Time is not universal

Time is Not Universal

I found a great website that discusses this philosophy as well as many other great unexplainable concepts.  Please take the time to visit it.


Universe expansion rate determines the speed of time.
A well known fact based on many observations is that the universe we can see with our telescopes is constantly expanding.  Time speed is assumed, by human scientist to be constant everywhere and not related to the speed of universe expansion.

In a channeling session with the Aliens on March 8, 2003 they disclose that the time of speed is not at all constant and it highly depends on the expansion of the universe. The huge mass of stars and matter that are constantly spreading apart from each other has an effect on the speed of time.
Universe expansion rate is not constant but oscillating.
Further more the Aliens disclosed that the speed of universe expansion is not constant but oscillates between very height speed to lower speed. As a direct result the speed of time also vary as a result of the speed of expansion.  currently we are near a peak of universe expansion and as a result the speed of time is relatively high. Time is passing very quickly. Of course this cannot be observed by humans or even most advance human measuring devices since all are made of the same material and obey the same time speed.

The aliens propose a way to possibly proof this theory by observations into distant deep space.  Since the light reaching us from those far away places display a time line history.  There are ways to measure variations in universe expansion rate and as a result variations in time speed along the ancient galactic time line. Of course, we can do that only after we gave up the contentious that time speed is constant everywhere and at all times.
Calculation of the age of the universe is wrong
From the Aliens channeling of March 8, 2003 came out the understanding that Human scientist estimation of universe age is miscalculated. The Aliens claim a much older universe of a factor of about 1000 as referred to the “local” big bang. The calculation error steam from the wrong assumption that the universe expansion rate and time speed are constant since the big bang.

Aliens explain that the local big bang, which was actually one of many such events that happen from time to time (don’t worry it is a very rare event) is actually a mega black hole that reach a critical mass in which a lower level of sub particle connections break and a huge energy is released.

Matter is constructed of many levels of connections between smaller particles to produce bigger particles. Everything vibrates and rotates. The speed of rotation or vibration is what we call time.  From the biological point of view the atomic speed of activity determines biochemical reactions speed that governs our sense of time.

A very strong gravitational force as exist in a black hole stops most of the atomic activity and atoms disintegrate into smaller particles. It can be said that atomic internal activity stop therefore time stop. At lower gravitational force the effect is much lower but it exist. The gravitational force that exist between all matter slows down the free atomic activity. For example the speed of the electrons around the atom core change as a result of change in the gravitational force.

As a result of this understanding we can see that the expanding universe starts with a time speed of zero before exploding and the time speed gradually rise as the matter scatters and the matter density decrease.   Lower matter density result in lower gravity and less interfere with atomic activity speed.  An atom in a theoretical matter free space will have no gravitational interfere and its activity will reach its maximum natural speed of time. 
Time, in a way, is a man invention, matter and energy “local” manifestation.

Time speed is not the same “everywhere”, it is not universal.