Wild Man Raised in Woods by Father Missing Identity

When he was picked up by German authorities he spoke very little German, but fluent English.  He said that he and his father had been living in the wild woods for five years undiscovered since he was about twelve.  The boy did not remember his last name, but had an incredible story to tell authorities who still cannot explain how he survived for so many years in the harsh conditions of the German wilderness.

The boy had grown to early adulthood in the wilderness as they trekked constantly as modern day primitives.  He told authorities that the two of them had not lived in a single structure, but had instead kept moving as much as possible, living in tents and temporary huts constructed from the woods they walked through.  After leaving an area they would dismantle their temporary homes or take the materials with them.  Some are saying it would have been virtually impossible for someone to survive in the wilderness that long given the harsh winters in Germany.  Still others suggest it may have been possible for a modern day Robinson Crusoe if he were properly trained and had help.

But the story takes a tragic turn.  When authorities found the boy he was disheveled and clearly in distress.  After the long journey with his father, the father died and was buried by his son in a pile of rocks.  Given the other tragedy of this tale, that his mother had died shortly before their long journey, it gives this story a bit more perspective.  This is essentially a story about someone who lost everything and lived in the woods only to return and find himself in an alien world without a place.  It’s hard not to be moved by the young man’s plight.  He doesn’t even know his own name, and he currently is said to not have an identity aside from the name “Ray.”

But there is more to the story as well.  Cases of missing identity run deep with many people being completely unable to remember who they are for long periods of time – if ever.  While it sometimes turns out to be a fabricated story, more often than not these people have simply lost everything.  Hopefully with the spread of this story, someone will be able to correspond the facts to someone they know and help bring this mystery to a close.  As it stands, they are as follows.  At some time around 2006 the boy and his father would have disappeared after the death of the boy’s mother, Doreen.  After that Ray and his father, whom he calls “Ryan” trekked into the German wilderness and were not heard from until recently.

Ryan, Ray, and Doreen are the names that serve as the only clues aside from the fact that he speaks English, was found in Germany, would have had an adequate background to survive in the wilderness, and would have disappeared somewhere around five years ago.  And authorities are hoping to bring this case to a close so any future related family members can be contacted.  As yet, no photos have been released of Ray.