Unidentified Metallic Object Recovered After Crashing Through Roof

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A mysterious rock like object composed of a metallic material came crashing through the roof of a Freehold, NJ home, broke bathroom tiles, than bounced up lodging itself in a wall. Authorities have confirmed that the rock like object did not come from an aircraft.

The metallic rock is just about the same size of a golf ball (21/4″ by 11/4″) and weighed about the same weight as a can of food (13oz). Needless to say, this metallic object is a dense compressed material which has a lustrous look of shiny gold or silver.

The object showed no initial signs of radioactivity, and was displayed for media to touch it.

As of now, the object is still unidentified, and officials do not know where the metallic rock came from. Early speculation suggests this unidentified object may be a meteor, but this is still an assumption.

So-far we know it is definitely not a part of an airplane or other aircraft, it is not a bi-product of any known craft, and it is assumed that there is no human production of similar objects as we know of yet.

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