Time Travel of the Future… Today!

Rarely does a story of such epic strangeness come about as the story of John Titor, who grew up and joined the military, lived with his family in Tampa Florida, and went off to war at a young age.  Then he traveled back in time to us.  John Titor is the name attributed to the world famous alleged time traveler who sat himself on his own knee at the age of three.  Time paradoxes aside, the story of John Titor is truly incredible.

The story of John Titor’s future has never been confirmed, but many people around the world believe it.  The future begins, as so many paranormal theories do these days, when CERN’s Large Hadron Collider goes online and discovers particles that allow time travel to take place.  Of course the technology is not discovered until much later.  In the mean-time, The United States slowly becomes embroiled in a protracted civil war and in time nuclear war breaks out in what is known as “N Day” by those of the future.  Those who survive are quick to find themselves forsaking their former ways.  Digital communication interfaces, while still in use, give way to more personal face to face communication.  A sort of cultural revolution takes place that results in people becoming more personal.  Electronics slip into the background just as the radiation from the previous nuclear war.

The United States becomes a commonwealth of five territories with five different presidents all working in conjunction and cooperation.  Many youths of the generation previously engaged in civil war find themselves civically minded as a result and many join the military.  People largely raise their own food, but meat is largely shunned due to fears of Mad Cow Disease.  As a result a return to a more produce based diet is seen in most communities, though not everyone is vegetarian.

Culturally there is more focus on religious experiences, but there is less focus on religion and more focus on personal spiritualism.  Still, many religions exist and even thrive in the future according to John Titor.  After N-day, when the Nuclear bombs fall people begin to pick up musical instruments and the world sees a golden age of music and culture.  One reason for this is perhaps the great amount of suffering the world sees.  Over three billion people die during the short nuclear war that takes place.  Still more fail to repopulate the planet due to high rates of birth defects and mutations resulting in stillbirths.

Society seems to piece itself back together, but the military creates a time travel program.  Though John calls it a time travel program, what he’s actually describing is more akin to a Transdimensional shifting program where a subject is sent into an alternate reality that mimics his own timeline.  After interacting with different counterparts similar in every way to his parents, he collects an IBM 5100 Computer which is a tool he needs to help debug the UNIX 2038 timeout error and return to his home in 2036.  But is this fantastic future posted by an alleged time traveler real?  In the coming weeks we’ll be hearing more about the mythical figure known as John Titor, and in effect we may learn more about ourselves.