Witnesses Observe Floating Glowing Beings

When it comes to strange sightings, there is certainly no shortage in this bizarre time we live in.  And yet the strangeness of the following story reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) seems particularly pronounced.  The witnesses in this case observed not craft, but actual beings hovering above their heads.  Though the sighting is reported as a close encounter with extraterrestrials, it’s unique nature even in a field of strange and unique encounters makes it particularly difficult to explain or even categorize.

When one person witnesses something mysterious and strange there is a tendency for many to simply dismiss it as a hallucination or simple mistake.  But when multiple witnesses report something incredibly strange it leaves those who hear the story later with a sense of wonder.  The report coming out just this week states that in Yucca Valley California the witnesses; one eleven year old boy, his sister, and their father were walking down their driveway when four mysterious figures of roughly humanoid shape suddenly appeared in the sky above their heads at a height of approximately ten feet and started floating around as though chasing one another.  The beings were chasing one another in a playful manner and didn’t seem aware of the witnesses below.  The three witnesses watched the objects flying through the sky for approximately two minutes before vanishing into thin air.

Since the beings were in such close proximity and being observed by multiple witnesses, this case coming from Yucca Valley seems particularly strange.  Witnesses will commonly report distant lights, or corporeal beings, but the mysterious figures floating above these witnesses seem to almost resemble ghosts more closely than aliens.  And yet even ghosts don’t seem to account for the mysterious behavior these entities seemed to have.  The small, roughly three foot tall entities had arms and heads, but didn’t have any recognizable facial features.

So what were they?  It is possible a thus far unknown electrical phenomena could have been responsible for the appearance of these mysterious beings manifesting out of thin air.  The witnesses say the objects could not have been light emitted from projectors designed to fool them because for one thing nothing was present to reflect the light off of as the beings flitted about the air above their heads.  Second, they suggest no such projection devices were present anywhere near them as far as they could see.  What were these mysterious energetic beings?  And what game were they playing at by chasing one another through the night sky above the witness’ vehicle?

The witness has since that encounter in 1993 been scouring all material he can get his hands on to discover the source of the entities.  Still, even with the amount of research he has done he has found no conclusions.  Still, these light beings could be any number of a plethora of phenomena related to aliens, ghosts, or even some unknown cryptid.  Perhaps with further study this case could shed some light on the subject of the paranormal, but in the meantime it’s still quite intriguing.