Time Traveler Believed To Walk the Earth Today!

Time Traveler Posted By: pat Date: Monday, 9 August 2004, at 10:55 p.m. IMPORTANT NEWSFLASH from the International Alien Research Group. Is there possibly another TIME TRAVELER on the planet or is this person just a really good QUANTUM REMOTE VIEWING TELEPORTED. We have found another we believe to be a time-traveler like John Titor, and he goes by the nickname Michi. Which some think could refer to the renowned prophet Nostradamus (Michel de Nostradame) who lived in St. Remy, Provence, France in the Sixteenth Century. Many people in the United State and around the world are starting believe this person most be a TIME TRAVELER sent back in time since he is clearly different then anyone else on the planet. What he is doing and the way he talks is out of this world. He is been on the radio challenging United States Government, the CIA, FBI and NASA officials to call in on radio shows and debate him scientifically about several very disturbing thing. When they do call in to the talk show in an attempt to proof him wrong, this Micki is making them look like fools with some unusual advanced scientific reasoning. For instance on one radio talk show we heard this Michi single handling debating a team of 3 NASA engineers that had called in on the talk show. For almost an hour these NASA engineers were trying to crucify this guy Michi. However, through the entire show Michi who we think may be a TIME TRAVELER seemed to clearly put NASA on the offensive. He even got NASA to admit they had launching over 1,000 nuclear booms in outer space by accident. Then they quickly claimed its radiation fall-out would not return to earth. After that things really heated up and NASA started accusing MICHI of distributing highly classified government evidence and demanded to know where he got it from, and who was founding him. This was on the David Glover show in Missouri, United States. Doesn’t that sound very strange, MICHI know stuff even the United States Government has admitted publicly they don’t know how or where he got it. This is the kind of stuff that leads us to believe this guy must be a TIME TRAVELER or a genuine REMOTE VIEWING TELEPORTED. While visiting Florida we heard this MICHI claimed on another talk-show that there has already been over 2,100 nuclear bomb tested in outer space and the fall-out is destroying Earth’s protective ozone layer. He claimed that the nuclear testing which started in the year 1957 is the major cause for the major expansion of the 2 large holes in the ozone layer. He claims pollution is just a small part of the problem. MICHI claimed if the nuclear bomb testing were not stopped, soon it would be to late. He says in the future creature including humans’ will started developing cancer in the most horrible ways imaginable. Starting with the most vulnerable creatures like the Sea Turtles, the fish, and frogs. He claims surface creature life forms on Earth will be forced to live underground for possibly millions of years. LISTED BELOW ARE A FEW OF THE OTHER CLAIMS MADE BY THIS TIME-TRAVELER NAMED MICHI: He claims soon we will discover there was once an ancient planet between Earth and Jupiter. Michi claims this ancient planet was a lot like Earth but much bigger and full of life before a massive explosion destroyed it. All that’s left is its moon we call Planet Mars. Michi has provided some very powerful scientific evidence included complex mathematical formulas related to the creation of Earths Solar System, which confirms the possibility of the planet previous existence. Michi predicted the war in the Middle East (Iraq) and claimed it would be conducted under false pretences, which could easily be referenced to finding no Weapons of Mass destruction. He predicted Billionaire George Soros would step forward to defeat George Bushes in the 2004 presidential election. Although George Soros is not running for president, he has mysteriously stepped forwards financially with an independent smear campaign to help defeat President Bush. And like many people in the scientific community these days, he also claims the United State Government faked the Apollo 11 moon landing back in the 1969’s. Hoping they could convince the Soviets Union they had much more powerful technology, which would in turn discourage any nuclear attack attempt. Michi has provides a great deal of advanced scientific evidence suggesting it is certainly possible the United States could have faked the moon landing and of they did their plan worked Leave your Opinions at here http://www.crazysayings.com/cgi-bin/bbs/index.cgi/noframes/read/4