Where Do Souls Go? Active Discussion

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Hmmm… well thanks for the info Jim I honestly thought that this topic had been abandoned from the looks of it. However I still have some enquiries if you’ll bear with me.

When describing peoples souls going through dimensions when they die etc. You said you had no PHYSICAL proof, which leads me to believe that you might have some none physical proof e.g. eye witnesses. Also there seems to be some rules involved in this inter-dimensional travel “only pure souls will be able to pass” (on another note if this were true then there wouldn’t be many pure souls from this planet getting through). Anyway my point is who found out these rules?

I completely agree with vibrations altering perception however you say that the penial gland affects the way people see reality. Couldn’t that just mean people begin hallucinating? Also you say that doctors can alter this frequency so if the earth starts changing it then isn’t it possible that we all go insane?

You also say that only 10% of the human brain is used and I completely agree with that but if the other 90% is doing amazing things then why aren’t people born with the ability to do these amazing things? Also from the many people who have stepped forward to say they have psychic power I have never heard of any being able to actually prove this under conditions.

Why can’t we live another 50 years under current conditions? Things aren’t that bad! I also have to disagree that our brains can grow in 50 years to meet whatever problems we may have.

I don’t know what you mean in the last paragraph…

So I don’t COMPLETELY agree with you on some of those points you made…