Tigers in Texas

It seems when surveying the amount of strangeness distributed throughout the United States, a great deal of it seems centered in Texas.  Is the Lone Star state a lone star-port?  Are there free-range dimensional rifts roaming the countryside spilling all manner of the stuff tall tales are made of?  Take this strange case that has just cropped up from Oyster Creek just north of Freeport of a mysterious Tiger that has been appearing in the community.  Could this be another bizarre case of big cats out of their natural habitat?

Brazoria county and the surrounding area have been on the lookout for what witnesses are calling a massive tiger that has been roaming the area.  Byron Rexses recently spoke with local newspapers on the matter, who measured the total number of sightings as a “handful.”  The most recent sighting, which came in Friday morning, when Rexses was sitting in his patrol car when he was approached by a citizen who became the latest witness.

The witness had been out fishing at the North-most end of Oyster Creek late at night, and the group was certain it would be merely a normal outing.  They were interrupted, however, when they spotted a massive Tiger lurking along the banks of the creek.  Thinking it was a mountain lion when they first heard the massive footfalls, they shined a spotlight on the creature and it sprinted back out into the darkness.  They got an eyeful of the creature’s telltale stripes, however, and quickly identified it as a tiger when they related the story to authorities.

The police have indicated that there is not yet any physical evidence pointing to a Tiger in the area, but are as always on the lookout for anything strange in the area.  The area was investigated also by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, who broke out night vision equipment as they scanned the area for any signs of the big cat.  Finding none, they concluded that regardless of whether something was there or not, it has most certainly vanished now.  They have not, however, implemented the use of hunting dogs, which could have tracked down the creature if it was still present.

One has to assume, however, that a creature such as this which has not been spotted in the area before this year would likely be nomadic or an escaped creature.  Is it possible that several species of non-indigenous life roam the hills of Texas?  Several cryptozoologists posit that it is most definitely a possibility.  Only recently the corpse of a dead pygmy hippo was discovered when it was mistakenly shot when a hunter thought it was a wild boar.

So what are we to think of this wild tiger?  It may be an escaped pet or an animal from the zoo, but it is also being considered a possible cryptid by crypto zoologists.  After-all, the number of confirmed cryptids has been increasing with time as new species are discovered.  Though the US seems to be mostly settled and explored, there’s plenty of territory in the biggest of the United States for such a creature to hide, and certainly enough strangeness to go around.