciousness, all you who hear The Sound of
OM are are quite justified in feeling pride of
achievement. But before you go dancing in the
streets, remember how much farther you have
yet to evolve. Everyone whose glow doesn’t fog
photographic film believes he knows all there
is to know — and no one else does — so
there is no end to GURUs just one stage
superior to their groupies — which is the
way the universe unfolds as it should.


Every one of the world’s great religions
are relics of an Ancient Earth Science of
hyperspace symbolized in the armillary sphere
and the TESSERACT, a hypercube. The KABALA of
the Jews, the KAABA of the Moslems, the
Eightfold Path of the Buddha, the Great
Pyramid of Egypt, and the luck of the dice are
all germane to the four-square, four-
dimensional CUBE. The mysterious power of the
pentagram is contained in the harmonic
overtones of the cube, the five platonic
solids. The next book in this series delivers
the definitive geometry of this Ancient
mathematics, the very secret of the
Philosopher’s Stone.

The Singular Anomaly, the Prime Mover,
the Universal Wavelength, the One Point, the
Pure White Laser Light of Divine Intelligence,
diffracts into the electromagnetic scale of
light. The five harmonic overtones are
distinguished as the five main colours of the
visible spectrum, scarlet, yellow, green,
blue, and intense violet. Cool yellow is the
second harmonic of the Divine Light.
Vermillion and cyan are the third harmonics.
The five harmonic overtones of the tesseract
and light are represeted by the five tones of
the Oriental hexatonic musical scale.

Painters analyze the visible spectrum
into three pairs of complementary opposite
colours. If red and green were true
complements, their mixture would produce grey;
indeed, their mixture is brown. In order to
produce grey with red, it must be mixed with
an aqua-cyan, the hue directly opposite red on
the hexatonic scale. Kodak found it necessary
to rediscover the essence of Ancient
hyperspacial harmonics, by using vermillion,
cyan, and magenta as primary photographic dyes
corresponding to the majjor chord of music.
There is no single set of primary colours. Any
chromatic chord that contains all the
frequencies of the spectrum in proper
proportion will produce white light, and by
varying the relative amounts of any two
colours comprising a full-frequency chord.
Dr. Edwin Land of Polaroid fame and fortune
proved that all colours can be reproduced as
harmonic overtones and beats of any two colours.

When the visible spectrum is
hyperdecompressed by decelerating the
electromagnetic wave velocity, the five
harmonic overtones of the chromatic scale
expand into the five hypersonomagnetic scales
of CHI, which the Orientals identify as the
five vital elements. Further decompression
of the hypersonic scales yields twenty-five
scales of audible sound, a sonic spectrum
exceeding most human ears by two scales at
both ends.

I l I
I _________________________l_________________________ I
I l l l l l I
I l l l l l I
I l l l l l I
I l____________l____________l____________l____________l I
I lllllllllllllllllllllllll I

The harmonic continuity between light
and sound produces sympathetic resonance so
that sounds evoke sensations of colour, and
vice-versa. The energy expressed through sound
and light also resonate with the pentascalar
CHI that creates and vitalizes our bodies. The
benefits of acupuncture are reflected in the
effects of bathing an ailing body with sound
and colour, as proven by the research of John Ott.

Artists have always sensed the
relationship between the musical scale and the
chromatic spectrum, but efforts to prove the
equation have been as frustrating as the
empirical experiments of medical doctors
seeking therapeutic effects from bathing
patients in sounds and colours. The
theoretical problem eluded solution because
no one realized that each colour is not
identified with a specific note of the musical
scale, but diffracts during projection through
the prism of a whole order of energy to spread
across four entire scales of sound. In other
words, each colour is tuned to an entire scale
of CHI; the entire range of acoustic musical
instruments expresses but a single harmonic
overtone of light’s hexatonic scale.
Believing in the specificity of Koch’s Proof,
medical doctors snort with ridicule at
findings that one colour seems to affect all
the vital organs and disease conditions
attributed to any one of the five planets of
Ancient astrological medicine.

All chemistry occurs in the magnetic
dimension, from zero to infinite frequencies,
and life is nothing but chemical catalysis.
Since magnetism is the life force, scientific
refusal to study the CHI has protracted the
Age of sickness that cripples mankind since
the disappearance of the original Hermetic
healing arts. The rediscovery of this
prehistoric science, which you are beginning
to read right now, enables you to pioneer the
restoration of healing vibrations to the
medical repertoire under hard scientific auspices.

The scale represented by light defines
the energy of human Consciousness. All the
other scales, from zero to infinity, comprise
the Dark Unconscious. In other words, light is
the very substance of the Collective
Consciousness. The Conscious experience of all
humanity is defined by the energy level of the
luminous scale. Other creatures are created by
a different energy value, so they see more and
less than we do, as do mystics and retardates
who also exceed the comprehension of the
Collective Consciousness.

The momentum comprised by the visible
spectrum is congruent with the momentum
comprised by the audible scales, and the same
mind receives the same intelligence from both
the massive and the photonic vibrations. The
momentum of Consciousness is equivalent to the
energy of the CHI which creates the human


*1 If you will take the trouble to analyse all physical
equations in this manner, you will be able to prove them to be
the result of simple geometric ratios learned in grammar school.
You can deduce them from inspection if you failed grammar
school. For example, take the mysterious mathematical statement
that lays time at right-angles to space. To the unthinking eye,
the only thing to be found perpendicular to space is more space.
Consider, however, that time is measured by frequency, and
frequency is space plotted at right-angles to wavelength.
Therefore, frequency is time. Now, when you produce the long
space of wavelength by the wide space of frequency, you get
“space-time”, a plane area manifest as energy. Multiply space-
time by the time running at right-angles to the previous space-
time, and you get space-time-squared; any kid will recognize
dt^2 as the formula for acceleration. In other words, force is
wavelength cubed, a cube is a volume, and a volume is
momentum/inertia. Since wavelength is the reciprocal axis of
frequency, and frequency is time, it follows that energy is
identical to space is identical to time. This is mere junior-
high school maths; Planck was burdened by more schooling than he


*2 As in “Kee … Kee … Keerist it’s cold!”

