Want to Learn More About Crop Circles?

When it comes to unexplainable phenomena that the world becomes intrigued with and challenged by, crop circles are a perfect example. Crop circles are geometric formations consisting of flattened crops located in parts of England and the United States. The type of crop does not affect these interesting shapes, as the formations may appear in barley, wheat, canola, corn, rye, linseed, or soy. This article aims to point you in the right direction when you are interested in finding more information on this alluring, unexplainable display.


During the late 1970s in England, crop circles became well known as more and more people began to observe this odd formation in their crops. Many different explanations were dreamed up of, as the public scrambled to get to the bottom of this strange occurrence. After a couple of men confessed that they created the circles by using wire, planks and rope, the admission to guilt seriously hurt some of the theories associated with the phenomena, such as the popular “UFO” explanation.


When you are interested in learning more about crop circles, there is an assortment of informative publications that will assist your exploration of the topic. Below are a few selections that you may order across the Internet or seek out at the local library:


Circular Evidence: A Detailed Investigation of the Flattened Swirled Crops Phenomenon


Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews


The bulk of this book deals with the odd occurrences that have taken place in England, particularly during the summertime, when many crop circle sightings have been reported. Throughout a variety of grain fields in England, the two authors explores the formations and presents information on why the concept of a crop circle is not a hoax and why it still remains an unexplainable phenomena. Plenty of photographs allow the reader to become more engaged in the reading.


Crop Circles: Exploring the Designs and Mysteries


Werner Anderhub and Hans-Peter Roth


This book aims to shed light on the mysterious patterns that have appeared across the world and gained attention as to how they have become what they are today. The geometric formations are quite fascinating and the book attempt to answer who or what creates crop circles. Visual accompaniments help readers stay interested in the information with the introduction of a pictorial that spans 30 pages. It doesn’t matter if you believe in crop circles or need a little more details to come to a conclusion, the book will open your eyes to new information you never thought possible. The book is written by a couple of journalists who have made crop circle research their “thing. ”


Crop Circles: The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times


Lucy Pringle


When you are looking for a possible explanation regarding the crop circle phenomenon, you will find delight in Pringle’s assessment of aerial photographs that accompany many years of extensive research.


Want more books to fill your shelve on crop circles , seek out some of the publications mentioned in the second part of this article titled “Additional Crop Circle Books to Consider.”