Thousands Witness Massive Spiral Over Norway

A mysterious spiral spotted hovering in the sky over Norway was spotted over Norway last night in what seemed to be a light show too bizarre (from what it seemed) for conventional explanation. Initially, skeptics declared the mysterious shape in the sky to be merely a laser light show projection on clouds, but soon after footage taken from hundreds of miles away from one another indicated the object was undoubtedly higher up and larger than anyone had initially suspected. The answer was soon clear: Whatever it was that was in the sky over Norway, it was definitely happening in space. But if the object wasn’t some sort of hoax, then what was it?

The Norway Spiral was one of the most mysterious objects to be spotted by thousands of Norwegians in and above their airspace. Of the hundreds of videos uploaded by excited and befuddled users, eventually it was admitted that whatever was being spotted was “genuine” and most definitely not a hoax. What the cause could possibly be was speculated to be possibly manmade or natural, and many cited the spiral pattern as a mystically and culturally significant symbol of several different forces. Unfortunately, the cause of the mysterious shape was officially determined to be not paranormal in nature at all, but rather a missile launched from a Russian Nuclear submarine that malfunctioned and spiraled off disintegrating in the atmosphere.

Tentatively, this explanation suffices for most, though others say the reason for the rocket’s testing in the first place has not been sufficiently explained. No one responsible has come forward, either, as normal in this type of situation. If this theory of the rocket explosions turns out to be true, then it will have been the seventh rocket explosion from Russian testing in the past few years, and yet will only be the first one to exhibit characteristics such as these. It will also be the first secret one that has not been confirmed. The theory behind the spiral pattern is that the rocket’s side could have been pierced by something and then begun spiraling into the sky as it continued to be moved upwards by its rear thrusters. The area of sky effected by the spiral was clearly quite massive. In addition, several photographs indicate a strange aurora borealis pulsing from the epicenter..

But what if it wasn’t a rocket? Many are still dissatisfied by the rocket explanation, saying the object in the sky was too large to be caused by leaking fuel from one rocket, even an intercontinental one. They say the patterns exhibited, and the aurora borealis emanating from the center were indicative of something else, possibly paranormal in nature. 2012 believers have been saying this may be a sign as we approach the mark where only 1,000 days stand between us and December 21, 2012. Others are saying it’s a portal of sorts (and the image certainly seems to fit the picture from science fiction of the portal.) Others are saying the object is merely an anomalous weather pattern or connected to the northern lights somehow. Still more say the image in the sky was an alien slip-gate opening up that will in a few days time allow for an invasion to be launched on the planet, or peaceful first contact of a new race.

Regardless of which explanation turns out to hold the most water, this sighting is yet more evidence that the skies should be watched. You never know what you’re going to discover.