What Are Shadow People?

A supernatural encounter that has been reported throughout time has been the sighting of shadow people, also referred to as shadow men or shadow beings. When reports are made about these beings, they are often described as black silhouettes that resemble human figures. In this article, you will learn a little more about such sightings.


When it comes to facial features of shadow people, many state that they do not possess mouths or eyes. Some reports have been known to note that if eyes are present, they are the color red. The body mass that a normal person would have is not true with these beings, they are said to lack mass and appear as if they are a 2-D image, resembling a shadow. This appearance has also been described as close to a thick vapor or other type of distortion.


Witnesses to these beings often say that they caught sight of such shadows from “out the corner of their eye.” When it seems as if someone has discovered them, they seem to disintegrate into thin air, as well as pass through a wall to avoid any further detection. This all occurs within a fraction of a second. Some have reported that a shadow person has appeared straight on in their view, sometime right in front of the witness, moving closer to them or hovering in view for a few seconds before disappearing.


So, do these shadow people pose any harm to others? Some report that they are harmless and didn’t even come close to them, while others claim to have been bothered by the shadows, chased away, as well as attacked. Attacks by shadow people have been quite rare in documentation. It does not occur often. All across the world, these sightings have been reported; there is no such thing as an isolated incident. This is also not a phenomenon that has suddenly popped up, the existence of such beings have been sited throughout the history of literature.


When thinking of shadow people, the term “ghost,” may come to mind, but there is a difference between the two. Ghosts are the spirits of people that have left the body, which have been known to take on the appearance of people, orbs, as well as mist. Ghosts tend to look like actual individuals, where shadow people do not resemble anyone. They may possess qualities that are close to humans, but you could not really describe one has having a face that looked like “such and such” or “what’s his name.”


As for the reports given by witnesses, they seem to resemble one another with a few variations. Some shadow people have been described as appearing “blob-like.” Others are said to be the size of a child, while some have been described as tall and thin, with a head the size of a pumpkin. Sometimes the shadow person was wearing a hood, while some have been seen sporting a hat. When encountering the being, few have stated that they were attacked, showing bruises, burns or scratches as proof. They have been said to be quite fast with the ability to pass through solid objects. Sometimes they appear in thin air, while some have been spotted in a mirror.


No concrete scientific evidence is available on shadow people, but this doesn’t mean that there is a lack of theories. Many beliefs have come from those studying religion, as well as the occult. Various paranormal explanations exist, while others tend to believe that shadow people are the figment of the imagination, as well as a delusion or hallucination without any concrete evidence.