*3 Hucksters try to make you believe that Aspirin is
different from Anacin, but they are both acetylsalicylic acid at a
profiteering price. Likewise, a physician of Oriental persuasion
will assure you that a CHI injection will cure you, a follower of
Reich will pump up your orgone, and a pyramid freak will put you
in an architect-designed tent. It’s all the same shake-down priced
to the limit that several ignorant markets will pay. Unless you
turn your crank by swallowing the label with a sip of water,
check whether the new wonder drug isn’t already in your medicine
cabinet for dimes per gram — or on your kitchen shelf for
pennies per pound.

I Where ignorance is rife I
I solutions abound, I
I and there is no end I
I to new words. I

THE manifestations of near hyperspace are revealed by a
simple diagram. Draw a circle of convenient size to represent
the planet, Earth. Draw an vertical line through the diameter to
represent the polar axis. Draw another horizontal line through
the diameter to represent the equator. Although it actually
cannot be drawn perpendicularly to the paper plane, a third axis
runs through the intersection of the other two. These three
diametric lines represent the coordinate axes of familiar
tridimensional space.

Everyone knows that magnetic lines of force emerge from the
South Pole to follow courses parallel with the lines of
longitude until they re-enter the Earth at the North Pole. These
lines of force are helices of hypersonic energy at the
hyperoctave bordering light speed.

Like the turning of the watery wave cylinder carries
flotsam slowly in the direction of wave flow, a flow along the
latitudes crosses the serried, cylindrical, magnetic lines of
force, at right-angles. Electrical engineers call the second
vector, electric.

Interplanetary debris tends to drift on the electric flow
toward equatorial orbits around the Earth. Although the Moon is
the only visible evidence of the transmagnetic drift, the
phenomenon is amply evident in the planetary orbits around the
Sun. Since the velocity of the equatorial current varies
inversely with radius, each planetary body settles into the line
of least resistance after continuous midcourse corrections until
it drifts with the very orbital current that is going the same
way at the same speed. The dynamics of the annular gravitic
orbits are most clearly revealed in the rings of Saturn.

The equatorial drift of bodies in a field was explained by
Newton as the resultant of centripetal gravitation and
centrifugal force. Einstein made the concept of centripetal
gravity unnecessary by conceiving orbital velocity as a function
of space instead of a resultant of forces. By exercising more
genius than the problem needed, both of them overshot their
objective with explanations that obscure more than they reveal.
The gravitational orbit is simply a current flowing in an
annular standing-wave on the stellar scale of the electric

After establishing the longitudinal vectors of universal
field energy as magnetic lines of force, and the latitudinal
vectors as electro-gravitational lines of force, there is but
one orthogonal axis remaining, the radial vectors. The radial
vectors flowing to and from all directions of outer space to the
centre of the Earth corresponds to Newton’s original conception
of the centripetal gravitic vector balanced by centrifugal
force. The radial vector is known to electrical engineers as the
electromotive force in America, the Fleming Force in Britain,
the Poynting Vector and the Lorentz Force in Europe, according
to national pride. The centrifugal phase of the radial vector
is manifest as radiant electromagnetic waves; the centripetal
phase is manifest as gravitic pressure. (*1)

Recapitulation brings the continuous conversion of a sonic
wave into a single overview with the electromagnetic wave. When
the acceleration of the original sonic compression-wave is
resisted by the medium, the resultant turns 90oo to flow along a
helical hypersonic wave as scale is reduced to molecular
dimensions. When the magnetic acceleration is resisted, the
magnetic line of force precipitates around a third 90oo to a
still finer scale and emits radiant photons. A photon is a unit
measuring the energy of a cycle of etheric particles revolving
in a helical electromagnetic wave. The photonic frequencies
tuned to nuclear dimensions are manifest as gravity; the
photonic frequencies tuned to electronic-atomic dimensions are
manifest as the familiar electromagnetic wave. The electromotive
force is tuned to molecular dimensions, making the electromotive
force material selective. Whereas the latitudinal drift varies
as a inverse function of radius, maintaining constant momentum,
the radial pressure is accelerated as a direct function of field
density increasing centripetally by the inverse square of
radius. The latitudinal orbits contract when radiation exceeds
irradiation and the orbits expand when irradiation exceeds
radiation so that the total unified field momentum remains

You have just described three electromagnetic vectors
around the Earth, the radial vector of gravito-radiation, the
longitudinal magnetic vector, and the latitudinal electric
vector. The significant fact of these three vectors is that they
are each aligned at right-angles to the other two, and they are
each defined by specific velocity. The mathematical parameters
of three real hyperspacial dimensions are satisfied by these
three tangible fields of energy.
As you know, the magnetic dimension, the electric
dimension, and the photonic dimension each extend in three
dimensions. Four-dimensional hyperspace is complicated by the
mathematical fact that each dimension of the fourth dimension is
tridimensional; After 90oo of rotation, each trispacial
dimension is defined from the others in the same space, by
scale. But then, the coexistence of plural tridimensional spaces
is what hyperspace is all about, isn’t it?

Whereas the three dimensions of empty hyperspace are
manifest as the three fields comprehended within the familiar
concept of electromagnetic energy, the three dimensions of full,
material space are defined by another three fields of energy,
the sonic, the hypersonic, and the magnetic. Magnetic waves in
material are 90oo from magnetic waves in the surrounding field;
the two extremes of the magnetic scale are distinguished as
sonomagnetic and electromagnetic, respectively.

If each dimensional axis represents a field , and each
field extends in three dimensions, kits, cats, sacks, and wives,
how many are going to Saint Ives? I mean, we got eighteen
dimensions, already, in the familiar space we thought we knew.


*1 As an electrical engineer, Whamond realized the congruence
of the electromotive force with gravity before I did. Other
physicists have come to the same insight before both of us.
The moral is that all the right ideas are old and still ignored.

