UFO effects on Automobiles and Cars

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Boson Abstract?

Euejin Jeong ( [email protected] )
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 17:15:23 -0600 Riddle of Riddles

Why do some of the UFOs cause an automobile engine to stall or stop? Why
the crashed UFO in Rosewell wouldn’t move by a crane until one of the
aliens go inside and did something to make it movable? Why the lights are
exposed under the bottom and there are three of them? How do they control
it? Why there is a smell of ozone nearby? Why insects and birds near the
hovering UFO become so quiet? Why do they glide off by 45 degree angle
flight other than the straight up acceleration? How do they store and
maintain the energy required to make such a flight possible? Why the lights
of some of the UFOs turn from green to blue and then eventually white? Why
Hamel’s machine seems to show similar features? Why some of the UFO reports
tell the precessional motion of the UFOs?
Why some of the UFOs seems to have the horizontal motion following the
smooth contour of the earth’s landscape? Why such a phenomenon is not
understandable by our presently known science?

Read the following and solve the riddle.

When the force changes as the sun moves across the sky, there left a zygote
of a monster hanging mysteriously in the opposite side of the reds. As the
earth turns, the zygote knows no end to grow its weight. When it becomes
mature and full, it will tear apart the smallest on earth. Living creatures
have known its power long time ago. The mother can not contain the state of
peace either by embracing it or by sending it for an exile only after
knowing how it faces the mother.