Video Claims Sewer Monster Lurking Behind Shadows

Last Updated on June 2, 2020 by

April First came and went without any major hoaxes breaking into the paranormal news field, but it seems at least one video was submitted under the radar that claims to show a being with golden eyes leaping out at an unknown survey vehicle as it tracked its way through the sewers.  Is this creature actually a real entity caught on film and then submitted for widespread consideration on an unfortunate day?  Or are we simply looking at an elaborate April Fool’s prank?

The video was uploaded to video sharing sites and then spread, not attracting much attention from more than local media – possibly due to the day it was submitted on and fears of having the hoaxer came forward.  But it seems the video did convince quite a few who saw it.  Among the voices of those who were demonstrably disturbed by the eerie sighting were maintenance workers who said they had never seen anything like it their whole careers, and others who said they would soon be having trouble sleeping at night after seeing the video.

The video shows a cable being pushed through a pipeline in a sewer and then in two other locations.  The first shows a long tunnel illuminated at the end by the camera’s built in lamp.  As the camera starts moving forward, suddenly something shoots past the end of the tunnel and then disappears down the dark corridor.  The second video shows something similar – a blurry shape quickly disappears and goes out of view after being visible for only a few milliseconds.  And then there’s the final footage.  In it, a creature with glowing yellow eyes can be seen peeking out from a brick wall at the end of the tunnel.  It looks out, then quickly ducks back out of view before getting curious and stepping out once again.  After a few seconds, the creature comes fully into view and the camera keeps rolling as it stands there with a strange eerie grey color.  Its frame looks completely different from any known creature, only vaguely resembling an ape in some ways.  Quickly it becomes startled and leaps away out of view as the camera then moves to chase it.

So what was it?  Well, after a bit of research we tracked the company that submitted the video online.  It was actually a waste management utility company known as United Utilities, in an effort to have a little fun and spread awareness on the dangers of flushing things that could clog pipes and prove hazardous to workers.  Youtube videos are being uploaded hourly still declaring the incident as unexplained.  Unfortunately, this one turned out to be a simple April Fool’s joke.  But if you have to make a PSA about waste management, you could probably do worse than this one – although its message seems to be more about monsters lurking in sewers than flushed diapers.