World Destruction Scaring Away Pelicans

Last Updated on June 7, 2020 by admin

For more than a century, thousands and thousands of pelicans have been laying eggs and raising their young.  The pelicans always performed their acts religiously in order to re-generate their own kind with a fresh supply of young pelicans.

Scientists are baffled and amazed that more than 95% of the Pelicans who arrived earlier have disappeared, leaving their newborns and eggs vulnerable to predators and natural influence.  A Pelican egg unattended will have no chance of survival.

It is estimated that the refuges where the pelicans lay eggs, have lost upto 29,000 Pelicans which just vanished.  There are no signs of where the Pelicans went, nor is there any evidence why these Pelicans left in the first place.  Researchers don’t think the Pelicans are coming back.

Scientists are examining possible scenarios to explain the Pelican Disappearance.  Some possible reasons include, The Magnetic Field Of The Earth may be Changing, Diseases and infections, Climate Change, or possibly the pelicans are expecting and preparing for a big earthly change.  As of now this mystery is still unsolved