Woman Who Can See Through People Declared True

Young lady by the name of Ksenya Kosyreva from Belovetsk  won at the all-Russian Convention of paranorms (people with extrasensory talents), that took place in Moscow.

Judges included medical professionals, scientists discredited half of the participants right from the start. However, even the most skeptical doctors of science from Russian Academy of Science and from the Minister of Public Health of the Russian Federation were absolutely stunned by the abilities of ten individuals and Ksenya in particular.

It did not take long for the young lady to precisely determine all the diseases of several volunteer patients. The judges compared Ksenya”s “data” with the official medical records of the patients. More so, Ksenya was able to detect “anomalies” in the volunteers: some of them had mirror liver and heart. Some of them had metal objects inside as a result of a surgery.

In the end, the judges concluded that it could not have been a mere coincidence. Right before her departure for Beloretsk, Ksenya gave an interview to the press.

-Ksenya, when did you realize you had such talent?

-Back in 1999 my friend and I were chatting. She was telling me of her health problems. To my surprise, I began explaining the way her illness would progress and what would happen. Some time later, the information was confirmed by doctors. I was 17 at the time. I got petrified at first. Five years ago, a woman jinxed me. I had horrible fever.almost died. Six months after that incident I began seeing things.predicting future. Now I can see organs!

-How does it happen?

-I see everything in colors. I do not possess medical degree yet, so I use my own labeling system. Color red for instance means inflammation, yellow indicates exhaustion, dark and vivid colors point to something very serious such as cancerous growth for instance.

-How do your parents and friends react to such phenomenon of yours?

-None of my ancestors had such extrasensory perception. Obviously, everyone was shocked at first. They already got used to it. Some of my friends however still do not believe me. But I think their opinion will change soon. After winning the competition, I have proved to myself and to everyone else what I can really do.

-Are you going to open up your private salon and help people?

-Of course, I plan to help people. I will not open up a salon though. At this point, I cannot really cure people. God has not granted me this gift yet. Perhaps, with time, I will not only be able to see illnesses but to cure people as well.

-Our newspaper has recently received a letter from some woman. She states that soon after discovering she had psychic abilities, she began to cure people for money.  Soon afterwards, her gift has ceased to exist. Are you going to charge your clients? Do you think that your talent will disappear one day?

-It is possible. Each blessing is a test and a reward at the same time. If you pass this test, then you are rewarded with even more supernatural powers. If not, the talent disappears. I think if people will acknowledge my work I”ll accept the reward. I will help the poor free of charge. 

Personal info: Ksenya Kosyreva was born in 1982. She writes poetry, plans to get into a medical institute. She is fond of such music bands as “Enigma”, “Vacuum”. She’s got blue eyes. Single.