Understanding The Seven Chakras

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Your chakras are energy spirals located throughout your spinal region which
are responsible for your spiritual, mental, and physical development. Your
chakra system can be compared to the energy power supply of your body. There are
a total of seven chakras, six of which are located from the base of your spine
to your four head and one represents your consciousness which is an entire
subject of its own.

Opening of your chakras can be achieved by stimulating each one with sound,
color, and crystals. Once your chakras are open and stimulated, you will be able
to feel and enjoy the benefits that each chakra represents. Chakras can also be
stimulated with music, dance, and daily interaction with other people.

Your chakra system begins with your base chakra, also known as a root chakra.
The base chakra is represented by the color red and is located between the anus
and genitals. The base chakra is responsible for governing sexuality, stability,
sensuality, and security. Also, lust and obsession are associated with the base

The sacral chakra is represented by the color are range and corresponds to
the ovaries or the testes area. The sacral chakra is responsible for
relationships, violence, addictions, emotional needs, and pleasure. It also
governs creativity, joy, and enthusiasm.

The solar plexus chakra corresponds to a group of cells in the pancreas and
the outer adrenal glands and cortex. It is represented by the color yellow and
located a few inches below the navel. Power fear and anxiety are affected by the
solar plexus chakra, as well as personal power, expansiveness, and all matters
of growth both physically and mentally.

The heart chakra is represented by the color green and is related to the
thymus. The heart chakra is located in the chest and is responsible for complex
emotions, compassion, tenderness, unconditional love, equilibrium, rejection,
and well-being. The heart chakra also governs passion and devotion.

The throat chakra is located near the throat and is represented by the color
blue. Its main purpose is to oversee the process of growth and maturation. The
throat chakra governs self-expression and communication. Also, independence,
fluid thought, and their sense of security are governed by the throat chakra.

The third eye chakra is linked to the pineal gland which regulates sleep and
awakening. The third I is usually represented by the color white and correlates
to trusting your inner guidance. Intuition, ESP, and remote viewing are all
metaphysical abilities associated with the third eye chakra.

And finally, the crown chakra is the chakra of pure consciousness. It is
represented by the color violet or purple, and is located at the crown of the
head. Inner wisdom, death of the physical body, the release of karma, and
universal higher consciousness are all associated with your crown chakra.

Your individual chakra is pass energy to each other using energy spirals.
Your base chakra acts as a ground which supplies energy from the earth into your
chakras. Once your chakras are open and stimulated, your entire being will be
engulfed by the wonderful feelings associated with each chakra.

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