When I got up my midsection was glowing green. Amazing Encounter

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This happenned to me and a previous girlfriend a few years back while we were relaxing during the course of a weekend. I have always been interested in ‘Phenomena’ but I had never had any particular definitive experience or anything. It was aproximately 14:00 and I was getting bored playing videogames when for no particular reason , I had an inspiration to balance a glass of water on top of a “Plasma” globe light, that was turned on . These lights are available at Novelty shops in the Mall and the construction is simple . It’s a 10″ wide glass globe on a square, black plastic base. There is a smaller round glass Anode (approx 2″)located in the center of the globe . When the light is turned on , ‘Lightning’ jumps and flows from the inside Anode to the inside of the large external glass sphere , creating a fun little electrical storm within the globe. I was curious to see is some kind of electrical static charge would build up in the water witin the glass that was on top of the light . I drank the water , and to my amazement I thought I could make out a distinct, but faint ‘electrification’ of the water. I repeated the experiment , leaving the glass on the lamp for longer intervals, drinking it, and then observing how I felt . I could feel a surge of some kind of ‘power’ in my system – it was an incredible feeling . I wondered to myself if I could ‘absorb’ this from the light with just my hand and bypass the intermediary transfer medium of the water. I placed my left palm on top of the light and didnt notice anything . I remembered some passages I had read about how breathing affects the flow of ‘Chi’ through the body , so I focused on the interior Anode while trying to breath accordingly. I began to notice a correlation of my breathing to the pattern of the electrified ‘plasma’ on the surface of the interior Anode. Normally the pattern was chaotic , but when I focused on my breathing the pattern started to stabilize and slowly spin clockwise around the Yaw axis . I could see the electricity flowing from the Anode to my palm, and feel it enter my arm and move to my midsection. I had never felt this ‘chi’ or whatever it was , only read about things like this so I really wanted to see how far I could take the experiment . Mind you, my girlfriend is just outside on the deck sunning herself, oblivious to what I was doing. The longer I did this I noticed the ‘chi’ at the base of my spine becomming more and more apparrent . It felt hot and excerted a kind of uncomfortable pressure that would stabilize after a few moments of adjustment. I then noticed that this hot pressure would slowly travel up my back if I focused and breathed accordingly. The higher the energy got the more I felt like a vessel being filled to capacity. It was this incredible feeling of power that grew as the ‘chi’ rose . I had the distinct impression my body was becoming lighter and my voice was rising in pitch. The pattern within the Anode had ‘grown’ accordingly too – . Initially when looking at the Anode from the top it looked like at faint revolving spoke pattern , but as i progressed the pattern started spinning faster and the random electrical discharges within the globe began taking on a spinning pattern . First the pattern was simple – 4 spokes revolving , than 8, than so on til complex ‘Mandala’ spoke patterns were spinning really fast around the equatorial circumference of the Anode. The patterns resembled something like the ones made by the old ‘Spirograph’ toy I had as a kid , or of some geodesic pattern at a laser light show. I ‘breathed/pulled’ the energy up to the base of my skull and literally felt my ‘self’ dissolve and I was ‘one’ with everything. Time had no meaning – it must be the state of’Sammadi’ the Hindus speak of . It was a truly amazing feeling but something caught my attention that broke my focus and the ‘chi’ lowered a bit and the state vanished. Thats how the energy was -if you didnt focus on the precise movement of it – that is , the pulling upwards of it through concious breathing, than it would sink back down like water in a straw . I could not believe what I was seeing – the spoke patterns were still revolving and morphing but now there was a little 1/2″ image of a man running around the circumference of the exterior of the interior anode . The image was phosphorescant monochrome bluish/white and was pixelated just like an old 8-bit videogame image . The head was comprised of 4 pixels and the body was a basic stick figure . He looked liked a little running videogame character running on a little ball shaped T.V. screen . You had to observe the light from the side to see him jogging around the inside of my light . I have never in my life hallucinated but this was a little hard to take , so I called my girlfriend in for an impartial opinion . Mind you , I had to keep my hands on the light and keep breathing accordingly to keep the whole thing going. I am a believer in the ‘Scientific Method’ so I gave her no prompting as to what I was observing and innocously just said “Hon , tell me what you see over here”. Janice didnt share my interest in the paranormal and had a very conventional Christian worldview. Her eyes got really big and she went over to the couch to sit down . I had her tell me what she saw and she nervously confirmed that Yes, there was a little man running around on the inside of my light. I had to quietly chuckle to myself as I could practically see smoke coming out of Janices’ ears trying to make sense of it all. I gave her the run- down of what had been going on up to that point and she was not amused. She wanted to literally pull the plug on my lamp and end all the festivities right there and then. I explained to her that in no way was she going to even try that and to sit down and enjoy the show. My reasoning at the time was if a UFO lands in your front yard do you call the cops? Heck no – you go see whats going on !! I also had the distinct impression that I would have to ‘disengage’ from the lamp the reverse way I engaged it , meaning that I just couldn’t stop with all of the energy still in me without using it or releasing it somehow. Case in point – I had ethereal smoke coming out of my shirt sleeves and neck ! I can only speculate that maybe some kind of dross within me was being ‘consumed’ by the internal bio-electric’chi’ fire within , resulting in said ‘smoke’. (I’m sure this has some kind of implications regarding Spontaneous Human Combustion and further study is warrented.) I have read about Yogis who go crazy or suffer from ill effects from the improper manipulation of chi/kundalini. Now that I had an audience I went back to what I was doing . The ‘little man’ morphed into a couple of different images : First a lions head caricture not unlike the MGM hotels’ Lion head logo, than a photo-quality representation of fertiled eggs splitting(mitosis), than finally a spinning Torus (spiral)or alternately a skull .This all took place over the course of 3 or 4 hours but we were so transfixed by the events that it felt like minutes . We didnt notice it at the time , but a dream-like atmosphere started pervading the room as it got dark . The events up to this point were bizarre enough but they got much stranger later and I have to comment that under normal circumstances neither one of us would have stuck around while the latter events unfolded. The dream-like state that we were in reminded me of when your in that half/awake state right before you fall asleep while reading at night, and we just watched the events calmy unfold without any thought to the outlandishness of it all.

