About Planetary Ruler: Neptune

Neptune is the planetary ruler of Pisces, and is represented by the semi-circle of the soul, which is intersected by the cross of matter. This symbol is used to reference the connections that the spirit and material world possess. Three prongs are found on the cross , symbols for the unconscious mind, awareness, and cosmic consciousness. In this article, you will encounter some of the common associations regarding Neptune as a planetary ruler.

The Visionary

Known as the visionary, Neptune is responsible for the urges that people feel to exceed their boundaries associated with the soul and the rest of an individual. As one strives to become more spiritually aware, they can enter highs and lows that involve the imagination, fantasy, and illusion. At its worse, deception and disillusionment can play a role. There is something rather hypnotic about Neptune, which is why he is often linked to glamorous living and enchantment. In his most positive light, an individual can express their inner poet and visions for the future. Musicians and artists flourish under the guidance of Neptune.

Traditional Correspondences

·    Neptune is often associated with inspiration, illusion, romance, enlightenment, addiction, deception, glamour, confusion, sacrifice, photography, music, religion, poetry, cameras, telepathy, and dancing.

·    Musicians, actors, artists, painters, poets, and psychics are usually guided by the powers of Neptune.

·    Individuals with Neptune as their planetary ruler often enjoy going to places close to or under water.

·    Sea-green, violet, and indigo are the colors most associated with Neptune.

·    The watery traits of Neptune were seen as a ruler of the oceans.

·    Numbers associated with Neptune are lucky 7 and 11.

·    Coral, aquamarine, jade, and amethyst are crystals linked to Neptune.

·    Just like the surface of Neptune, individuals affected by the planet display deceptive traits that seem quite difficult to penetrate. They often hide behind a curtain of illusion that makes it difficult for people to efficiently communicate.

Neptune  , Zodiac Sign Connections

When Neptune is associated with the various zodiac signs, the planet only has an effect on eight out of 12 signs. Since Neptune possesses a rather long orbit, the planet doesn’t reach Aries, Cancer, Gemini, or Taurus until in the future. Below you will find a handful of associations between the zodiac signs that the planet does affect:

Leo may enjoy a high level of creativity when Neptune plays a role, but the ideas that come from this surge in imagination may not be as practical as one would like. They often choose to express their feelings and thoughts in a dramatic fashion, and may possess an unrealistic image of themselves.

With the Scorpio sign, one may like to escape from their surroundings, but eventually, they fall victim to hidden secrets they may harbor. In some cases, it is not uncommon to see an individual exhibit extreme cruelty to others.