I All truths must produce their own self-contradictions. I
I Perfect consistency is the mark of perfect falsehood. I

EVERYONE believes that his own convictions and ways of
living represent the greatest achievement of the human race,
and all other people, ideas, and customs are more or less
inferior; most errants, however can be corrected — even if
they must be slaughtered in order to make them realize their
mistakes. In the unlikelihood that future generations may
somehow manage to recover from the obvious corruption of our own
children, who are tragically unable to benefit from the way we
were raised — not to mention the way we raised them — any
late course corrections in human evolution are so far in the
future that we need not bother ourselves by our responsibility
to make our own corrections while we may still benefit from
enlightenment. In this wise, we fondly believe that we can trust
our savants as the most intelligent men who ever lived. Well,
they aren’t. Unlike earlier philosophers who could only answer
their calling with a vast memory, the qualifications of modern
scientists are no better than their ability to log into data
banks combined with ambition for tenure. Like the public school
system, now drawing its staff from C- graduates, all trades
deteriorate as they acquire popularity, establishment, and
money. Modern scientists are probably the stupidist horde that
ever climbed its way to the top of mountainous facts by academic

It is generally believed past generations were incapable of
our technological achievements because they lacked the
resources, the technology, and the intelligence. Well, they
lacked no reources for science, and they had all the technology,
they needed for small scale sophistication. Hang gliders and
sail planes were quite within the resources of the Ancient
Egyptians — and they were probably flown. The Mesopotamians
were quite capable of constructing and using electrical engines
— and they probably did. The Ancient Greeks could not have
failed to grind reflecting telescopes to discover Uranus and
Neptune — these planets are reported in ancient
inscriptions. The Incas practised surgery beyond our
capabilities until the last century. Their architecture exceeded
the comprehension of all modern engineering authorities. The
modern population is not informed of our backward position in
the human race because our leaders are dedicated to holding us
down in the slavery of ignorance by making us believe that we
know more than anyone else who ever lived. It is altogether too
difficult to rule men with minds of their own — not to mention
self-willed women and precocious children — if, indeed, it is
even possible to rule a self-realized person.

In order to maintain their sovereignty over the minds of
mankind, the priests made unsanctified literacy a capital
offence against the gods. When the gods proved unoffended by
noble warriors who learned to read, capital punishment for
literacy was downloaded onto the HOI POLLOI who were not trained
and armed in the arts of military persuasion that vouchsafed
rights unsupported by the gods. When the heirarchy realized that
its lifestyle depended on trade and trade depended upon
accountants, only women, slaves and other beasts remained to
suffer capital punishment for the crime of learning more than
their betters. Eventually, the MCPs realized that a lot of
learning need not be a dangerous thing if the learning were
false, so they burned the Ancient libraries and replaced the
knowledge of many civilizations with political propaganda. Now,
that reading is politically safe, reading is compulsory, and
only writing is suppressed; the capital offense is questioning
the truth of authorized publications.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN published historical research proving
that Sir Isaac Newton falsified his data to establish his Theory
of Gravity; bookkeepers are known to be clever cooks. MOTHER
JONES and ATLANTIC MONTHLY published historical documents
proving that Freud withheld his facts in order to establish his
pansexual theory; even Freud admitted it in his later life, and
by his own psychoanalytical principles, Freud is proven to be
obsessed with a vindictive ambition. We find that all the
fundamental concepts of reality ruling the minds of modern men
are established by deliberate lies! — unless Lenin was the
saint whom Diogenes sought. Apparently, Einstein is the
only good apple in a rotten barrel. Einstein, however, is
notoriously beyond human comprehension; an incomprehensible lie
is a contradiction of terms — and so is an incomprehensible
truth. Einstein’s probity notwithstanding, his psychiatric
profile resembles Freud’s, if not quite Caesar, and Caesar was
an ambitious man. No one ever gets on top of the world’s dog
pile without rampant ambition; just ask an Olympic athlete to
tell you about it. If there ever was a modest leader, it had to
be Moses, who is on record for begging his brother to be his
front man; maybe Moses knew that his audience was likely to cast
criticisms honed to kill. Truth is the first casualty of love,
war, and ambition.

I A Conscious knowledge I
I of universal structure I
I is prerequisite I
I to a Conscious knowledge I
I of the true way I
I to find harmony with nature. I
I Without true knowledge I
I of physical reality, I
I your most brilliant guide, I
I your intellect I
I can only lead you the wrong way. I

AMERICANS read about the suppression of scientific truth in
the Communist Bloc; the Communists read about the suppression of
scientific truth in America. If you believe scientific facts are
not censored in America, then what were government officers
doing when they forced their way into the studios of the
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to stop a report while it was
still on the air,of industrial pollution in the Great Lakes
region? If you are normal, you will say it didn’t happen, it
couldn’t happen in a free country — there can’t be any Jews in
our boxcars — simply because you weren’t tuned in at the time.
Well, I was tuned in so I believe it; it was the C.B.C.’s finest
hour. The American press reports that UFOs are censored in the
USSR. People living behind the Iron Curtain send me popular
publications explaining more technical facts about antigravity
than you can find in American professional journals. Politics is
censored in Communist countries; science is censored in the Free
World. The law was passed during the Roosevelt Administration to
keep the Manhattan Project secret, and it is still in force.

Under the covert Inquisition prevailing, every honest
scientist is scared out of his wits. The perils of exposing
one’s family, abandoning one’s friends — if you can, before
they abandon you — and defying established authority, renders
every sane soothsayer incapable of getting his act together —
with footnotes demanded, yet. The mental blocks that prohibit
everyone from thinking at all are only partially broken by the
rational genius. Just as normal embarrassment produces
unbelievable circumlocutions, the emotional conflict between
inculcated beliefs and present realities riddle the
documentations of new truths with obvious errors. Established
critics couldn’t survive without the errors. (*1)

The consequence of the state of the public mind is that
most of the people claiming revolutionary discoveries don’t know
where they are at. Certifiable psychotics are the most capable
of defending their discoveries without inhibition in the
professional arena, simply because they have nothing to lose;
despite their claims to fame, they are rejected mainly because
of the peculiar short-sight that identifies their psychosis, and
whatever radical truths they present are ignored because of
their offensive manner. You don’t have to be paranoid to get
into this business; the company you gives complete on-the-job

