Video: Mysterious Hums All Over the Globe

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What started as a simple evening newspaper novelty has spread into a near epidemic as more communities and towns are increasingly reporting a mysterious sound accompanying daily life.  The strange sound does not seem to be confined to any single continent or area, and is appearing increasingly in scattered areas throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and other areas.  If there is a natural explanation for the mysterious sonic activity, it seems this time it is unprecedented on a massive scale.

It’s hard to pin precisely when the mystery hums started or where, but they seem to have spread from Siberia to the west coast of California now and everywhere else.  No continent has been spared from the mysterious activity in recent months.  Even Australia has been reporting the strange sounds.  And it doesn’t seem a moment too soon as officials are beginning to look more seriously into the matter.

UK newspaper the Windsor Star reported on the 13th that a similar mysterious disturbance had been troubling residents in the area, and had finally gotten some official recognition from a council man who described the implications of such a sound as frightening to think about.  And while the council is taking the sound seriously, it’s nothing compared to the disturbing sounds videotaped by several Youtube users in Kiev, Ukraine.  The mystery sounds appear to be coming from all over and several videos show similar sounds overwhelming the countryside and barren empty streets.

If these sounds prove to be genuine, they appear to be something more akin to a massive drilling platform or some sort of haunting music than a natural geological phenomenon.  The only problem is users overwhelmingly declared that no such platforms or heavy machinery were present in the area.  There’s also a peculiar sound alongside a few of the videos that appear to match birds not native to the area around Kiev, though further investigation will have to come up with an explanation for these and whether they are related to the sound or somehow an unrelated sound coming from elsewhere in the environment.  Reports from witnesses have confirmed similar sounds being heard in Kharkov.

As for speculation as to what they may be there is the ever present possibility that the whole thing could be an elaborate hoax.  But some have taken the videos at face value in an attempt to make sense of this mysterious noise for the understandably frightened residents watching and waiting to see what develops next.  Some have questioned the possibility that they could somehow be caused by a vast machine operating somewhere beneath the surface of the Earth, as ancient as it is purposeless and driven by some unseen hand that serves a purpose as old as time itself and far beyond the machinations or understanding of we who dwell on the surface.  Whether the builders of such a machine would be human or not would no doubt prove just as controversial as the existence of the sounds to begin with.  But it would appear some have already pushed past this initial stage of doubt after having heard it themselves and ventured into a more troubling question, “Why?”