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Whats a Wormhole?

From OMNI* Magazine
Vol. 15 NO.5
Febuary/March 1993
Typed By Wes Horn

A wormhole is aportal through, and possibly time, created by a blackhole
linked to its opposite white hole somewhere else. A blck hole, of course,
is a collapsed neutron star that has teetered past the three-solar-mass limit–
calculated by a dying World War I German soldier, Karl Schwarzxchild–into
the twilight zone of Einstein’s General Theory.

It was Albert Einstein, with his Special Theory of Relativity in 1905 and his
General Theory of Relativity in 1916, who set up the parameters of infinity.
The former, of course, pegged the speed of light for all observers at 186,000
miles per second. The latter showed how the gravitational field of matter
defines the universe through gravitational force. The larger the mass, the
larger gravitational field. The very stuff of space and time can be considered
physical entities.

A black hole is matter that has become so dense that its center approaches
infinite density. I t becomes a singularity. Anything that enters gets
scrunched. Get too close and you can’t get out. Once you’ve crossed the event
horizon–the area surrounding the black hole where only speeds faster than light
can escape–you’re there, and presumably in trouble.

Schwarzchild’s calculations showed black holes not rotating. In the 1960’s,
however, M. D. Kruskal, R. H. Boyer, R. W. Lindquist, and particularly Roy Kerr
with his Kerr Solution to Einstein’s 1916 equations, produced work that showed
how space and time could be warped around black holes. In 1973, David Robinson
showed that black holes must rotate. The Law of Symmetry would indicate, some
theorists speculate, the existence of a black hole’s counterpoint–a white hole.
Matter sucked in by a black hole near Pluto, surfing around that nasty old
singularity but unalble to get back past the event horizon, might simply whoosh
out through a white hole in Andromeda!

What mysteries will emerge from the wormhole by Deep Space Nine? What adventures
will be had passing through it? Stay tuned!

I’m currently typing the Deep Space Nine articles from the same Magazine. It
will be out shortly. Please leave me a note if you downloaded or read this so
I can see if it is worth the effort.

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