Every upward step of science is borne on the bodies of
fallen martyrs to truth, and the step is taken only when the
pile of bodies grows so high that no one can see without
climbing over the corpses of unsung heroes. Unless people EN
MASSE can criticise the prevaiing wisdom by secret ballot,
honest witnesses to the truth can only step forward one at a
time. One at a time they are shot down, and nothing changes. The
advent of personal computer networks affords the first chance
for honest witnesses to deliver their testimony all at once,
raising a target too vast to be shot down one by one. The forces
of reaction will certainly retrench, but until they do, heretics
will be able to correct our delusions ourselves, in free public

Ships were not clad in metal until modern times because
people believed false teachings about the physics of flotation.
Few people attempted to build aircraft until a free country let
it happen, simply because authorities taught false facts about
the physics of air; anyone who did fly was burned as a witch.
Even while the Soviets were launching suborbital rockets, Western
authorities were proclaiming false physical laws proving the
impossibility of reaching the Moon; anyone who studied Soviet
research aroused Senator McCarthy’s interest. Flying Saucers are
deemed nonexistent because the prevailing beliefs about gravity
make antigravity engines logically impossible; the same belief
also renders the Unified Field Equations insoluble. (*2) If the
prevailing beliefs about gravity were of a nature that made
antigravity engines as feasible as nuclear power, we should have
to suppose that all the eye witnesses are not lying or
hallucinating, and all the photographs are not fabricated,
wouldn’t we?

Now everyone will say they were honest mistakes. They are
not honest mistakes; they are the most dishonest lies intended
to maintain the status quo. Social status quo is maintained by
the same neurotic blindness to truth that maintains personal
status; although Unconscious, the prevarications are
nevertheless motivated and deliberate, as every shrink proves
daily. The true facts are everywhere in evidence, as you have
just seen for yourself. The truth is denied and obstructed in
every which way by parties determined to hold their power over
the minds of men; they won’t let anyone else learn anything they
don’t know until they master it themselves. And then they claim
discovery for themselves so that no one will suspect that all
truth does not arrive from the top. Most people are more than
willing to cede responsibility for their lives to authorities.

*1 Schrodinger, for example, calculated as you have just
followed, to the realization that each electron requires three
dimensions of space. The proposition that there are three
discrete dimensions for every electron in the cosmos was hooted
down with ridicule, and the patently false Bohr model was
established, instead. Schrodinger was too rattled to remember
what he already knew — as well as everyone else — that only
one more dimension is necessary to contain any number of
trispaces; if he did remember, no one gave him a second chance.
The science game is a race for Atalanta’s hand; each
contender is condemned to death by one slip and there are no
second chances. Bohr could hardly be expected to trash his life’s
work and claim to fame to point out Schrodinger’s obvious
omission, and his friends were as helpful as Benedict Arnold,
Vidkun Quisling, and Marshall Petain; only the Japanese can be
expected to commit suicide for the sake of honour.


*2 Einstein had the solution in his hands. If he published the
solution, however, he would have become a target like Velikovsky.
Whatever Einstein’s honesty, he was no Pauling, willing to risk
being stripped of his first Nobel Prize as Shockley was.
Remember, the young Saint Albert had nothing to lose and
everything to gain by outliving the critics of Relativity; he had
to outlive them or die young, so he made his long lifespan worth
his while. He had everything to lose and nothing to gain by
trying to outlive the critics of his Unified Field Theory — he
was too old, already.

I can question the integrity of any political idol with
impunity, Gorbachev, Reagan, Thatcher, Chairman Mao, Jane Fonda
(whose image I love, passionately) — even my queen (I am a stout
royalist) — and at least half the people will praise me. But
point at the muddy feet of deceased scientific heroes — wow
— better I should sell photographs of the Ayahtolla in Tehran.
It shows who our real gods are, doesn’t it.

I All truths must produce their own self-contradictions. I
I Perfect consistency is the mark of perfect falsehood. I

Now that I have dumped my spleen and gall bladder to this
creen, we are properly grounded to consider the truth about
gravity; Newton is on trial for scientific perjury in America’s
most auspicious forum, remember. In order to understand
antigravity engines are actually being built here and now, you
must learn the truth about gravity. So we shall turn off the
hyperspacial pike for a scenic tour of the fatal apple.

When Ben Franklin realized there were two kinds of
electric charge, he differentiated them as positive and
negative. Modern physicists have decided that Franklin got the
terms mixed like the Prisoner of Zenda; it really doesn’t
matter. It matters a great deal, however, whether gravity sucks
or blows. When Newton made his original calculations, he knew
well that the hypothetical force he called gravity could be
proven by the centripetal pressure of an etheric vortex, whereas
the concept of mutual attraction across empty space is utterly
impossible to demonstrate. Nevertheless, he published the false
alternative, and everyone has been parroting the mistake ever
since without regard for stultifying common sense. (*1)

Gravitation is the centripetal pressure of all the photons
in the cosmos flowing into vortical centres. Gravitic centres
are located by phase and frequency, and the material which
gravitates to each field centre in the cosmos is selected by
phase/frequency tuning. As a consequence, all planets and stars
are not created of the same kinds of material in the same
recipe. Phase tuning is a function of particle
velocity/momentum; the geometry describing the phase/frequency
tuning of gravitic field centres yields the very same results as
the established equations based on mistaken or limited concepts.
Newton’s equations are practically true for all the wrong
reasons; more than one invention has worked for the wrong reason
and the most useful medicines are poisonous in large doses.

Now, if you wonder why only the centripetal phase of the
radial electromagnetic wave produces a gravitic acceleration, it
is because all the matter in this cosmos is defined by vibrating
in tune with the centripetal phase of the ambient
electromagnetic radiation; all matter tuned to the centrifugal
phase can be regarded as antimatter, and it has long gone over
the event horizon to its proper antigravitic centres in the
hyperspacial antipodes. When seen from the converse perspective,
all the material gravitating in our part of the cosmos has
antigravitated from the opposite hemihypersphere. A third view
sees radiation from here condensing into gravitating material in
the hyperantipodes, and radiation from there condensing into
gravitating material at this side of the universe, to keep the
universe unfolding as it should.

