Video Shows Mutated Escaped Experiment

A video online has been circulating showing what appears to be an exceedingly unnatural looking creature with a stamp on its side designating it as an alien creature.  The video has now finally reached viral status, although speculation over where it could have come from is running wild.  It definitely appears to be either something that either escaped, was planted, or was simply discarded by a worker at some unknown experimental lab.  But is it real?

Unfortunately, or perhaps in this case fortunately the video is most likely a hoax.  Several have pointed to the film director Neil Blomkamp.  The stamp on the side of the creature says “AGM Heartland” and a search for information on the company leads to multiple websites referencing Blomkamp’s work.  Blomkamp is best known as the director for the 2009 film “District 9” and a series of independent films prior to it, all featuring carefully crafted and convincing special effects.  The aforementioned company may play some major role in the development of the future project.

But this video is convincing enough that some have come forward to say it’s not a hoax, but rather too convincing to be anything but real.  As the two witnesses who shot the video have mysteriously dropped off the radar since the film was released, there is no way to deny or completely and irrefutably prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt.  And that brings up a topic of conversation that has been around since the legendary “Alternative 3” from 1977.  We previously brought you information of Alternative three last December.  But with the complexity of the story increasing with the claim that perhaps the whole thing hadn’t been entirely fabricated, it’s slightly more difficult to comprehend whether press agents and media might be utilized to cover up a hoax or not.

The “conspiracy theory” behind Alternative 3, for example, was that a sensitive bit of data alongside some irrefutable evidence had been leaked or lost from NASA and would eventually hit the presses.  If it were broadcast out of context, it would cause pandemonium and mass panic.  So how would one cover up a story that had already been leaked?  It would be complex and perhaps even impossible to rebottle the genie once it had escaped.  But what if they instead changed the context of the footage others would be seeing?  What if the images of a Mars lander were changed to a piece of fiction parading itself as a documentary?  The simple conversation that would follow any suggestion of a conspiracy would be met with even harsher skepticism than normal.  Anyone decrying that it was real at that point would have to be linked to the original footage and therefore would be easier to track down.  It would be almost the perfect crime – except if the footage was too convincing to have been faked.  In the 1970’s some suggested a few of the NASA related clips of Alternative 3’s footage was too groundbreaking and unique to have been faked.  And now it seems this video clip from Blomkamp is next in line.