About Planetary Ruler: Jupiter

The planetary glyph of Jupiter is seen in the crescent of soul that rises above the cross of matter, which serves as a representation of the soul breaking free from illusion. This is the symbol associated with the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. In this article, you will encounter some of the common associations regarding Jupiter as a planetary ruler.

The Urge to Expand

When it comes to the outer world, Jupiter is responsible for the movement towards expansion and success. When the power of Jupiter is used wisely, individuals may take advantage of opportunities to prosper. When used unwisely, Jupiter can cause people to overextend themselves and fall victim to excess. Travel is often associated with the planet and can lead people to exploring new adventures.

A Link to Religion

Jupiter has a connection to religion and belief systems. The planet has been the traditional ruler of organized religions and religious sites for quite some time. Regardless of what belief system you are attached to, Jupiter is thought to play a role in how and where your beliefs are sought.


Jupiter is an optimist and tends to see the glass as always being half full rather than half empty. The planet is known to bring abundance and is often used as a sign of fertility. Individuals who have Jupiter as their planetary ruler may display the tendency to never be afraid to take a chance. Interestingly, it is the planet that speaks to gamblers. However, luck associated with Jupiter can be fleeting, as it is unpredictable in its ways.

Traditional Correspondences

·    Jupiter is often linked to optimism, good fortune, faith, philosophy, knowledge, luck, travel, generosity, abundance, religion, churches, books, silk, men’s clothing, oak trees, dandelion, sage, endive, asparagus, and figs.

·    When Jupiter brings virtue in an individual, they are full of faith, but when taken negatively, they become full of pride.

·    Since the planet is one of the largest in the Solar System, it is often seen as possessing an expansive energy.

·    Friday is the day of the week that corresponds to Jupiter.

·    Crystals to consider when trying to harness the power of Jupiter include turquoise, topaz, citrine, and jasper.

·    In myths, Jupiter appeared as an attractive seducer who prayed on the likes of innocent young women.

Jupiter , Zodiac Sign Connections of Expansion

When Jupiter is associated with the various zodiac signs, the planet often has an effect on the way an individual has the urge to expand. Different signs find a way to expand as a result.

Jupiter encourages Aries to expand through challenge and to view life as a continuing invitation to grow. Individuals may display headstrong tendencies.

Jupiter encourages Libra to expand through pleasure. It is not uncommon for people born under this zodiac sign to crave being the center of attention.

Jupiter encourages Sagittarius to expand through knowledge, as individuals appear optimistic and are more than willing to take a gamble just to enjoy life to the fullest.

Jupiter encourages Pisces to expand through their imagination. The planet has a way of feeding Pisces’ tendency to find comfort in their wild fantasies.