Gravity accelerates all bodies equally because gravitic
pressure is produced only by photons tuned to massive, nuclear
particles. Nuclear particles are as minute in atomic space as
stars relative to galactic space; the infinitesmally fine
gravitic photons penetrate all material bodies like breeze
through a fishnet to strike every nuclear particle with about the
same accelerating force. Moreover, all protons and neutrons have
the same dimensions, so all matter is accelerated equally by
gravitic pressure. A sufficiently massive body, however, will
stop enough gravitic waves to cast a gravitic shadow in the lee.
It is the gravitic shadow cast by the Moon that allows the tides
to rise, not any inexplicable attraction from the Moon.

Pressure and suction are reciprocals, like ohms and mhos.
The equations of the gravitic pressure and the gravitic
attraction are identical; “gravitic attraction” is a perversion
of terms like “voltage suction”.

The main obstacle to professional comprehension of Unified
Field Equations is the orders of magnitude between the physical
forces. The electromagnetic field is a thousand times more
powerful than the gravitic force simply because it is so much
more restricted in range. (SIDE-1)

A field is an elastic structure. An elastic field is
condensed by its very power. An infinitely strong field can only
be infinitesmally minute, and that is why nuclear fields are
subatomic in range.

When a gravitic field becomes sufficiently massive, it
implodes to the density of a stellar electromagnetic field. And
when an electromagnetic field becomes massive enough, it
collapses to the density of a nuclear field. When a star finally
stops collapsing into a Black Hole, all that remains in this
cosmos is an atom. Conversely, the electromagnetic field
surrounding the atomic nucleus is all that remains of the
subcritically dense outer regions after nuclear implosion, and
the gravitic field is the subcritically dense outer regions
remaining after atomic implosion. Consequenctly, all the
vestigial atoms of all the Black Holes are fated to gravitate
together and repeat the process in an endless universal cycle
that supports a steady state concurrent with an equally steady
Big Bang. In trispace, there can be only one Big Bang from a
single centre; in hyperspace, every place is the centre of the
universe, and the Big Bang explodes/implodes from every point in
the universe simultaneously — which is just the way they see it
tonight from Mount Palomar. (*3)

You can figure it out for yourself. If all the bodies in the
cosmos are exploding with accelerating velocity, as the Big
Bangers blow, and if the universe is curved around a fourth
dimension, as Einstein proved, then all the galaxies exploding
from the Big Bang must also be imploding into a humungous Black
Hole in the hyperspacial antipodes, to keep the universe
unfolding and refolding as it should.

Any acceleration of any planet in the Solar System produces
an acceleration of all planets, to maintain the Law of
Conservation of Angular Momentum. The Law is based on the basic
conception of science, that nothing can be created from nothing
nor annihilated; all mathematics is based on the absolute
constancy of number after transformations. The problem ignored by
astrophysicists is how does one planet know what the others are
doing so that it can adjust it’s velocity in just measure? No
force has been postulated to connect the planets across the
empty, interorbital spaces with the rigidity necessary to
transmit momentum from one to the other. The same problem is
answered in particle physics by postulating fine particles
emitted from an accelerated particle, and these particles all
manage to radiate directly to the other particles in the system,
without any attenuation over distance. When astrophysicists apply
the particle concepts to cosmic bodies, they come up with a
concept of an accelerating Moon emitting gravitic particles that
are all received by the Earth. Well, anyone who believes that
will believe anything; we are better off with a Prime Mover to
keep the universe unfolding as it should.

Calculating planets and particles to be concentrations of
energy within a Solar etheric vortex answers the problem with a
simple demonstration in a calibrated tub of water. Sucking or
blowing angular momentum at any point in a vortex produces the
very same acceleration of all the other regions of the vortex
that mathematicians calculate for planets subjected to force.
Likewise, creating or annihilating a subvortex of a vortex will
sometimes cause another subvortex to be created or annihilated at
a considerable distance as angular velocity is transferred by the
water molecules. A model vortex reveals the fluid mechanics of
the mysterious wormholes of hyperspace.


Whamond deduced that bodies are held
together by the Magnus Force, the low pressure
produced by the high spin velocity of the
constituent particles. The Magnus Force
eliminates the lateral vectors manifest as
explosive pressure by transforming them into
linear velocity. Spin momentum is the energy
of mass, and mass is a function of gravitic
cohesion. As a planet’s mass grows by
accretion, so does its angular momentum,
producing a low-pressure vortex in the ether
that draws nearby and slow moving bodies on
gravitic trajectories.

When a body is accelerated in a field,
its spin momentum is converted into linear
velocity according to the de Broglie
equations, and the internal pressure rises
relative to the surrounding fluid, like the
relative low-pressure outside of a car’s open
window. At the point when internal pressure
equals surrounding pressure, Roche calculated
that the body disintegrates from gravitic
stress. Most popular astronomical literature
credits Saturn’s rings to a minor satellite
that fell or was pushed within the gravitic
orbit defined by a velocity exceeding the
Roche Limit. Although there is ample evidence
of cosmic catastrophe in the Solar System,
scientific principles prefer explanations
requiring the least adventitious postulations.
(*2) In this wise, it is curious that
astrophysical reporters fail to notice that
atmospheres, like all other physical fields,
are condensed proportionately to the strength
of their gravitic primaries. The Giant Planets
hug their atmospheres closer to their solid
surfaces, relative to the minimal radius of
stable orbit, than the Minor Planets.
Therefore, the minimum altitude at which a
body can orbit the Earth must be within enough
atmosphere to collapse the trajectory. In
comparison, the minimal orbital altitude of
the Giant Planets is beyond the range of their
atmospheres. As a result, interplanetary
debris, too fine to cohere into a planetoid at
orbital velocity, can remain in stable orbit
long enough to form enduring rings.

Since steady-state physics makes rings
around the Giant Planets inevitable, the
curious fact remaining unanswered is why
Saturn got more ring material than all the
others put together. This is the point to
begin supposing cosmic catastrophe. As it
happens, the entire planet is so light that it
may be supposed the Saturnian orbit is
especially attractive to light molecules.