That was when a cute ‘woman’ in a green dress just strolled around the corner from the kitchen and into the living room. I assumed she was Janices’ friend and just kept on doing what I doing( I later found out she thought I knew this person).There was nothing even remotely weird about her appearance and she was completely tangible. She came up to me and started talking to me about what I was doing like she had known me all my life . I vaguely remembering thinking that it was strange that this person had any notion of what was going on but I didnt care , and I proceded to follow the womans instructions. I dont fully remember all the specifics of the conversation but ‘she’ proceded to instruct me on proper hand placement, etc. in order to maximize ‘output’ of the globelight. I remember her mentioning that people throughout time have used this procedure as an ‘Oracle’ of sorts – She gave me the impression of some kind of Priests doing what I was doing but with a crystal skull . She told me it was basically a transaction – Information from her for which she took energy from me . I never realized at the time because all my attention was on the globe, but she had moved behind me and I distinctly remember getting instructions from behind me, in my ear . My girlfriend told me later that it looked like she was on my back absorbing energy off me . She said she got jealous because she had the impression the being was ‘making love’ to me .I had no idea this was going on – I was just aware of a disembodied voice in my ear telling what to do . Its obvious to me now that it was empowering me with info. in order to maximize the output of my experiment in order to feed off me. As my body was filling again with energy I noticed the room getting less colorful and I began to realize my surroundings were fading away! An outdoor village scene began to materialize in place of my living room . It was distinctly alien and I could make out a strange looking ‘washer woman’type kind of of looking at me . I cant put my finger on why she bothered me but she had an almost evil/fairyish arua about her and I didnt like the way it was looking at me . I speculated to myself that the ingestion of this ‘chi energy was responsible for my state of vibrational state being raised to the point where I was leaving normal space and re-emerging in a ‘higher’ plane of existence. I had a thought that cause me to worry: If I fully materilize here sans globe light how am I going to get back ? Is that the plan of this woman ? The real possibility of being stranded in some scary alien world made me reconsider what I was doing and I consiously stopped breathing as efficiently and I started ‘coming back to my living room . Janice later told me later that when I was doing this that my whole body started to de-coalese or ‘melt’, and that she couldn’t make out my facial features.I never noticed this because every thing relative to my observance was changing . She said she was really scared that I was going to vanish complely . Also, very creepily I might add , she said a black clawed hand was reaching from the ground up at me . Thank God I never looked down to see it . She was totally freaked out and said she was going to bed- and I didnt blame her . She pleaded with me one last time to unplug the damn light and come to bed . I was getting really tired by then and I felt like was being irradiated or ‘microwaved’ and told the ‘woman’ I was going to the bathroom. Its morning by now and in the cold hard florescant light of the bathroom I’m thinking that Ill go back out there and nobody will be there. I couldnt have been more wrong – There she was -in broad daylight – beckoning me to continue ! I said I didn’t it was a good idea and she just said ‘ok’ and walked around the corner where she came from ! I have to say that the whole time all this was going on that I never got the impression she was ‘evil’ or anything. Rather, it just felt like a nuetral exchange. I went to bed and when I got up my midsection was glowing green ! I felt absolutely terrible and I jumped in the shower . I guess I didnt effectively vent all the excess chi when I disengaged from the light. Janice massaged my back and it really helped – I started belching and the green light moved up to my face and eventually subsided.

One of the strange things about the whole event was that we immediately forgot about the whole event until I remembered her ‘friend’ showing up the other night – which led to a discussion and the reemergence of the details of the evening. One last note : I noticed a strange, subtle distortion around the light that persisted for a couple of days afterward( it was only visible against a dark backdrop at night) . When I would watch T.V. at night , out of the corner of my eye I would notice what looked like ‘little people’ lurking around the periphery of the light and it seemed like they were watching me . I know this sounds completely paranoid but it did stop after a couple of days and that was the end of it.

I would like to attempt this again but I have yet to get any kind of reasonable exploanation and I think the dangers are fairly obvious. It reminds me of storys your read about ‘sorcerers’ communing with spirits. This seems to be the only plausible option I can think of and I am more than willing to do this again under contolled circumstances. I dont know if this is something that everyone can do but I would assume that the ability to communicate with non-human beings could be fortuitous. I look foward to any inquiries and will entertain any serious offers to recreate this.