Video Footage Shows Mysterious Flying Girl

The strangest footage to come out this week so far hails from Russia as one man witnesses a mysterious girl levitating in the woods suddenly running away after displaying the incredible feat and being unwittingly filmed.  The details of this case are strange, but judging from the various analyses of this still fairly obscure piece of paranormal footage, the incident is sure to raise several questions.

It all starts with the man talking to his dog and filming it in the middle of what appears to be an autumn forest.  The dog, whose name is presumably Tarzan appears inattentive and shortly disappears behind the trees barking.  As the dog runs off, the man follows with the camera and in the distance we can see two shapes.  As he focuses in on the girl you can clearly see that she is in the middle of a clearing with no objects above her and she is simply hovering there moving as if blowing in the wind and holding her arms out as though attempting to keep her arms steady.  As the man reacts, his dog runs back to him and the camera moves away from the girl flying.  When it returns back to them you can see the girl standing there alongside an older woman and the two run off into the woods just as mysteriously as they appeared.

At first it looks a little hokey, but looking at a stabilized version of the footage the image does hold up, making several skeptics rethink their CGI explanation for the footage.  You may remember the Jerusalem UFO footage which was seen to be fluctuating in relation to the wall making some suggest the footage could have been an elaborate hoax.  But in this case it appears the girl was actually a present figure who was somehow hanging suspended in the air.  But if this was the case, how could someone have done it?  It’s difficult to tell.  If she were wearing a harness, she couldn’t have been hanging from a rope suspended above her unless a crane were somehow holding the thin wires several dozen feet above her.  And given the assumed location of the deep woods it’s difficult to imagine that being the case.  Magicians have used tricks such as horizontal wires from multiple sides for years, but this is difficult to imagine given the incredible amount of preparation that would be required for such a hoax and the extremely limited payoff.

So what if it was real?  It seemed premeditated on the part of the two figures in the footage.  Both appeared to have visited the woods on purpose for some reason – perhaps flying lessons.  The footage does have a creepy element to it as it shows something truly confusing and doesn’t really provide any explanation whatsoever.  Unlike UFO footage, this mystery seems to come completely out of nowhere with no real mythological redemption or vindicating back-story along with it.  It is simply footage of a man recording a thus far rarely reported phenomenon and then somehow the footage ending up in the hands of the public.  And though it was first released in 2009, the mystery remains unsolved.  But whether it is real or fake, you will have to be the final judge.