When an atom absorbs energy, its
electronic velocity accelerates, causing its
electrons to move away from the atomic nucleus
to a larger, excited orbits. When an atom
loses energy, its electrons fall into a
smaller orbit. As an orbit shrinks, its
angular momentum increases its velocity, Since
an atomic electron is already travelling close
to light speed, the slightest orbital
acceleration pushes it over the speed limit,
and it begins to disintegrate into photons,
emitting radiant energy. A similar
disintegration is manifest by atomic particles
under artificial acceleration; the emitted
photons are called synchroton radiation.

Before a Black Hole can trap light in
its infinite gravitational vortex, it must
first accelerate all the matter it “sucks”, to
light speed. Therefore, it is physically
impossible for a Black Hole to be black; it
must be surrounded by a shell of radiating
material as bright as a quasar. The shell of
radiating particles is defined by the radius
where particles reach light speed; that radius
can be of stellar dimensions. In fact, all
that we can actually see of any star is the
atmosphere of particles accelerated to the
radiant dimension where they disintegrate into
plasma. There must be a dark crystal of the
heaviest metals spinning in the core of every
star, like the nucleus of an atom under its
shining plasmic atmosphere. If a quasar emits
more light than an entire galaxy, we may
suppose that an entire galaxy can collapse
into a Black Hole.

It is presumed that a disturbance of the
angular momentum of one planet is distributed
evenly throughout the Solar System, so that
smaller bodies will manifest a greater
acceleration than the large bodies. If the
astrophysical beliefs prevailed in the atomic
field, however. a disturbance of one particle
would be distributed evenly throughout all
atomic particles. That is not the way it
happens. A disturbance of a defined particle
produces effects only in other particles at
the same or at harmonic energy levels; this is
why a given shock produces the same particles,

The reason for unequal distribution of
shock is two-thirds well known, and one-third
disbelieved; it is the denied third that does
the work, and the owrk is mysterious because
it is denied. You see, just as harmonically
related frequencies resonate sympathetically,
regardless of wavelength and momentum, and
harmonically related wavelengths resonate
sympathetically regardless of frequency and
momentum, so do harmonically related momenta
resonate sympathetically regardless of
wavelength and frequency. Therefore a
disturbance of any planetary body is balanced
by disturbances of only the other planetary
bodies harmonically related.

Harmony is the effect of phase
congruence. Harmonic relationships between
different frequencies are revealed by the
angles of spin axes. The angle of spin
corresponds to the phase angle of a wave,
making phase/spin angle identical to energy
level/wavelength/frequency. Since phase angle
is also established by momentum, momentum is
equated with frequency, and interdimensional
harmony rules over hyperspace. Frequencies at
90oo of angular separations are at octave
intervals. Therefore, planets manifesting the
same axial alignments are related like musical
octaves. Spin axes at 60oo of separation are
harmonized on the third overtone and its
octaves. Planets spinning perpendicularly to
the plane of their orbits reveal the one
dimension between the material body and its
radiant field.

Observing the way a gyroscope wobbles
when force is imposed, you can see how the
spin axis of a planet will tilt from its
proper perpendicular alignment with its
orbital plane. Therefore, we have reason to
suppose that the Earth, Mars, and Uranus are
subjects to an unknown force of either
adventitious or developing nature. Whatever
the reason, these planets violate the right-
angle rule between body and field; as a
result, the denizens of these planets are
in between the dimensions of this Solar
reality — neither all here, nor quite there.

A cosmic near-collision may have driven
Neptune from its natural orbit at the outer
limit of the Solar System, where Pluto remains
as its lost satellite. Jupiter holds more
angular momentum than all the rest of the
Solar planets combined, so its inertia would
resist the disturbance of Neptune, and
planetary harmonics would engage the second-
largest planet to support the Jovian
resistance. Since Uranus is the smallest
planet between the disturbed giants, it
appears to have been scrunched inwards to the
second root of the orbital harmonics where its
axis must be turned nearly parallel to its
plane of revolution. The following book of
this series in hyperspacial geometry explains
that the second root measures the location of
the next dimension projecting into this world.
The quadimensional energy of electricity is
defined at the second root; electrical
meridians are found at the second root of
living organisms. Uranus must function as the
gate conducting universal energies to us from
higher dimensions. It surpasses coincidence
that astrologers assign electrical influence
to Uranus.

If the Minor Planets were located
according to Bode’s Law of Planetary
Harmonics, we should be located in the present
Martian orbit. Instead, the Moon forms a
double planetary system with the Earth, and we
are scrunched with Venus between the Mercurian
and Martian orbits, at the third harmonic,
corresponding to the nearly 30o axial
dislocation of both Earth and Mars. Ginsberg
notices that the dislocation of all the
planets from ideal orbits at scalar intervals
is justified by their concordance with the
universal PHI ratio.

Since spin velocity is a function of
vortex condensation, spin must increase as a
function of mass. Venus therefore, should have
the same day as we do. Instead, its day is
locked into the Terran year, like the Moon’s
day is locked into its year. Venus, Terra,
and Luna are phase-locked into a triple
planetary system ruled by our planet. The
curious fact is that all the Venusian spin
momentum appears to be taken by the Earth. It
is more likely, however, that Velikovsky is
right; the rotational momentum of Venus is
taken by Mars. The mass of Mars, after all,
should have a proper day lasting at least a
week. This exchange of energy is a probable
result of collision between the Minor Planets
under the special conditions that are also
seen to occur in motor vehicle accidents which
stops one car dead while the other spins out.

The common feature of Mars, Moon, and
Earth is one — count ’em — one hemisphere
pocked with meteor craters, evidence that the
three planets were struck by the same swarm at
the same time at the same momentum at the same
angle of impact to leave the two bigger
planets spinning at the same velocity.
Perhaps the Moon was also driven to a Terran
day before she transferred her spin to us. Or
perhaps the Lunar spin was reversed by impact
on her trailing side, and loss of her
rotational momentum was the cause of driving
our satellite from its own Solar orbit into

The near congruence of spin axis and
daily period unite Mars and Earth into a
harmony unique in the Solar System, beyond
the imagination of the most devoted
astrologer. The harmonic relationship of the
Venusian day with the Terran orbit combined
with the perpendicular Venusian axis makes
Venus the go-between exchanging Solar field
energy from Jupiter to Earth, just as the
fondest astrologer would imagine; Mars and
Moon draw their Jovian energies through us.

