About Planetary Ruler: Pluto

Taking on the role as the ‘renewer,’ Pluto is the planetary ruler of Scorpio. Often linked to images of overcoming darkness to create new life, regeneration is a common theme associated with Pluto. In this article, you will encounter some of the common associations regarding Pluto as a planetary ruler.


It is Pluto that encourages people to want to overcome the darkest parts of their being to experience a rebirth of some sorts. It is a planet that not only deals with the toxic conditions of the planet (like pollution), but it also deals with the toxicity that can come with emotions and behaviors.

Power Struggles

Whenever one person has power over another, Pluto is believed to be the driving influence. The planet is often linked to the use, abuse, and misuse of power. Pluto acting as a positive force, an individual enjoys a sense of empowerment. However, when Pluto comes across as negative, ignorance is often the result.

Life Cycles

Pluto is associated with the cycle of life. There are strong connections between Pluto and the cycles of conception, birth, death, and rebirth. Energy is constantly in a state of being reborn, dying, and being renewed. Wherever there is death, Pluto has a part in it, as the planet is believed to have his hand in the beginnings and endings of all things.

Traditional Correspondences

·    Pluto is often associated with power, abuse, pollution, obsession, the unconscious mind, religious communication, the underworld, riches, earthquakes, murder, kidnapping, invisibility, transformation, darkness, hidden or underground places, and sewers.

·    The colors of violet, magenta, and dark red are often associated with Pluto.

·    Smokey quartz, black obsidian, and pearls are crystals belonging to the influence of Pluto.

·    Careers that accommodate the interests and talents of a person with the planetary rule of Pluto include doctor, surgeon, detective, and psychologist.

·    While Pluto is small and far away, it is still able to have a powerful influence over some of the zodiac signs.

·    An infamous myth pertaining to Pluto includes the kidnapping of Persephone, who eventually becomes the Queen of the Underworld.

Pluto  , Zodiac Sign Connections

When Pluto is associated with the various zodiac signs, the planet often has an effect on the way an individual confronts the world. However, because it has a long orbit, Pluto does not show in Aries, Gemini, Taurus, Aquarius, and Pisces.

In Cancer, Pluto signifies emotional transformations.

In Leo, Pluto may see people born under the sign crave to become more of an individual.

In Libra, Pluto can cause one to challenge the foundation on which they have built their relationships and found their place within society.

In Capricorn, Pluto encourages one to seek opportunities that opens up society.