What if Bigfoot Was Shot?

Common reports of Bigfoot often suggest it is not a single entity, but rather a race of creatures that are encountered with some frequency as hikers and explorers go out into wooded areas where they can be seen.  But what if one of the encounters with a Bigfoot resulted in one of the creatures being shot?  With the increased number of Bigfoot coverage in recent months, it seems necessary to ask the question: What if someone shot and killed a Bigfoot?

There are two different points of view to the question.  The first is that there would obviously be once and for all proof of the existence of this incredibly elusive and rare creature.  The killing of a Bigfoot would leave behind evidence that could not be refuted and would inevitably be analyzed for years to come by interested zoologists.  All the photos, encounters, and stories would to a certain degree be once and for all vindicated.

But at what cost?  At what cost would this vindication come if the legendary bigfoot were to be killed?  And if the strong connection the creature has to humanity were to turn out to be more than a physical description, would the term murder be applicable?  Would someone committing such an act be responsible for murder?  This would at least partially depend in a legal sense on the circumstances behind the killing.

If the hunter believed themselves to be in danger, in most states this would be justifiable reason for killing the creature.  This scenario is fairly unlikely, as the reports we have largely received demonstrate that Bigfoot, while fairly menacing at times, does not seem to exhibit any behavior that is directly threatening to witnesses.  In fact, the creature seems to fear people for the most part, avoiding them in most circumstances where they are not specifically alone and unarmed.  Reports of Bigfoot attacks are virtually unheard of.

But what about the exceptions?  There have been scenarios where hunters have run into Bigfoot while armed, but didn’t fire because of an uncanny sense of understanding between the creatures and the hunters themselves.  And there are some reports of the creature approaching homesteads on the edge of wild wooded areas.  Such encounters are rare, but by no means unheard of.  And the occupants of these homes largely do have weapons on the premises.

There have been reports, believe it or not, where people have in fact made the claim that they killed a Bigfoot and later regretted it.  Generally such encounters end with the hunter or hunters then burying the creature and out of guilt and fear never revealing where the creature was killed.  Whether his really happens or is simply an addition to the rich mythology of the elusive Bigfoot is largely up to listeners of the harrowing and often incredibly sad tales.  There are also concerns in some circles that one day a person, upon hoaxing the encounter will find himself the victim of an overzealous hunter.  We can only hope this never happens.