Velikovsky formulated his theory of worlds
in collision by his encyclopedic learning of
history and psychopathology; he was a shrink
by trade. Not knowing anything about history
or psychology, normal or ab, it was natural
that astronomers, physicists, and
mathematicians were unconvinced by
Velikovsky’s argument. Since softheads won’t
swallow the hard stuff, either, Velikovsky’s
medical colleagues supported him like Welfare
— which was less than the support Tesla
received from his friends.


*1 Newton’s genius is vitiated by the same kind of
groupies that Jesus got, but Sir Isaac deserved his followers.
Critical students try a teacher’s patience. Uncritical students
try his integrity.


*2 I mean, Creationism is rejected on principle simply because
it requires that God be supposed; a God Who can do anything, by
definition, is the ultimate postulate, obviating any more. It is
quite simply impossible for science to coexist with an Ultimate


*3 Just as every point in the universe is its centre, so is
every point in the universe at its own antipodes, resulting in a
steady state explosion/implosion. There is no difference between
a universal atomic implosion and a universal intergalactic
explosion; the two conditions are mathematically congruent. The
Big Bang is favoured over the Big Bust simply because human pride
won’t countenance any diminution of human stature.

I Humanity is determined I
I to follow every possible wrong way I
I to its dead end I
I before accepting the right way. I
I And then humanity will leave the right way I
I to retrace the wrong ways I
I just in case a mistake was overlooked. I
I_______________________________________________ I

ORBITAL velocities accelerating by an inverse exponent of
radius must exceed light speed within the empty space of the
atom; this is why the quantum jumps. Outside the atom, energy
increases by the square of velocity. The atom, however, is a
unit of material. The energy contained in a material body
increases by the cube of its radius. Therefore, momentum
increases by the cube of velocity when acceleration exceeds
light speed to generate another dimension.

Velocity within nuclear space is four to eight times the
speed of light, a momentum sufficient to concentrate energy to
e=mc^4. When light speed is multiplied by itself again and
again, it is no wonder that the energy of the nuclear force
concentrates gravity a million times.

An article of scientific faith holds that all the physical
laws proven in the Solar System hold true throughout the
universe. Hyperspacial geometry finds that scientific faith is
misconceived. Radiation does not attenuate as a function of
distance in linear space; e.g., a beam or a pipeline.
Attenuation is obviously arithmetical in plane space. The void
of cosmic space extends in three dimensions above our material
world. It is these three dimensions which determine that radiant
energy attenuates by the inverse square law. Since doubling
velocity adds another dimension, the interior of the atom holds
four dimensions of empty space under infinite compression; in
quadspace, radiation attenuates by the inverse cube of radius.
Within the nucleus, there are five dimensions of empty space
squeezed into the same place at the same time by hyperinfinite
pressure; the nuclear field attenuates by the inverse fourth
power of radius. Nuclear particles are six dimensions of full
space hypercompressed into pure mass; within massive space,
energy attentuates by the inverse fifth power of radius. Our
reality is confined within the space where radiation attenuates
according to the inverse square law, neither more nor less. Even
one more dimension violates all the tridimensional logic of
estalished scientific laws.

The nuclear radius seen from our space is not a line, but a
cube compressed and folded into a fractal string of quintspace.
When an atom is smashed, the interior ultraspace explodes with
hyperdecompression. A common example of hyperdecompression is
found in chemical explosions; several particles/bodies that were
pressured into the same place at the same time expand into
different places at the same time. Like pulling filmy silken
flags out of empty hat, there is no end to them.

I It is not the genius I
I who lays the cornerstones of science I
I who gets the credit, I
I but the authoritative technicians I
I who set the capstones in high places I
I for all to admire. I

DRAW another circle with the polar and equatorial axes; as
before, you will have to imagine the third axis. Now, by
mathematical definition, the fourth axis, representing the first
dimension of hyperspace, must be drawn at right-angles to the
other three. The greatest genius that ever lived have cogitated
’til their lampwicks dried, trying to figure out how to draw a
fourth coordinate axis at right-angles to the other three. Every
professor will assure you it cannot be done; the impossiblity of
the fourth axis is so self-evident that no further proof is even
conceivable. None of Euclid’s axioms is so obviously true.
Nevertheless, the fourth axis is so visible that only the
victims of excessive schooling can fail to see it. Since the
advent of spherical geometry, the impossible fourth axis has
been in planer sight than “The Purloined Letter”. Just look at a
sphere and what do you see? You see the surface, don’t you?
Can’t you see that the surface crosses the three cardinal axes
at right-angles to them all?

The solutions to the impossible fourth Cartesian axis is
obvious to everyone who can read a road map. Curves, you see,
are relative. If trispace curves around the fourth dimension, as
Einstein proved, then the fourth dimension must also curve
around trispace.

We have already established that all surfaces are four-
dimensional; the entire surface of the sphere is the fourth
coordinate axis of hyperspace. After crossing the
interdimensionsal boundary into hyperspace, the line
representing the fourth axis acquires another dimension to be
expressed as a plane. The fourth axis represents energy level.
Energy level is defined by wavelength and frequency. Since
wavelength and frequency are aligned at right-angles to each
other, energy level is a plane. Thus the fourth axis must be a
plane. The solution to the riddle that would have baffled
Odysseus is self-evident to immediate inspection.

Energy levels are represented by the wave lengths of the
latitudes. Notice that the lengths of the latitudes increase by
an inverse exponent between the Pole and the Equator; this
exponent is answered by the ratio 1:2:3:4:5:6:7: to field limit.
Phase is wave acceleration. Acceleration is represented by a
mathematical curve. Therefore, the fifth dimension of phase is
represented by the curve that longitude imposes on latitude.
Since phase is wavelength continued around 90oo, the fourth
dimension of energy level is represented by the two axes of
latitude and longitude.

Notice how the curve of longitude correlates with wave
length, expressing phase angle as a function of frequency. The
angle of the longitude relative to the polar axis also
represents the angle of wave axes manifest as charge; in turn,
charge is the correlative of acceleration. The global grid not
only serves to plot points in hyperspace, but also tells you
what the points mean at each coordinate location.

