Wood Found On Mars – Possible Railroad Tie

Whats this??  It appears that Rover Opportunity has stumbled across a piece of petrified wood on the surface of Mars!  I haven’t heard NASA reference this object, or any official word.

This object may indeed be a plank of wood, but it also may be a rock ledge (i suppose) I can not say for certain.  We can be certain that Mars was wet with liquid water at one time, and NASA even said it is extremely possible and probable life existed there at one time.  Now who’s to say this isn’t wood? Would Mars have Trees?

In the exciting time we live in, it is almost too much to hold excitement down. We are closer than ever to finally learning the truth about extraterrestrials and alien visitations. Perhaps sometime in Most of our lifetimes, these great secrets will become great facts.  Perhaps even in a few years.


Heres the original NASA picture of the wood plank