Unexplainable Events Within Nature

Nature can create some of the oddest occurrences that science and humans cannot define or explain. In this article, you will encounter a look into animals that have been encased in stone; cattle mutilations, as well as other unexplained phenomena.


Animals Encased in Stone


Pulled from 22 feet below the earth’s surface, a stone mason by the name of David Virtue alerted the public’s attention to what he found inside a large piece of rock. As he broke open the rock, he discovered a lizard that was embedded inside. He was able to see a distinct impression of the creature. The description of his find included a measurement of 1 ¼ inches long; brown-yellow color; round head, as well as glistening eyes. After the creature was exposed to the air for about 5 minutes, Virtue claimed that it appeared to show signs of the living.


In regards to animals being encased in stone, there have been many reports providing documentation regarding lizards, toads and frogs. An unusual aspect regarding these creatures is that most of them when they are discovered have emerged still alive. Often, an imprint of their shape or skin can be found in the stone they were surrounded by. Many interesting points and questions are raised regarding these unexplained finds, including how did the animal get within the stone in the first place, as well as how are they able to survive within these conditions. Other details to investigate include how rock, which takes tons of years to form, took shape around an animal. How long have these animals survived within the rock?


Cattle Mutilations


Throughout the 1970s, there were several reports on strange occurrences that dealt with the mutilation of cattle throughout states, such as Kansas and Minnesota. It was described as nothing that had been seen before by ranchers. The cattle were cut in a way that resembled a surgical procedure, thus eliminating a predator as the culprit. Another usual detail of the mutilations was that in most cases only the eyes, tongue or reproductive organs had been removed. Sometimes large amounts of blood had been drained from the animal. No one has been able to pinpoint what happened to the cattle. Theories about this find include government experiments, aliens, cults, as well as an unknown disease.




Similar to ball lighting, this phenomenon has been reported around the world. During the night, a series of lights can be seen, but the source is unknown. A well-known case involved Marfa, Texas, which was dubbed the Marfa Lights. Here, the lights appeared on a nightly basis, but when approached, there was nothing to be seen. The lights could be sighted from Highway 90, but no one knew where they came from.


This phenomenon has been called “spooklights” and has been witnessed in areas, such as Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado, Maryland, as well as Britain. Theories swirling around in regards to these sightings include aliens, mirages, ghosts, as well as ball lightening that was created by tectonic activity from rocks.