A werewolf is a human with the capability to transform himself in a creature half human half wolf. He got physical power and angry mind as the result of his transformation. Werewolves seem to exist since the beginning of mankind. Many tales exist about them at any time in history. Even today, many people still see them. It is always at a specific time: the full moon. Indeed, the moon, when full, seems to be the precursor of their transformation. During these transformations, their body changes and becomes more powerful. Many tales told us that these transformations hurt them and make them angry as well. They become wild animals. Werewolves have many names: Garou, Werwolf, Veerwolf, Oberoten, Shifters, Lycanthrope, Lobizón, Shape-shifters, Wendigo, Kelpie, Botu, Selki… Many testimonials also exist either from witnesses and from werewolves themselves. Some of these testimonies are hard to believe. They describes them as human completely shaped like wolves with a monstrous face during the full moon and normal human during all the other days. What in the body can permit this radical transformation? Anyway, werewolves must be real, at least at some extent because so many people have given testimonies about them. Between 1500 and 1700 AD, around 100000 person in Europe have been killed for being a werewolf! Many investigations have been done in order to prove or disprove their existence. Furthermore, some scientific theories tried to explain their transformations. Psychological explanation have also be presented. Werewolves, despite the fact that they have been put aside in our new technological era, are still an enigma.

Psychologists describe werewolves as lycanthrope, humans with psychological problems making them believe they are half human half wolf and behave like it. Many cases have proved that this psychological problem exist but it doesn’t disprove the existence of real werewolves. The discovery of DNA and the particularities of some fish to be able to change their shape in order to scare predators make some scientists to believe that werewolves have a genetic mutation permitting them to transform themselves. The moon being the psychological precursor or even for some the light precursor. Also, some investigations show that some people have more hair and have been seen as werewolves during the past. In this case the full moon influence have not been studied at all. It seems obvious that a least some kind of human have the appearance of wolves and scare others (due to more hair for example) and that the moon influence their body and their mind (making them excited for example).