The radii define the sixth dimension of amplitude/scale.
Since the fourth orthogonal axis is the spherical plane, the
fifth orthogonal axis is the spherical volume. Since the planar
axis incorporates the two dimensions of wave energy, the volumar
axis incorporates the three dimensions of scalar energy,
amplitude, velocity, and acceleration, comprising mass.

This spherical map is the Unified Field Equations
represented as a graphic model that organizes all the
proliferating subatomic particles into a continuous structure.
Rest mass is established on the Prime Meridian. Scale expands on
the radius. Linear velocity is plotted south from the North
Pole; net spin velocity is plotted ambilaterally from the Prime
Meridian. The angle of the spin axis is a function of momentum,
so spin angle corresponds to latitude. Since light speed is the
coefficient of 90oo, c is represented by the equator and by both
90oo meridians. The South Pole and the Date Line both represent
both 2c and zero v. Because zero velocity is represented by both
the Poles and both Prime Meridian and Date Line, all these
locations are located in exactly the same location in our
trispace. By distorting the hyperspherical map to bring all
points defined by zero velocity to the same location, you
produce a field torus squeezed into a figure 8; the Ancient
symbol for infinity is an ideogram of the universal hypersphere.

On this map, massive particles are found in the Northern
Hemisphere; massless particles exist in the Southern Hemisphere.
Mass has hyperinfinite density beyond the 90o longitudes. A
crystal is located on the North Polar axis. A neutron is
positioned closer to the centre on the same axis. Radicals are
found on both sides of the Prime Meridian toward the 90o
meridian and above 45o of Latitude. The proton oscillates on the
meridian at 90o East, according to its rectilinear velocity; the
antiproton is at 90o West. The photon is found on the Equator at
the Date Line. The electron is 90o West and south of the
Equator, diametrically opposite the proton; the positron is 90o
East. Apparent resolution increases along with scale on the
radii, making room to locate all the atoms, ions, and molecules,
according to their mass/energy. Atomic positions on this Unified
Field Graphic Equation reveals the harmonic relationships
favouring chemical reactions and catalysis. The most exciting
discoveries will be made by following the extension of living
molecules through the graphic model, from the atomic scale to
the individual genes. The harmonic principles of catalysis
reveals the means for developing nuclear energy at low
temperatures and alchemy. Since the hyperspacial grid defines
all masses, charges, and velocities within its global
organization, all particles known and unknown can be plotted by
phase angle and their harmonic relationships exposed. How ’bout
that, Dr. Young?

I expect most readers to shake their heads at such a
strange graph, and doubt that such a simple model can possibly
be true. It’s truth is self-evident and incontrovertible upon
immediate inspection, from the critical point of view. You see,
all particles are defined by their energy level — right? All
particles are part and parcel of the atomic field — right?
Well, then, I have done nothing but calibrate the atomic field
into a tridimensional graph and plotted each particle in its
proper position. If I had made any abstruse mathematical
calculations, I should certainly be wrong, but I didn’t. I did
nothing, imagined nothing, calculated nothing, equated nothing.
I have only unfolded the structure that is there. My mathematics
are the same as the school girl who makes her own dresses. The
solution to the Unified Field problem, that has defied a century
of the world’s greatest intellect backed by national treasuries
has been literally as plain as day — and that is why you can
be sure it is true. Professional physicists will agree that I’ve
done nothing, and return to their Greek calculations; that is
what SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN did after watching the Wright Brothers
fly — orthodox Americans were the last to know.

The first golden-haired undergraduate who calibrates the
hyperspacial axes, fills out this form correctly, and gets his
paper published in a hard-core scientific journal will be hailed
as the Einstein of the next century — after defending his
claim for twenty years. Scientific genius is a young man’s game;
survival depends entirely on outliving the opposition.

I Time is three dimensions of pure electricity. I

THE dimensions of hyperspace are the coordinate parameters
of waves. Waves are the elemental units of energy. Energy is
manifest only as movement. There is no movement without time.
Therefore energy is a mode of perceiving time; energy is time. (*1)

Hyperspace is three dimensions of time. Wave frequency
defines the intervals of time, wave phase defines the instants
of time, wave amplitude defines the span of time. Tripping
through hyperspace is time-travel.

As units of energy, all measurements of time have
electrical correspondents, a fact becoming recognized now that
time has become a critical factor in microelectronic
engineering. Frequency corresponds to electrical amperage.
Resistance to the flow of energy is a function of phase
differential, and voltage is the reciprocal of resistance;
phase, therefore, corresponds to electrical voltage. Amplitude
is the product of frequency and phase, so the third dimension of
hyperspace corresponds to wattage. Electric currents are the
essential time streams.

All distance in space and time represents an energy
differential. The temporal difference is measured by voltage,
the spacial distance is measured by amperage, the distance in
scale is measured by wattage. A single electrical charge,
therefore, defines every event in the hyperspacial universe.

The gods of myth are electrical engineers. The Ark of the
Covenent is an electrical engine. Hyperspacial travel is
implemented by tuning the electrical state of the starship. The
compass of a starship is an atomic clock, the helm is variable
resistor, the lighthouses are celestial clocks (e.g. the Great
Pyramid and Stonehenge), the course is plotted by a volt-amp
meter, and natural electrical currents flowing throughout the
universe carry starships like jet streams through hyperspacial
windows. Kronus, the Lord of Time is the Chief Electrical
Inspector in charge of universal wiring, installing service,
billing, and cutting off deadbeats.

The foundation is laid for a complete theory of time travel in
terms of electrical engineering, explaining how Flying Saucers
are engineered, constructed, piloted, and navigated. Those who
have seen Flying Saucers will know that it is really happening
the way you are reading it here.

*1 Einstein stopped at the first step; the complete phrase
is “space-time-mind (dis)continuum” of energy.

Space is tridimensional, time is tridimensional, and mind
is tridimensional. Each of the temporal dimensions comprises
three spacial dimensions, making time nine-dimensional. Each of
the mental dimensions comprises three dimensions of time, past,
present and future.