Treatise On The Rules of Metaphysics

The nature of metaphysics is the basis of all magics and physics and can be considered metamagic.

The nature of metaphysics is that it is set on three rules and the intertwining of such rules. Rule number one is. Affinity; or the attraction and unattraction of objects or humans. Think about it as a magnet. Hold another magnet to the magnet with a negative to negative pole of force and one magnet will repulse the other without ever meeting in the middle. If the poles of force are positive to negative or positive to positive, they will attract each other and they will meet in the middle. Chemical actions/reactions are also good classification for this rule.

The second rule is Thaumaturgy, or like actions can control or manipulate like actions through linking actions, exerted force over an object, or visualization from a person. Witchcraft is a very good example. The act of witchcraft is when the person visualizes an action, and does a moment of action to incur it, that is physical. Thus, making the imagined moment happen through that action. The ultimate goal of thaumaturgy, is to occur an action through exactly the same, or almost the same likenesses, by applied force.

The third rule is mind over matter, or how much focus, and how much idea that you put into the moment, to occur and make it happen. The amount of thought equals amount of energy. An approach is that you are on a project and the focus is on that project. The more energy you have, the more chance of manifesting or finishing it. If distracted, the project sometimes never gets done, because of sidetracking. The more will one has to occur the project to completion, the more power one puts into it. Eventually, the project is finished. Think of this as power equals amount of will, and focus of energy. What one is philisophically brought up in as beliefs, will flavor the project and how it is achieved. The power of persuasion is based off this, as it is a sheer focus to convince people of your belief. The more will one has, to make the other person believe, in what he or she has said, the more chance of it occurring an action from from it. Observation is also keen to this rule of the mind.

Since everything is in a state of change, it is only natural that these rules get mixed, or used in union with each other. Where one rule begins, sometimes another ends or works in conjunction with the first. Think of this like a chemistry experiment, where the reaction is equal to the other parts in balance to result in a product. Take one part this rule; and mix it with that rule, to equal the original rule. The objective is to get a reaction by appliance of the new rule.

Some examples are:


In voodoo, people get into a group and make magic occur through high ritual. In high ritual, there are three parts; the chant focus, the prayer with high feeling, and the aftermath while cleaning up. The chant focus is a subtle chant, that starts low with a few people, to gain in strength and people number. Prayer is the focus of the chant, to cause the spirits to react and make presence in the manner desired. The aftermath is the time of resolution, the voodooist is resolved to a path of choosing. This path is chosen before the ceromony, so when the rite ends, they are rejuvenated with understanding of what to do.

Using a voodoo doll is representive of this. You put your thoughts into a voodoo doll, and the ritual charges particles to do the action, that you intended. In thier ceromonies, there are very high spiritual feelings while enacting high ritual. That spiritual energy will manifest, through the belief that the high chant will be enacted. Mind over matter in a large group will cause the focus of the group through affinity to happen.

A Voodoo Witchdoctor goes by the belief that the person is a two part being. Both good and evil are represented through; the spirit and the mind. What they seek is a balancing between the two parts of the mind, the good and evil. Good is a white representation and Evil is a black representation balanced through karma. Karma is the energy collected through personal acts in the soul. Karma is represented by the white black sigil of the ying/yang disk. When one evokes a spell, with the symbol of karma, what one will get is a balanced result. Something happens to you and something will happen to the other person. The result is always neutral, as the something is opposites of each other. In neutralizing each other, it inevitably heals the soul and body.

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Witchcraft is mind magic, and mental power is the effect of how much focus, one yields to the effect of a physical linking action. This in effect is the rules of thaumaturgy, affinity, and mind over matter used in different manners of different ceromonies. To me, witchcraft is a cheat one can effectively utilize to occur any event or action if done right. There is only one rule in this field of mind magic. That is if the moment is right, the act of ritual, will incur what the person was intending through the ritual.

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Shamanism is basically an act of communion with the spirits, to achieve an action desired. The act of shamanism is attuned through stones and/or mental disclipine, while visualization of the event happens. The end result is the thanking of the spirits, with the result desired to be achieved. The rules of mind over matter and affinity of objects, apply to this field. To call the spirits attention, is through affinity of mind being like charge of spirit. The asking is a spiritual request , making with mind over matter through the use of focus of mind, while speaking to the spirits for aid. The use of stones is optional, to the work of the act in mind for shamanism. When one wants to end the rite of spiritual communion, one says “thanks to you spirits of aid” and the spirits will be appeased. Without this appeasement, the anger will be vicious with sometimes dire results.

