Video: Mysterious Body Falls from Sky on Car

A mysterious video uploaded to Youtube claims to show an event that has more than a few puzzled.  A mysterious body falls from out of nowhere and suddenly causes a bad car accident.  Please be advised this video is disturbing and if true may show events just prior to a fatal car accident.

The video starts with two men speaking in German and having what appears to be a casual day out.  As the video continues, however, it’s soon apparent that something unusual is going on.  In the distance an object can be seen quickly hurtling toward the vehicle and after only a second of being airborne it impacts the vehicle’s window.  A woman’s scream can be heard from within the vehicle and quickly the car tumbles end over end and crashes.  At least that’s how it appears on film.  But what was this mysterious object seemingly falling from an open and distant sky?  And how are we to know where the object is coming from?

If you’d like to watch the video before the analysis, this would probably be a good time.

After analyzing the video a few things immediately become apparent.  First, as the vehicle was passing underneath a bridge, there is a possibility that the object seemingly falling out of the sky could have in fact been thrown from the bridge itself.  But as can be clearly seen in the video, it seems to come from the distance, closing the space between the vehicle and the viewer very quickly.  In fact, it comes up so fast on the cameraman holding in the vehicle, it can clearly be seen as some shape that many are saying is very similar to a body falling.  But it comes too fast to actually analyze the shape more thoroughly than it appears to have arms, legs, and most likely a head.  Other viewers have commented that it appears almost like a Grey alien or even a humanoid shape.  But could something like this have actually been thrown from a bridge?  The answer is it’s coming from too far away.  The car clears the bridge and you can see the point of origin in the distance moving quickly toward the vehicle.  If it had been falling from the bridge itself, it would have more likely come from above the frame and far sooner.

But what is it, then?  Are we truly witnessing a car crash unfolding before our very eyes?  The reality is, you can see a point where the object seems to pass in front of the mirror suggesting some sort of camera trickery.  Watch the underside of the rear view mirror closely.  You’ll be able to see the grey object pass briefly in front of the lower right corner of the mirror.  Couple this with the fact that the object hits the vehicle and it appears this might have been computer generated.  The effect of the car flipping over is a similar optical illusion where the camera is rolled in the back seat with sound effects playing only briefly showing the road itself.

For the moment it appears this alien visitor falling from the sky has been debunked.  But let’s not forget last year when witnesses in the United States spotted a body falling from the sky which then subsequently disappeared.  Truly strange indeed.