Unexplainable Creatures with Wings

There are many creatures thought to roam the earth that has no explanation for their potential existence. Throughout the years, there have been the discoveries of new species of animals, placing the possibility in the minds of some that various hard-to-believe claims of Loch Ness Monsters and Abominable Snowmen could really exist.


Some of the these tales of unbelievable creatures may turn out to be real animal species that has evolved from something similar to what they are now, while some creatures are a figment of the imagination; nothing more than a tall tale. Below are two creatures that have become the stuff of legends: The Jersey Devil and the Mothman.


Jersey Devil


In New Jersey, it is said that a creature lurks throughout the pine areas, terrifying the nearby residents. It is said to be so hideous that it is as frightening as the devil himself. The tales regarding this creature can be traced back to the mid-1700s, which were linked to disastrous events during that time period. Multiple reports regarding the Jersey Devil did not surface until the early 1900s, where more than 2,000 reports were filed on sightings of the beast. Every once in a while, a report involving the Jersey Devil can be found during the present day.

The Jersey Devil is described as being about 3 ½ feet tall with a long neck holding up the head of a dog with a face similar to a horse. The creature sports a pair of wings that can be measured at 2 feet long. The back of its legs is supposed to resemble that of a crane; and is said to rely on its back legs for walking, while it holds up shorter, front legs with paws. Some have even compared this creature to that of the Chupacabra.  Odd animal mutilations and deaths have been attributed to the Jersey Devil.


The area of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, was the site of a slew of weird sightings that were documented for a little over 12 months, starting in 1966. Many local residents believed that a strange creature was responsible for a series of odd happenings in the area. The creature was described as a large, human-like creature that had wings and flew through the air. The accounts of this creature, which was dubbed “Mothman,” became the focus of a book by John Keel called “The Mothman Prophecies.” This later became a movie by the same name, which starred Richard Gere.

Witnesses claim that the Mothman stood about 7 feet tall and had a wingspan of more than 10 feet in width. Other detail of the Mothman included: gray skin with scales; red eyes that hypnotically glowed; had a taste for large dogs; made screeching or squealing noise; could interfere with television and radio frequencies, as well as possessed the power to control the mind. Some claimed that the Mothman was able to travel at about 100 miles per hour.

Many who have claimed to have personally encountered the Mothman, believe that the creature has the ability to predict the future and that it can tap into minds, channeling random information to those it came in contact with.