Who’s Snatching Up all the Ooparts?

An Oopart is also known as an out of place artifact, but these objects are also described as being out of time.  To date there have been several high profile Ooparts discovered, causing historians to reevaluate technology and the history of mankind for centuries.  But some of the most confusing and perplexing objects ever discovered are no longer displayed or spoken of often simply because they have been stolen by parties unknown.  So who would be motivated to steal objects and take them to a place where they can no longer be scientifically studied?

The spark plug was originally invented by Edmond Berger in 1839.  So if this was the first time such a device had ever been used on this planet, it only serves to increase the perplexing nature of the Cosa artifact.  The cosa artifact was discovered encrusted in a geode that geologists estimate would have taken some 500,000 years to form.  So when Wallace Lane and his companions discovered an object in 1961 hidden inside a geode that not only bore a resemblance to a spark plug but even had a label that indicated it had come from a company, Champion Spark Plugs which still exists to this day, they were confused to say the least.  But as the object rested awaiting further study it was suddenly stolen.

Additionally there was the Salzburg Cube.  The cube was discovered in a coal deposit that would have dated its existence at Vocklabruck in 1886.  The object was similarly in a place that would have suggested it predated modern technology by some 60 million years.  And it had a mysterious design emblazoned across one side that seemed reminiscent of a human double helix.  The object was put away in a museum and then lost or stolen along with all files pertaining to its existence, though they would have been almost certainly kept in separate places.

There is also the legend of the missing crystal skull that has some link to the belief in the 2012 theory of the end of the world.  Of course the crystal skull is largely considered one of the most elusive and mysterious out of place artifacts in the world, though it is only one of the thirteen crystal skulls found or reported to have been found since the late sixteenth century.

So if these artifacts are so Earth changing, why do they go missing suddenly and without any trace being left behind?  Is it possible there is actually an out of place artifact trade with shadowy millionaires behind it wishing to own a piece of history that cannot be explained?  Or is there something else – a sort of artifact clean up crew that ensures the current representation of history is never challenged?  UFO enthusiasts have suggested out of place artifacts may be proof of time travel at some point in humanity’s future or alien visitation at some point in its past.  But as the artifacts pile up, we ask yet again who would be motivated to make these objects no longer available?  And where are the missing artifacts now?  And if these artifacts have gone missing since their discovery, are there more uncovered but kept secret from the beginning?