Another base act of shamanism is to focus through stones, to make what the person visualized happen in sequence, through the power of the readied gemstone. Each gemstone has natural properties that one taps into. When one wishes to use a gemstone in a magical effect, keep in mind the natural stone properties. A gemstone charged by you wearing it, or keeping near you for 5 days will enact a cleansing. The occurance of the act imagined by yourself, through the gemstone picking up your thoughts. Happens by Mind over Matter through the Affinitive bond. It will achieve the act of imagination through affinity of energy, using the natural properties of itself by the force of will. If one holds the stone while focusing, visualized thoughts to the stone the act inevitably occurs.

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Metaphysic rules are used in chemistry as you take one property, and change it into another. That in a nutshell is affinity, or the moment of like attracting like and dislike to occur an action. Take for example; one hydrogen atom and two oxygen atoms, result water. It occurs, through the use of the valence shell, combining into two excited hydrogen atoms, to result in H2O or water through affinity. The world of chemistry, or alchemy as it used to be called, is full of such affinitive moments by chemical attraction.

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Physics has very good explanations, in long form of Affinity and Thaumaturgy. One rule of law, called newtons law of gravity explains it perfectly. It states that gravity effects all, and causes things to fall or holds things to the ground. It does this through centrifugal force, of the spinning charged planet core. The nickel iron planet core, will cause gravity in conjunction through an orbit around the sun. When the sun charges through unseen electromagnetic pulses. The core of the earth holds the planet in orbit around the sun. The nickel iron core, will take the particle charge and form gravity from the spinning of the planet. An apple will fall to this force, through cause and effect.

When an apple falls, it falls because of the pull on the apple, is the apple being affected through thaumaturgy. What this means is that by the acting force, of gravity on the apple making its fall due to attraction interaction, to the earth by affinity. A gravitical field pulling the apple to the ground like a magnet, because of the the weakness of the apple support, from the branch and the atomic weight of the apple itself. This proves the law of gravity is ruled by metaphysics.

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Electricity is an act of affinity by the electron flow, through extra electrons in the valence shell of the atom, sharing through a medium of copper wiring of the electrons down a line in one direction. The wiring is rated by load, and is the measurement of voltage on a line of copper wiring. What the electricty does, is flow through and runs applications, by flowing through designed circuit boards with timers, volt drops, and loop circuitry. Then, electricity flows from the appliance, back to the source of the electricity. When the electrical flow goes back to the source of the flow. The voltage is not the same due to heat generation. This is called the voltage drop measurement.

To measure it, use a volt meter across the copper line from the start of the electrical line to where it enters the application, and record the reading at that point, calling it voltage 1. Then, the next stage, is to record the reading from where the electrical line comes from the application, to where the line is going back to the source, which is the line end. Call this voltage 2. Now, substract the voltage 2 reading from the voltage 1 reading and the result is the Line Load. If the line load is greater than the line load wire rating, it will result in overloaded circuits or wires.

Where there are too many applications, like a hair dryer, a couple of lights, two spotlights, and one portable stove on the same circuit, there will be overloaded burned wires, with possible fire hazard, that are burned useless for carrying electricity current. The way electricity flows, is decided by the phycisits and engineers philosophy. Engineers say, electricity flows from negative to positive Phycisitssay, electricity flows positive to negative. Affinity properties of like goes to like, through the atomic valence shell makes electricity work.

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Mathematics has given us the power of calculating, the effects of metaphysical enactions. It is the idea of numbers, which will come up with the results possible for any action. It can tell you the amount of force exerted, the amount of force taken, what the results of the force is, how much was achieved by it, and how much energy was used are the questions answered. Making a complete human equation of numbers.

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Bioelectricity is the term meaning living energy. Bioelectricity works by the junction surge action, and is what the body uses to survive. The metaphysical explanation, is that people are self sources, and thier soul is the battery containing the source. Peoples bodies are the self-contained circuitry, that the biolectricity runs thru to makes it thrive. Bioelectricity can run through other devices too, via a living energy source, as a self-repairing closed circuit, by the afinity attraction of like goes to like. Bioenergy acts like a buildup force, that gets to be so much bioelectrical charge, it leaps to the next similiar circuit that can hold the energy. Thus the closed biolectrical circuit, will self-sustain itself forever continuosly recharging by biofeedback.

The working biofeed energy circuitt, has a smooth flow by biofeed energy jumps, appearing like a seamless working bioloop. Thusly, bioenergy follows like goes to like and mind over matter metaphysical rules. With enough charge of focus, the energy leaps to find a like vessel to be going into it. This happens on a touch similiar to electrical discharge. Now biofeedback goes into recharging, because of the residue of energy, left behind that builds itself up and restores the cell to its original state maintaning its life. The bioenergy cells continuously, recharge making the biomachinery or human body not wear out. Each component will with use, wear out very slowly in an aging process.

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