Which Psychics Predicted 9/11?

In the wake of any number of tragedies, there are always those who claim to have predicted the entire thing.  And since a psychic prediction is only as good as it’s proof, many unknown psychics were soon pushed to the front using 9/11 as a launching platform.  But were any real psychic predictions made and documented before the attack?

We’ve all heard the stories and urban legends of children sitting in class and then enigmatically suggesting the World Trade Center would be destroyed.  But most of these are largely considered urban legends as sources cannot be verified.  Additionally pictures were added to the legend including colored pictures of the events happening.  There are a number of urban legends surrounding the subject, in fact.  So many, it’s virtually impossible to keep track of all of them.

Rick Rescorla was an unlikely predictor of the 9/11 attacks and the 1993 terrorist bombing.  Rescorla worked in the building and had in fact designed effective evacuation maneuvers in the event the building would be hit by a plane in a terrorist attack (something that had never happened before).  It was, however, Rescorla’s unlikely prediction that saved over 3,000 lives.  He died in the World Trade Center.  That day he was scheduled to attend a meeting regarding security lapses at the center partially covering the 1993 terrorist attack.

Remote viewers from the military also predicted, according to an article by WIRED a large object hurtling toward a building with a high pitched sound causing the building to collapse on many people.  The outline also indicates crowds of people surrounding the white house with the flag at half mast while the president makes a speech about the events.  The remote viewer also gives vague representations of the World Trade Center.  Whether or not this is mere coincidence is easily up for conjecture.

And the image of a plane hitting buildings had been in the collective unconscious of humanity for some time.  In an episode of the Lone Gunmen, the heroes attempt to divert a plane from crashing into the world trade center.  The pilot episode aired in March of 2001, six months before the attack on the World Trade Center.  The incredible coincidence also largely followed a group of conspiracy theorists who uncovered that the plane had been an attempt at a false flag attack.  The 2001 Spiderman trailer had to be recreated as it depicted a helicopter crashing into a web between the Twin Towers.

But were any of these actual psychic predictions?  Or is this the sort of information that comes out as we focus on an event for ten years looking back?  Either way you look at it, there are no doubt several more coincidences (whether they are interpreted as such or not) that will inevitably be uncovered.  Some events are so strangely similar that one would think they were written or created after the fact as opposed to before.  And yet everyone was somehow completely surprised when it happened.