Water Crystal

Water, the most important resource on Earth has many characteristics that we don’t know very well yet. Many researches have tried to found explanations for some extraordinary facts about water like plant telepathy through water communication. Indeed, scientists agree now that water have the faculty to transport information. Homeopathy is one example of the use of this faculty. It permits to give information to the body about the chosen element (diluted in water at infinitesimal quantity) through water. Thus the body become aware of the element and is able to prepare its defenses against it. It is known as water memory. It have been studied by the the French immunologist Jacques Benveniste but a another study financed by the enemies of homeopathy companies disprove the theory (many fact make us believe that the study were fudged). Then Benveniste found himself without money to continue his researches. Some scientists even show that water could be the messenger of thoughts. In this article we will talk about a research made by Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher who took pictures of the water in the its crystal state: the ice. He found that the structure of the crystal depend of the environment.

The pictures taken show many different crystals in which we could find beauty or uglyness. For example, some crystals seem unorganized and have very dark color. Some other are very well structured and are really beautiful. Interestingly, the beautiful ones are the one which have been exposed to European classical music while the bad ones have been exposed to heavy metal. Furthermore several other experiments used people thoughts as the unique environment variables able to affect the creation of the crystal. Hate thoughts created really ugly and unorganized crystals while love feelings give birth to extraordinary beautiful crystals. Imagine how a bad feeling can affect your body composed of 70% of water! The experiments have been criticized by many scientists but have never been disproved. Anyway, if you don’t believe it, try it. You only need water, a frozen place and a microscope. Take pictures and share with us your findings. Here are the steps as described in The True Power of Water:
1. Place water in glass
2. Expose to words, pictures, or music for a while
3. Divide water into numerous petri dishes, 5 cm (2.5 inches) in diameter
4. Freeze at around −25 °C (−13 °F)
5. Leave for 3 hours, then allow dishes to warm
6. Examine ice grains through microscope. Crystals may form in some dishes as temperature rises. Photograph. Optional: analyze the aesthetics and quantity of crystals.