Vampire-like Creature Attacks Dogs in Kennels

In Ongwediva Namibia a series of sightings has caused a region wide search for an unidentified creature that broke into a dog kennel and killed at least one dog while leaving the rest unharmed.  The creature was far larger than the dogs, and as of yet unidentified as anything more than an unknown predator that seemed to feed on blood rather than flesh.  And the creature certainly doesn’t fear humans or human kept animals.  Was this a case of the mysterious Chupacabra?  Or was it something else?

The creature broke into the house and mauled Lukas Fotolela’s dog last Friday while he was away at work.  As the tenants living in the house watched, the creature broke through the perimeter fence and turned its attention to a pack of dogs the household was keeping as pets.  Few animals in nature are known to seek out and attack a pack of dogs, but the creature showed no fear as it sprinted to the fence.  Then, as it was digging underneath the chain link fence keeping a kennel of dogs from running free on the property, the hunters found themselves hunted as the creature pushed its strange nose under to try to attack them as they growled defensively.

Monica Simon, a tenant living in Lukas’ house living nearby noticed the creature violently trying to get in as the dogs cowered.  She banged on the window attempting to frighten the creature away, but it then turned to her and with a blood chilling shriek leapt at the window.  Monica jumped back and was able to get the window shut in time before the creature could reach her.  She then watched as it turned its attention back to the kennel, horrified at what may happen next.

But though it killed one dog, the creature was found to only drink the blood of its victims before leaving the others alive.  There was no sound of fighting, but rather the creature simply drank the blood and disappeared.  The report coming out of Namibia’s New Era describes the scene as Monica saw it the next morning.  Only one dog had been killed.  Namibia has a long history of these mysterious creatures attacking livestock, although dogs don’t often fall prey to predators while on property protected by fences and in groups.  The creature was described as being white and looking like a dog, but also giving off a mysterious foul odor the tenants couldn’t quite identify.

So what was it?  Was the creature an undiscovered cryptid making its way into a civilized region to feast on the blood of pets being cared for by humans?  Or is there another explanation that suggests the creature may be of a more paranormal or strange origin?  As several creatures with similar characteristics are commonly reported and then described as a chupacabra, any differences are often glossed over.  But the doglike appearance and the intense hostility and fearlessness seem reminiscent of several chupacabra cases.  And yet the story seems different.  This creature attacked dogs while they cowered and growled in their kennel, and even attempted to attack a human but ignored other cattle nearby.