What’s All This Stuff About the Bermuda Triangle?

When uncovering the mysteries regarding the Bermuda Triangle, you may want to know exactly what people are referring to when you hear stories of this location. The area considered as the “Bermuda Triangle” uses Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda as its boundary points. The odd fascination surrounding the Triangle is that many claim it is an area where numerous ships and planes are said to have vanished without a trace.


The legend of the Bermuda Triangle began with a dispatch from the Associated Press where reporter, E.V.W. Jones stated that there were odd occurrences involving planes and ships between Bermuda and Florida’s coast. Two years passed and an article surfaced in a magazine giving details about mysterious disappearances with marine vessels. It was during the 1950s that the word spread like wildfire of such stories regarding the Bermuda area. Many books and articles popped up discussing the topic, until the popular phrase was given notice: “The Bermuda Triangle.” In 1970, a book published called “Invisible Residents” stated a theory that an underwater civilization existed with unexplainable advanced technology that could be the reason for such odd phenomena, like disappearing ships and planes.


In 1970, a feature-film documentary was created called “The Devil’s Triangle,” revealing the information of this area to a wider audience. The buildup, excitement and curiosity of the Bermuda Triangle continued to escalate, peaking with the publication of “The Bermuda Triangle” by Charles Berlitz and J. Manson Valentine. This became a major bestseller on the market, selling about 5 million copies throughout the world. Other books followed, but none possessed the same intensity and popularity as this example.


The interest in the Bermuda Triangle continued to stay strong until the reality of this mysterious area, hit a wall. A librarian from Arizona State University published a book that cast doubt and dismay upon the Triangle’s popularity. Larry Kusche researched the aspects regarding the Triangle that had been left out of previous publications. He sifted through weather records and newspaper clippings. He scrutinized the investigation reports that had been compiled by official representatives. Kusche concluded that the important facts, which place doubt on the Triangle’s existence, had been ignored. He brought to light that some of the “missing” ships had been recovered at one point in time, but not mentioned in books for the sake of a good story. He also stated that the weather reports at that time did not coincide with what was written in the other books and articles.


Proponents of the Bermuda Triangle theory could not follow up with a response and it is this absence of words that tarnished the Triangle’s allure. So why is it that we still hear about the Bermuda Triangle and the unexplained disappearance of boats and planes? These stories may include fishermen boats or two-seater aircraft, but nonetheless, there are still Triangle tales that make you look twice. Even though no concrete evidence has been found regarding this so-called “myth,” it is a proven fact that there are tons of unexplainable things and occurrences that we all still believe in.