The Volatile Definition of “Impossible”

What we consider to be possible and impossible has remained a constant in our world for some time.  Generally we accept the entire body of observed events possible while we consider the body of unobserved but speculated on events to be impossible.  Ghosts suddenly rising up from the floor and having a conversation on the subject of renaissance architecture for instance is well in the realm of impossible while the turning on of a light as the unseen electrons excite the gases inside a fluorescent bulb are universally possible assuming the right circumstances surround it.  But what if these forces that allow the bulb to turn on were to suddenly change?  What if one night all over the world we were to redefine the parameters for impossible as it made itself readily apparent in the form of what could only be described as ghosts began swarming the planet?

It would be perceived as a sort of rapture or sudden shift in the spiritual paradigm, and a flood of prophets would soon follow proclaiming the impossible was made possible through the realization of their own spiritual paradigms being made manifest.  But what if after the initial shock of living on a planet covered by a sort of “ghost invasion” we were to suddenly realize that the phenomenon was not directly connected to any single understood spiritual paradigm, but rather remained a mystery as the controversy continued to heat up?

Possible and impossible are two words we take for granted because of memory and recorded history.  There have been several cases of individuals seeing spiritual manifestations of beings, but there have not been very many influxes of ethereal beings across entire continents.  But just as we draw from the well of history to tell us of ancient wars and dig through the Earth’s strata to help us describe the way of life of long lost cultures, there is some evidence telling us of a far different time when giants or what can be perceived only as spiritual beings walked the Earth.  What if these beings, which are commonly referred to currently as allegory were more than just a mechanism for storytelling?  What if they actually were observable beings that took part in the society and made changes according to their own wishes?

We currently live in a very young new enlightened era where the possible and impossible have been separated and dogmatized to the point where one can become the other only in incredibly rare circumstances.  But consider the following analogy:  If humanity had lived its entire life in a world where night did not exist, and was shielded in a constant light similar to day, when a long night finally did approach society would be faced with an entirely alien and otherworldly concept.  We would simply stop talking about the day eventually altogether over the course of a thousand years, and live purely in this night world.  And then one day during the long shift day would once again come about.  And just as alien as the world without the sun, the world where the sun once again returned would be seen as the only world would polarize possible and impossible in such a way where the sun was the only possibility mankind would ever know.  And so the cycle would continue.  But while our analogy is purely fictional, the reality of it all could very well deal with this equally theoretical ghost invasion.  And so even the rigors of scientific analysis cannot definitively claim any phenomenon is forever possible or impossible until all of time in both directions is analyzed.