Why Don’t We Have Santa Sightings?

In a world where we can see ghosts, poltergeists, aliens, and even Bigfoot at the tail end of all manner of eyewitness reports, the theory is often proposed that these creatures are all the result of an overactive imagination mixed with a long rich history of rumors and stories.  But if this were true, what then should we think of Santa Claus?  Doesn’t it stand to reason that if Santa has found his way into the mythos of the west that he would be seen by hapless witnesses as well performing his magical feats and nestling himself thoroughly into the paranormal community at least once a year?  Why aren’t there more Santa sightings?

The idea of actually physically seeing Santa Claus not only borders the comical, it seems directly related to it.  But if we were to come across even one report of people seeing the jolly crimson clad elf of yuletide legend we would be far less surprised than by the endless void stretching in every direction suggesting he is not only never seen, but that he may not actually be a true cryptic creature at all.  He’s said to travel the whole world entering homes and even leaving evidence of his presence the world over, but unlike the UFO phenomenon with thousands of witnesses in a growing community each day, there is virtually no one who comes forward with anything but a tongue in cheek account of seeing Santa driving a convertible or staring out at them in the store (the idea here being that in both cases these were merely men dressing up like the jolly crusader of Christmas cheer.)

No one is arguing that Santa might be real, but the real question is ‘why not?’  Not to suggest such a question should exist to validate the paranormal community.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  The lack of people genuinely reporting real life santa sightings suggests the scenario set up by skeptics where believers in paranormal phenomena have a scattered all encompassing belief of everything that comes their way might be ill conceived.  In fact, many people believe in the character when they’re young only to later realize it’s a folk tale by the time they’re old.  Still, he is a symbol of the positive side of the holiday season.

But the stories of eerie sounds in the night followed by mysterious presents appear to suggest a more conscious and careful community of story tellers than would ordinarily be believed.  If Santa isn’t appearing to millions, though he is in the public eye, but UFOs are this seems to beg the question why.  Why do we see extraterrestrial craft and even bring forth photographic evidence?  Why do thousands report seeing Bigfoot or any number of other paranormal phenomena but not this global figure?

Perhaps it’s just that the figure is officially a fairy tale while other ideas are still in the realm of mystery.  Or maybe it’s something else.