Twin Intuits Brain Tumor – In His Brother

There’s no doubt that the bond between siblings is extraordinarily strong in certain individuals, even lending them the ability to sympathize and intuit beyond the level of ordinary friends.  And yet one story from twins Craig and Benton Gurney suggest the bond may transcend what we currently understand about the physical world.  They have made a habit out of detecting when the other is sick, even intuiting an incredible life threatening brain tumor from miles away.

Twins have always been a subject of interest for psychologists who hope to discover what makes the bond between them so special, but there are numerous cases around the world where one twin has been able to simply know something about another with no explanation as to how they gained the knowledge aside from a simple “gut feeling.”  And the case of Australian twins Craig and Benton Gurney is exceptional only in how profoundly accurate the predictions made were.

It all started  when Benton started getting headaches.   Intuitive feelings and sympathy pains are often detected from one twin feeling sympathy for another, but these were profound.  It was apparent that something was wrong with either him or his close twin brother Craig.  Recommending the two use their twin status as an advantage by signing up for an experiment in brain studies, Benton couldn’t shake the feeling that something needed to be addressed.  What he didn’t know was that he was about to inadvertently save his brother’s life.

And when they did have their respective MRIs, they discovered a tumor in Craig’s brain.  Resilient as ever, they would later be in the hospital together, with one receiving surgery to remove the tumor while the other waited in the waiting room.  Despite detecting the tumor, his deep unexplained connection with his brother provided no additional insight during the surgery.  When Craig recovered, the long road to recovery began.

How did Craig and Benton forge such a seemingly magical connection between their two minds?  How could one person intuit a cancerous brain tumor that had eluded even doctors?  And finally, how did this feeling stretch beyond the imagination and the conventional understanding that such a feat was impossible?

ESP and mental links between twins have been demonstrated in the past several times.  There are dozens of cases where closed loved ones detected when something was wrong.  And the bond is often described as more pronounced in identical twins.  Additionally, twins who have been separated since birth will often independently pick up on incredible personal similarities between them even when they have never met before.

From personal dressing styles to unexplained similarities in speech, these personal traits will follow twins even if they are born and raised in completely different regional cultures.  It suggests in its own way that while not all of the human experience is based on nature, nature does come through in some unexplained ways.  And some of it seems to transcend distances – especially if one is in trouble.