Unknown Creature in Panama

Their was a unidentified creature found in the northern part of Panama last Saturday.  It startled the the small community of Cerro Azul.  People are saying its an alien and even more are saying a its an albino hairless sloth, because of the claws it had.

Teens were playing by the creek when they saw a creature come out of a cave.  They said that the creature started moving towards them.  Fearing for their safety, they started throwing rocks and sticks at it.  Eventually, they killed it.

After the group of teenagers killed it, they took it and thew it into the water and ran away.  Later they came back to take pictures of this strange creature.

Zoologists in Panama said they’re not sure what the creature is, but they said it looked like a dead fetus of some kind.

There was no word whether investigators will perform a DNA test on the creature to determine exactly what it is.

I’m not sure what goes on in Panama.  In the video below you’ll see how the experts just leave this creature there with no intrest and let it rot away.  What?!?!