Vampire Assailant Attacks NY Cab Driver

Vampires have recently received a cultural makeover, transforming from the standard monstrous creatures of legend into a new breed that rather than inspiring fear, inspires intrigue in the hearts and minds of popular culture.  But one attack in New York late last night reminded many would be vampires that many people find themselves drawn to the idea, and not all of them are friendly.

Police are currently on the lookout for a six foot tall man who was picked up on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 130th street in Manhattan and as the eerily silent cab ride continued on, the six foot tall 180 lb passenger suddenly produced a gun from his coat and brandished it at the cab driver, demanding that he give up his cash.  The cab driver stopped the car at the man’s destination, West 180th street and Davidson Avenue in the Bronx, but refused to give up his money.  The gunman became violent, and as the cab driver struggled with him to get the gun away from the clearly troubled man, the gunman lurched his head forward and furiously bit the cab driver on the throat, drawing blood.  After several more bites, the cab driver was able to wrest the gun away, but the suspect fled the scene without the cash.

The manhunt is continuing with photos of the would be vampire released while the cab driver recovers from the violent ordeal.  Photos of the Vampire robber have been released and are being circulated in the hopes of catching the individual before his strange and dangerous brand of violence finds its next victim.  The man is described as being in his 30’s, tall, and slender.

The vampire legend continues to mesmerize millions across the world with film titles such as Twilight, and a popular genre of supernatural books driving an entire industry and making millions worldwide.  And while many self-proclaimed vampires claim themselves to be generally peaceful, there have been cases (as with any group that gains sufficient size) of violence that change the popular opinion of these children of the night.  Though the robber wasn’t confirmed to be a member of any vampire related group, he has been dubbed as such by initial reports due to his strange behavior and jewelry he was wearing at the time, though these facts have failed to be confirmed by any official released reports.

Additional reports say the robber had two guns.  One real and one fake.  They say the assailant had told the cab driver that his wife was dead and had left him with three children.  As the man’s identity has not been confirmed, it is impossible for police to verify if any of this was true, or merely a cover story intending to gain sympathy.  The cab driver’s wounds were photographed extensively, and he is currently recovering.  And for those who are wondering, the bite marks did not indicate elongated fangs.  Perhaps the description of vampire was a bit hasty.  Although the assailant did, according to the official report, show a considerable amount of dexterity, escaping through the front driver’s side door even while in the midst of a struggle, and did indeed disappear into the night without a trace.